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Cheerful Garden Song for Children

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Sing and Learn with Garden Song

Do you love gardening? For some people, gardening is not just a hobby but a real passion. Some people have a great sense of gardening, and they maintain it very well so that they can relax in their leisure times with a front or back view of their beautiful garden. 

In this garden song, the children learn about the plants which grow in the garden, how they are grown, the necessity of plant growth, and many other garden-related facts children are introduced to. 

Here is an interesting and enjoyable garden song that the children will love to sing and tune into it. We also have some garden-related vocabulary which will help the children to strengthen their vocabulary and they will also know about these gardening tools and terms. 

Let us Sing the Garden Song Together 

Garden song for children

Garden Song for Children

Growing, growing, little plants

So exciting, I could dance!

Just like magic, watch them grow

I love to watch our garden grow!


Let’s grab our shovels!


Spread some soil all around

So roots can grow deep in the ground

Grow and grow baby seeds

Grow up tall as can be!


Make a hole in the ground

Plant your seeds and pat them down

Grow and grow baby seeds,

Grow up tall as can be!


Plants get thirsty just like you

Water gently, that will do!

Grow and grow baby seeds,

Grow up tall as can be!


Plants get hungry, yes they do

They use the sun to make their food!

Grow and grow baby seeds,

Grow up tall as can be!


Let’s be patient, wait and see!

One day they’ll sprout up happily!

Grow and grow baby seeds,

Grow up tall as can be!


The Vocabulary of Gardening

Learning about the vocabs of gardening will go a long way. You will not only learn more terms of gardening which you can use in daily life but will also learn new terms which you weren’t aware of. 

Let us first know that there are two types of gardening - A landscape garden and formal gardens. A landscape garden is a natural garden that grows on its own, while formal gardens are the ‘french-way’ of gardening. In these gardening, different shapes of the gardens are constructed. The plants are grown in a distinct shape with a good design. 

Some garden vocabularies include:

  1. A gardener’s pinafore

  2. A straw hat

  3. Gardening boots

  4. Gardening gloves

  5. Spades

  6. Fork

  7. Shovel

  8. Shears 

  9. Clippers

  10. Watering can

  11. A lawnmower

  12. Flower beds

  13. Fence

A kid helping her father in gardening

A kid Helping Her Father in Gardening

There are a lot more garden vocabularies that you will gradually learn in higher classes. But this garden song was definitely an interesting one. We learnt about gardening, types of gardening, the amazing vocabulary related to gardening, and also a song about gardening we sang. If you get mildly interested, why not help your dad the next time he goes to plant a tree in your garden? Or, you can even grow your little garden and name it after you! Pretty cool right?

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FAQs on Cheerful Garden Song for Children

1. What does the gardening song tell us about?

The song on gardening talks about the baby seeds sprouting to be full-grown plants. The song also sings to the baby plant asking them to grow taller and taller. It says about how one can plant their trees and how one can take care of them by giving water and investing patience as they grow. 

2. Pick up 6 gardening vocabularies from the garden song.

6 gardening vocabularies from the garden song are as follows:

  1. Shovel

  2. Soil

  3. Ground

  4. Seeds

  5. Roots

  6. Plants