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Hello Muddah, Hello Faddan - Camp Granada Song for Kids

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Overview of the Camp Granada Song by Allan Sherman

Camp Granada is a song written by Allan Sherman. The song tells the story of a group of campers who go camping in Grenada. The campers have a lot of fun on their trip, but they also learn a lot about themselves. The song is about the joys and challenges of camping. It is a fun song that is also filled with lessons about life. The song is a classic example of 1960s folk music.

A Camping Trip to Grenada

A Camping Trip to Grenada

The Granada Song is about the joys and tribulations of summer camp. The song is sung by the campers themselves, capturing camp life's excitement. The song starts off with the campers singing about the great things that camp has to offer.

They talk about the fun they're going to have, the friends they'll make, and the adventures they'll embark on. The song then goes into more serious territory as the campers discuss the struggles of camp life. They talk about the tough tasks they'll have to complete, the bugs they'll have to deal with, and the long days ahead.

Camp Granada Lyrics By Allan Sherman

Camp Granada Song

Camp Granada Song 

Hello muddah, hello faddah

Here I am at Camp Granada

Camp is very entertaining

And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining.

I went hiking with Joe Spivy.

He developed poison ivy.

Do you remember Leonard Skinner

He got ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner.

All the counselors hate the waiters

And the lake has alligators

And the head coach wants no sissies

So he reads to us from something called Ulysses.

Now I don't want this should scare ya

But my bunkmate has malaria.

You remember Jeffrey Hardy

They're about to organize a search party.

Take me home, oh muddah, fadduh

Take me home, I hate Granada!

Don't leave me out in the forest

Where I might get eaten by a bear.

Take me home, I promise I will not make noise,

Or the house with other boys.

Oh, please don't make me stay,

I've been here one whole day.

Dearest fadduh, darling muddah,

How's my precious little bruddah?

Let me come home, if you miss me

I would even let Aunt Bertha hug and kiss me.

Wait a minute, it's stopped hailing.

Guys are swimming, guys are sailing

Playing baseball, gee that's bettah

Mudah, faddah kindly disregard this letter! 

Explanation of the Poem

Camp Granada is a song describing the feelings of Allan Sherman's son while he was in a summer camp named Grenada. He beautifully describes how difficult it was for him to complete the various tasks given to him and his friends in the camp. The boy shares his everyday experiences with his father and the challenges he faces along. He also mentions the mishaps encountered by the other campers with him.

He sarcastically says that the camp is very entertaining and starts talking about the problems he faces every day, like Joe Spivey, who developed a rash while they went for a trek, Leonard Skinner, who had food poisoning after dinner last night, problems with his head coach, his bunkmate who was suffering with malaria and much more.

He pleads with his mother and father to take him back home and promises that he will do everything they say and will follow all their instructions. He promises that he won't mess up the house with his things or other boys and will do all that his parents say. He also describes his fears of living in a forest and how scared he is of the forest animals like bears.

The Theme of the Poem

Camp Granada poem is a complaint letter from a son, who has gone to a summer camp named Camp Granada, to his father in which he describes the tough things he experienced by him every day at the camp. He wonderfully portrays how difficult things were for him over there and then requests his father and mother to get him back home and also promises that he will be an obedient child from now onwards.

Summary of the Poem

The song is all about the problems faced by Allan Sherman's son and other campers while they were in a summer camp, named Camp Granada. The poem focuses on the way parents sometimes have to deal with their kids to get them on the right track and teach them the correct lessons in life. It's both a complaint and a request letter from a son to his parents reassuring them of his right behaviour in future.

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FAQs on Hello Muddah, Hello Faddan - Camp Granada Song for Kids

1. What is a rhyming scheme? Give the rhyming scheme of this poem.

A rhyming scheme is the pattern of sounds made by the last word of each line in a poem. The rhyming scheme of this poem is aabb.

2. Who wrote Camp Granada, and when was it written?

Camp Granada was written by Alan Sherman in 1963.

3. Do you think the camper is enjoying the summer camp?

No, the camper is not at all enjoying the summer camp. Rather he wants to come back home and promises his parents that he will never let them down again.