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I’m Glad I’m Me Poem: A Short Poem for Kids

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An Introduction to I’m Glad I’m Me

Let us all sit together and learn about a new poem written by Jack Prelutsky. After reading the poem, you will know the special message of the poet in it  and how it can help you in your life. “I’m Glad I’m Me'' suggests that no matter what situation we have to go through in our lives we should always love ourselves.

This rhyming poem teaches us the value of life. Everyone should love whatever they have been gifted with and not make fun of it either. It is the will of God that each one of us is special to this world and each one of us can contribute to the betterment of humanity. I’m Glad I’m Me poem lyrics have a deep meaning that could teach us an important lesson in life.

I’m Glad I’m Me Poem

No one looks the way I do

I have noticed that it’s true.

No one walks the way I walk.

No one talks the way I talk.

No one plays the way I play

No one says the things I say.

I am special,

I am Me

There is no one I would

Rather be

Than Me!

I’m Glad I’m Me Poem Meaning

The poet begins the poem with the intention that there is no one like him on the planet. The poet might be in his childhood days when he used to think that he is quite special and different from other kids in school or neighbourhood. He thinks that he is not just a special kid but also a good boy who seems to be disciplined. The whole poem is a single stanza poem and a rhyming one too that has a special message about self-love that needs to be addressed to the readers.


Self-Appreciation is Necessary

The poet says, ‘No one walks the way I walk’ and ‘No one talks the way I talk’ which tells the readers that he has compared himself while observing others and concluded that he is unique in everything that he does or says. He acknowledges and appreciates his uniqueness and self-worth. It is important that every child learns to respect and take care of themselves, while being humble. Self-love is necessary to boost confidence in young children. 

Theme of the Poem

The poet wants the readers to understand the special message which is also the theme of the poem. I’m Glad I’m Me poem summary is the thing that most readers would want to know. However, the poet wants us to know that everyone is unique and special in their way and they should appreciate themselves the way they have been born. It is a gift that every single person has inherited as soon as they were born.

The Poet Talks About Self-Love

The Poet Talks About Self-Love

Also, the author thinks that everyone should be unique in their own way. This way they can develop their personality so that they can be a better person with moral values and principles in their lives. In other words, the poet wants to tell us that everyone should learn all the good things from him and thus he wants to set an example.

I’m Glad i’m me Poem

I’m Glad i’m me Poem

I'm Glad I'm Me Poem Summary

In the end, it is the lesson that matters the most because behind every teaching there is a meaning that students or learners should know. Similarly, in this poem, we learn about self-love and appreciating whatever characteristics and traits we have been gifted with since birth. Every human being should be able to distinguish between good and bad so that they can be a better person when they grow up. Through this article, we have learnt how we should value ourselves and learn all the important things in life so that we can gain wisdom.

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FAQs on I’m Glad I’m Me Poem: A Short Poem for Kids

1. What are some of the most famous works of Jack Prelutsky?

The American poet is known for many of his famous works. Some of them are Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face (2008), The Swamps Of Sleethe: Poems From Beyond The Solar System (2009), and many more. 

2. Is the poet happy in the poem I’m Glad I’m Me?

Yes, the poet appears to be happy in this poem. It is because he thinks that there is no one like him as he thinks that he is a gentleman and everyone should learn from him. 

3. Is there a life lesson that can be learnt from this poem?

Yes, there is a life lesson that not only kids but even adults can learn from this poem. It is about appreciating oneself and being the best person in life so that we can set an example for the future generation.