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ABC Song for Kids: A Classic English Alphabet Song

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A Few Popular Versions of Kids ABC Song

Rhymes and songs happen to be an all-time favourite among young kids of preschool and junior school. Therefore, introducing the English alphabet to kids could have no better way than putting them in a song. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about the ABC song for kids. There are numerous variations of this alphabet song, so kids never get bored of it. Mostly, this song is given the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Image of the English Alphabet

English Alphabets

The English Alphabet Song for Kids

The English Alphabet song or the kids ABC song is more of a nursery rhyme that recites the 26 letters of the English alphabet. People around the world sing this song in various tunes, but the most popular tune for this song is that of nursery rhymes. The kids ABC song was first copyrighted by Charles Bradlee, a music publisher from Boston, in 1835. He named the song the ABC song. An amusing musical arrangement with easy variations for the flute, accompanied by the pianoforte, for this song was attributed to the 18th-century composer, Louis Le Maire. Three popular variations of the kids ABC song are given below.  

Let us begin with the English Alphabet song for kids. 

ABC Song – Sugar on the Bread – Lyrics

ABCD EFG HIJK LMNOP LMNOPQ RST UVW XYZ XYZ Sugar on the bread If you don’t like it, better go to bed, Next day morning come to me I will teach you ABC

There is another variation of the above-given alphabet song, wherein, ‘sugar on the bread’ is often sung as ‘butter on the bread’. This version of the song is given below.

ABC Song – Butter on the Bread – Lyrics

ABCD EFG HIJK LMNOP LMNOPQ RST UVW XYZ XYZ Butter on the bread If you don’t like it, better go to bed, Next day morning come to me I will teach you ABC

Though the above-given two variations of the alphabet song are quite similar, they are sung interchangeably at preschools. Nursery rhymes and songs mostly pivot about very simple things and ideas. So, the reason behind having these two similar variations of kids ABC songs can be inferred to be the introduction of ‘sugar’, ‘butter’, and ‘bread’ to kids. 

Besides, there is yet another variation of the alphabet song, as given below. 

ABC song – Now I know My ABCs – Lyrics

ABCD EFG HIJK LMNOP QRS TUV W and X Y and Zee Now I know my ABCs Next time won’t you sing with me?


This is probably the most commonly used version of the kids ABC song in preschools or kindergarten classrooms. Though there is little to no difference in using any of these songs to introduce alphabets, yet, each song brings along a unique ending. Therefore, the different variations of the kids ABC song can be used as a tool to discard monotony from setting in the classroom while revising the English alphabets. 

How to Introduce the English Alphabet to Children

Introducing the English alphabet to young kids lays the foundation for reading and writing for them. Before they begin with ‘joining the dots’ for writing the alphabets, they must be familiar with what alphabets are. For a new parent, it may seem to be intangible to find ways of teaching the alphabet to their children. However, a few simple hacks can help you teach your child the English alphabets that come so naturally to you.

Sing the Kids ABC Song

This can be the easiest way to introduce alphabets to your child, as they only need to listen. The only thing that you have to ensure while singing the ABC song to your kids is voice modulation. Though the tunes of Twinkle Twinkle or Baa Baa Black Sheep are fitted into the alphabet songs, you may improvise any tune that can delight your child. The song should be clear enough for a child to recognize each alphabet.

Introduce Two Alphabets Every Week  

Teaching children all the alphabets at once may not be fruitful, as it is no other than Greek to them. It is better to give them some time to grasp what they learn. So, try introducing two alphabets every week. For example, you may teach them ‘A’ and the relevant objects or words that begin with ‘A’, on Monday; similarly, you may introduce the letter ‘B’ to them in the latter part of the week. This way your child will get ample time to recognize the letters they learn every week and relate to them better.

Go Beyond the Books

Reading the alphabet from books may become monotonous over time. So try to go beyond the books and make it more play and less work. Use flashcards or playmats prudently. For example, when you teach two alphabet letters to your child, ask him to find the respective flashcards or playmat blocks from amongst the rest. This will ensure that your child is able to identify the letters. Also, you can draw the letters with ketchup or cut out the alphabets from fruits or cakes, to make your child familiar with the letters.


Knowing the English alphabet is the most important step for children beginning with their education. It will equip them with the ability to read and write for the rest of their lives. Hence, we should make sure that the young kids enjoy learning the alphabet and develop an interest in learning new words thereafter. The kids ABC song can be of great help for kids who will be learning alphabets for the first time. You may use your child’s toys or other props to show each letter while singing the song. So let’s ensure that the little ones have a good time with nursery rhymes and songs when they take baby steps towards education.

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FAQs on ABC Song for Kids: A Classic English Alphabet Song

1. Give any two effective ways of introducing the English alphabet to kids.

Using crafty alphabet flashcards is one of the most effective ways that parents use to introduce the English alphabet to their children. Colourful fonts and pretty little images around the letter on the flashcards make it even more alluring for kids. 

Another way to introduce the English alphabet to toddlers is to sing them the kids ABC song. The soothing melody makes it imperative that the nursery rhyme (song) grasps the attention of the young kids.

2. How many variations of the kids ABC song are there?

There are many variations of the kids ABC song. Though the tune for most variations remains more or less the same, the lyrics are altered to some extent for each variation. The most common variation of the kids ABC song ends with the lyrics of “Now I know my ABC’s…Next time won’t you sing with me?”.