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Funny Chocolate Poems for Kids in English

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Chocolate Poems: Let’s Learn and Eat

Chocolate is one of our favourite snacks. Don't you think so? Yes! That’s great. Everyone adores chocolate. Chocolate is not only associated with happy childhood memories, but it is also a favourite of all kids. We all know that eating chocolate in moderation is healthy, but it is undeniable that eating chocolates for a long time continuously is not healthy. So you must eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as other nutritious foods.

Reading funny chocolate poems to kids is a great method to teach kids about chocolate while also teaching them new words. You will surely enjoy these poems if you like chocolate and wish to learn some new words. 

Funny Chocolate Poems

Let us look into some of the funny poems that can help kids to learn new words. The poems mentioned below are short and engaging, the main purpose of these poems is to familiarise kids with the poetry in a fun and exciting way. 

Reciting such poems can help kids to be comfortable with the flow and pattern of poems, often introducing kids to literature can be daunting. Introducing kids to poems with such funny chocolate poems helps them to relate to the content and add many words to their vocabulary.

Let us recite the first sample of the funny chocolate poem.

My Little Chocolate Mess

Bathwater and bubbles are waiting, but my child is nowhere near. Yet, I can see from cookie crumbs, he's crawled from here to there.

Oh, yes! he's been in the kitchen. I see his crooked crumb trail, which leads to our white kitten, with chocolate, sticky tail!

In every room, I search for my little chocolate mess. Then, I find him in my bedroom, with his hands on my new dress!

Baby making a chocolatey mess

Baby Making a Chocolatey Mess

Similar to it parents and teachers can recite some other funny chocolate poems like the one mentioned below.

Chocolate Home

I built my house of chocolate, from the shutters to the walls. My doors are solid chocolate at the end of chocolate halls.

I dust with chocolate pudding. I bathe in chocolate lakes. And when I’m feeling tired, I sleep on chocolate cakes.

My chairs are chocolate muffins. My lamp shines chocolate light. My grand piano’s cocoa; If you're hungry have a bite.

I decorate with chocolate, down to a chocolate wreath; I guess that’s why my mouth is filled with chocolate teeth.

A chocolate home

A Chocolate Home

Summary of “ My Little Chocolate Mess”

My Little Chocolate Mess is a short poem that depicts the actions and the playfulness of a baby. In the poem, the narrator describes the struggles of encouraging a child to take a bath.

In the first stanza, the narrator prepares the bath and as the narrator waits for their kid, soon they realise that the kid is nowhere to be found. The narrator then finds crumbs of cookies which lead to a trail.

The narrator follows the crumb trail which leads to the kitchen and but the kid is not found in the kitchen. The narrator further follows the trail which leads to the kitten whose tail was covered in chocolate.

 In the last stanza, the kid is found at last in the bedroom. In the bedroom, the kid is covered with chocolate and has his hands on the white dress of the narrator. The poet describes the kid as a chocolatey mess and the poem ends with that. 

Summary of “Chocolate Home” Poem

The poem chocolate home depicts the imagination of a kid in the form of a world where everything is made up of chocolate. The poem contains the elaborate details of a house that is made of chocolate.

The first stanza mentions that the house is made of chocolate with doors made of solid chocolate at the end of the hall. The poet then explains that he bathes in a chocolate lake and sleeps upon a soft bed made of chocolate cake.

The chairs in the house are made of muffins, the lamp is also made of chocolate. The poet then explains how he plays music on a piano made of chocolate.

In the last stanza, the poet explains how his decorations are also made of chocolate; he has a diadem made of chocolate. At last, the narrator wonders that as everything is made of chocolate he must have chocolate teeth. 

Importance of Short Poems

It's never too early to introduce children to books. Simple poetry is used to teach children to literature at a young age. Poetry is important because it helps us understand and appreciate the world around us. A great poem's influence can inspire young children to make reading a reality.

It's a wonderful approach to introduce youngsters to poetry by reciting short poems like the funny chocolate poems for kids. Apart from their obvious intellectual value, poems about food for children can assist parents in teaching their children healthy eating habits. Singing small poems, such as food poetry for kids, is also a fun hobby that may be done at any time.


Short poems on food, such as "My Little Chocolate Mess" or "Chocolate Home," contain important literary elements such as characterisation, narrative, new words, and rhythm, which can help children learn basic foundational and complicated literary abilities. Children may be reminded of their favourite music by a poem's lyrical patterns. Finally, giving children the opportunity to express themselves through poetry while learning to read can be both educational and entertaining.

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FAQs on Funny Chocolate Poems for Kids in English

1. Where was the baby found in the poem entitled My little Chocolate Mess?

The baby was found in the bedroom where the baby was trying to get their hands on the dress. In the poem, the narrator explains how they are trying to find the kid everywhere in the home as the kid has made a mess using chocolate. 

2. What is the house made of in the poem Chocolate Home?

As the name suggests, the house is made of chocolate. The decorations of the house are also made of chocolates, the chair is made of muffins, the piano is made of cocoa. The poem depicts the imagination of the world where everything is made of chocolates, it apparently depicts the fondness for chocolate.