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Handprint Turkey Poem

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Overview of Handprint Turkey Poem

Handprint Turkey is a short and cute poem, especially for kids. Unfortunately, we have no idea about the poet of this poem, but whoever has written, it has done it quite well. The poem is filled with colours and talks of a particular occasion of the year, during thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on 24th November. This day is a national holiday and is celebrated by some countries, like the United States, Canada, Liberia, Grenada, and many more. This day is celebrated as the beginning of the harvest and the preceding year. Interestingly, turkey is the national dish eaten during this time of the year. This ritual has been followed for more than a century now. The poem is based on these traditions.

Further in this poem, we will talk about Handprint Turkey poem lyrics, Handprint Turkey hat, theme, and morals. 

Handprint Turkey Poem Lyrics 

“This isn’t just a turkey, 

As anyone can see.”

“I made it with my hand,

Which is a part of me.”

“It’s made with lots of love,

Especially to say,”

“I hope you have a very 

Happy Thanksgiving Day.”

Handprint Turkey

Handprint Turkey Poem Lyrics 

Handprint Turkey Poem Meaning 

This poem, written by an unknown poet, is a very short and sweet poem for kids. The rhythm of this poem is AB AB AB, which is a common rhythm. It is an eight-line poem, and is called an octave. The most common rhyme scheme in such poems is ABBA but, in the case of this poem, it is quite different. The poem is divided into four verses consisting of two lines each. Further explanation of those lines is given below:-

Stanza 1

By reading the opening lines of the poem, we come to know that it is winter and Thanksgiving. During Thanksgiving, almost every family in New England has turkey for dinner and this poem talks about that situation. The speaker in the opening lines says “This isn’t a turkey,” which proves she has drawn a turkey on paper by her hand and described it.  Here, the turkey drawn by the speaker does not quite look like the original turkey as others see it in the real world. 



Stanza 2

The second stanza of the poem clears out to the readers that the speaker has drawn a turkey on a piece of paper. Interestingly, she proves herself to be bad at drawing in the opening lines of the poem. Here, in the second stanza, the speaker says she has drawn this turkey on a piece of paper using her hands.

The speaker meant that she has not used any pencils or drawing pens to draw the turkey, instead, she put colours on her hand and stamped them on the paper. Unfortunately, there is no proof that the speaker was willing to draw a turkey. 

Stanza 3

Here, the speaker says that she has done the drawing with lots of love. The drawing might not be perfect or anything exactly like a turkey, but she has done it from the bottom of her heart. She also coloured the wings of the turkey with different colours. We could say this drawing by the speaker is a fictitious work. The speaker has done all her work from her imagination only. Additionally, we could say that the speaker is quite excited during Thanksgiving. It could be the best occasion for the speaker in the year. 

Stanza 4

The fourth stanza is the last stanza of this poem. This stanza follows the story of the previous stanza. The speaker says she has drawn the turkey with lots of love to wish her family “Happy Thanksgiving Day”. The speaker's motive is to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day and a safe one. The ending lines of the poem prove that Thanksgiving is the speaker’s favourite occasion.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 

The Theme of the Poem Handprint Turkey

Throughout the poem, this poem has proved to be ‘happy’. In fact, during Thanksgiving, we say to all the farmers “thanks” for their hard work and generosity. The theme of this poem is “Happy”. The speaker is telling everyone to always be happy in an indirect way. No matter what, every individual should be strong and never lose hope. 


Poems always have a deep meaning and so does this poem. The poem and its moral might be simple but the end meaning of it is quite deep. To always be happy and strong in life is very important, as also never losing hope. One must always be strong, even during the toughest times.

Moreover, Thanksgiving is an occasion that is very important and gives a good lesson to all the people of the country. The farmers and other related workers work very hard to provide food for your plate and that is much more than anything else.

Through this article, we learnt to be grateful for everything and everyone in our lives. The Thanksgiving occasion is a very sweet and happy one because by saying thanks to others we make them feel good.

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FAQs on Handprint Turkey Poem

1. What is a handprint turkey hat?

In the drawing, we can see the turkey wearing a hat. Unfortunately, there is no reason provided why the poet created that.

2. What are some good Thanksgiving poems?

Some of the well-known Thanksgiving poems are the following:-

  • The Value of Little Things

  • Thank You

  • When the Burning Begins

  • The Harvest Moon

3. Why is Thanksgiving celebrated?

It is a day of heartwarming thanks to the hope, peace, and joy that brings life. It is a festive season when you are surrounded by your loved ones.