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Jesus is the Reason for the Season: A Poem About Faith, Hope, Love, and Celebration of Life

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An Overview of Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Yes, you got it right, It’s that time of the year!! As the title suggests, this poem is all about trusting, believing, and having absolute faith in the highest and purest power of the world, the Almighty. As Christmas approaches, the author makes an effort to extend her love by dedicating this poem to the memory of her beloved Lord Jesus. It is a Holy Christmas poem that will cultivate a sense of trust and value towards the Lord. It is a really beautiful and soothing poem that will fill you with utmost joy and pleasure. So let us pay our respects by reading this delightful poem and remembering all the sacrifices made by the only Lord of Lords, our loving Jesus! 

The Theme of the Poem

We all should develop a habit of praying to God and practising gratitude as God has blessed us with wealth, food, education, family, friends, etc. We also should be eternally grateful for all the blessings our lord has showered upon us.

A Still from the Poem

A Still from the Poem 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season’

Jesus is the Reason for the Season Poem with Lyrics

Jesus is the reason for the season,

Below you'll find the reason.

It's getting cold we're approaching Winter,

Christmas is almost here - Jesus will be the centre.

Jesus came to the earth to save us from sin,

From MANGER to CROSS is why I'm born again.

Before our birth, God had a plan,

For his son Jesus; The Son of Man.

He came to save us from all of our sins,

Came to make us a new creature (born again).

He hung on the cross in pain and agony,

Beaten and torched for us all on Calvary.

Lord Jesus

Lord Jesus from the Poem 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season

In a tomb, after he died then on the 3rd day,

An Angel sent from God Rolled that Rock Away!

So let's all remember in this season,

That Jesus our Saviour is the reason!

Santa Claus from the Poem

Santa Claus from the Poem 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Such a mesmerising poem it was! Whenever Christmas is around the corner, you can sing this poem along with your friends and family. You can also read it whenever you feel sad or stressed, it will definitely make your mood comparatively better. 

The Poem as a Small Token of Love for the Grace 

Here, the author of ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ poem is emphasising the importance of Lord Jesus’s existence in our lives. The author is trying to convey that with God’s presence, we will be able to find the purpose of each and everything in life. As the winter is approaching, so is Lord Jesus’s anniversary as he’ll be the focal point of everyone’s life on Christmas.

He came on this planet to redeem us from our sins and faults. He went on a journey from Manger to cross to fulfil this sole purpose. He always has a plan and endured all this suffering for our well-being. So in this winter season, let's celebrate our sacred lord Jesus as he is the ultimate saviour for a reason. 


The summary of the poem is as winter commences so is Lord Jesus’s celebration of life. In the entire poem, the author expresses gratitude and love toward the Almighty. The author also focuses on the sacrifices made by God to help us find our way to redemption and to right our wrongs.

The message this poem expresses is to always keep faith in God and yourself. To always hold on to that one ounce of hope no matter what the external circumstances are. Resilience and perseverance are all something we innately possess; we just need to discover them within ourselves. 

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FAQs on Jesus is the Reason for the Season: A Poem About Faith, Hope, Love, and Celebration of Life

1. Who is the author of Jesus is the reason for the season, and when was she born?

The author of ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ is Barbara Jean (Barbie) Kirk Mendivil. She was born on September 26, 1956.

2. When is Christmas celebrated every year?

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year around the world.

3. In the popular Christmas song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," we ask for what kind of pudding?

The answer is Figgy pudding.