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Nursery Rhymes Happy Birthday

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Introduction to Nursery Rhymes Happy Birthday

A child's birthday is special for every parent. Every year, parents want to do something interesting to make their little one's birthday memorable. Even children need something special and amazing on every birthday, which is different from past birthday celebrations.

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Happy Birthday Celebration

Every year, they would love their birthday cake, decorations, and presents differently from the previous year. So, why don't we change the birthday song, as well? Rather than the normal, happy birthday rhyme, this year, make your child's birthday special by singing a birthday poem for them. A charming birthday poem for your little one makes certain to make their birthday special.

Rhyming Birthday Poem

"Today is your birthday,

and, you're extra special and nice,

so one wish isn't enough

so here's me wishing it twice…

I hope your Birthday is wonderful

in each double way

and, may one year from now bring happiness

many days after day."

Rhyming Birthday Wishes

"How much you mean to me

you probably know

here is a Birthday greeting

especially to show

that without a doubt

there's nobody better than you

or then again anybody more gorgeous

to wish Happy Birthday to you"

Birthday Poem for Kids

"Frozen Ice Cream and Jelly,

whistles and balloons,

yelling and singing,

rhymes and tunes,

gifts and surprises -

fun things to do!

It's time now to wish


Fun Birthday

"It's your birthday,

How about we have a great time?

We'll play some tag,

and laughs as we run.

There are many games,

we may choose.

It doesn't make any difference

if we win or we lose.

Your birthday will be

Fabulously funny.

I wish your cake

tastes very much like honey.

Enjoy your balloons 

and all of that noise.

You must be wondering

about gifts that are toys.

So, happy birthday,

it's yours, and it's cool.

Now is the time to party

and not think  of school."

Your Birthday

"It's your birthday; let's go crazy,

It's not a moment to be lazy.

Let's play games and bounce around,

Where's the music, where's the sound?

It's your birthday, you pick the theme,

it's so much fun, is this a dream?

Let's have pizza, it tastes yummy,

two little slices will fill your tummy.

For the Birthday Boy

"For the birthday kid,

we wish nothing more

then a day loaded up with love,

and, all that you wish you had.

Happy Birthday, son,

from Mom and Dad."

Happy Birthday from Us

"Happy birthday to you,

on this, your special day.

We're so delighted to share it with you,

to bring gifts, eat cake, and play.

We wish you have a great time,

and that all your wishes come true,

because we don't know anyone who deserves

a more joyful birthday than you!"

Happy Birthday, Girl

"Happy Birthday, Girl!

You deserve only the best

on this day that gave us you

and made our life blessed.

Your birthday is shared

with your parents, dear daughter

because when you were born, our kid,

we were born into the world in a way as Mother and Father."

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Girl Celebrating Birthday With Her Family

Bigger is Better 

"When it comes to celebrations,

bigger is better!

Bigger cake,

more ice cream,

bigger gifts,

more visitors,

bigger wishes,

more happiness.

On your birthday, I just have one wish,

that your celebration is the greatest!"

Happy Birthday

"Happy birthday, delightful child!

Sometimes you're ordinary, Sometimes you're wild.

You might have to move to the zoo,

live with monkeys, and clean up their pooh.

Happy birthday! Hope you like toys!

We all know you love noise.

Hope you enjoy your delicious cake;

deep inside, there may be a snake.

Your birthday celebration, we all are here to share;

we love you, dear, and especially care.

One more thing we'd like to say,

Get off your butt, and proceed to play."


In this article, we saw some beautiful happy birthday wishes poetry for kids. As parents, you generally need to make your child's birthday extraordinary. So, make the birthday celebrations special with some special birthday poems. You can sing the poem at the birthday celebration or add it to the birthday card or tag, and your kid will love this delightful poetic birthday wish for quite a long time, and it will be a memory to cherish forever for you and your kid.

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FAQs on Nursery Rhymes Happy Birthday

1. What are the funny ways to wish Happy Birthday?

Some of the funny ways to wish birthday are given as follows:

  • Well done on getting older. Have a great birthday.

  • One more year older and wiser...or just older in your case. Happy birthday.

  • Always remember that age is just a number.....but a very big one for your case.

  • I like to reward people with what they gave me on my birthday, so here is nothing! Happy birthday.

  • Goodness, this is the oldest you have ever been. Congrats and Happy Birthday.

2. How to wish a Happy Birthday in unique Ways?

Below are some unique ways to wish Happy Birthday.

  • You lived another year. Congratulations!

  • I wish you a more joyful birthday than anyone else has wished you.

  • Didn't we simply celebrate this like a year ago?

  • Don't count the candles, be happy in your day.

  • Age is only a number.

  • I'm happy you were born.

  • A very Happy birthday to the most joyful person I know.

3. Where did the song Happy Birthday come from?

The original "Happy Birthday" song was written by two sisters, Mildred and Patty Hill, in 1893. It wasn't originally intended to be sung to anyone in particular; rather, it was meant to be a children's song. 

4. Why do we celebrate a birthday?

Birthdays are celebrated for the following reasons: 

  • To honour and respect the sacred gift of life. 

  • To be grateful for everyone who has contributed to our lives. 

  • To enjoy another year of life.