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Five Poems for Little Boys

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Little Boy Poems

Poems are the reflection of one’s thoughts, expressions, beliefs, and experiences. Every person shared different bonds of love, care, and respect with another person. But, the bond with one’s child is very special. It is pure and full of love. So, how do you show your love for your naughtiest kid? Undoubtedly, if we ask you about the naughtiest kid, then you will only think of your son or younger brother. Yet, they are lovable too.

Here are a few poems by which you can show your love to your boy and bless him.

1. Parental Pride

Parental Pride is one of the most beautiful poems composed by Richard Armour. This poem expresses the love of a father for his newborn baby boy. Yet he is only one day old, he said that the little one looks like him. Though he makes fun of him, feel proud to say that he is a copy of his father.

Parental Pride

Parental Pride

2. To My Son

In this poem, a father promises his boy that he will provide him with everything. He will not only foster him to do well but also be involved with him in his daily activities. The father will help him whenever his child is stuck in a problem. But, he always offers him to learn new challenges and lessons himself. This poem is composed by Bruce B. Wilmer.

Here are a few lines of this beautiful poem only for you.

To My Son

To My Son

3. God Loves Little Boys

‘God loves Little Boys’ poem is composed by renowned poet Randy Grayson. In his poem, he expresses the love of God for his child. God loves all the mischievousness of his child. He loved all the things he made inadvertently. He guides him to the correct path, showers his blessings, and helps him to become a good human being. The beautiful poem is given below:

God Loves Little Boys

God Loves Little Boys

4. Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

In this poem, a poet said that the heart of a little boy is full of utmost purity. Many people perform rituals, offering prayers in search of God, but God is in every child’s innocence and kind heart. The poem ‘Blessed Are the Pure in Heart’ is composed by Gwen Belson Taylor.

Here is one stanza from this beautiful poem.

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

5. The Mother of Boys

The Mother of Boys is the very famous work of famous poet Miriam Sieber Lind. In his work, he expressed his thoughts about being a woman. She felt happy to give birth to a boy and fall in with each of his acts. She also expresses her concern for considering a woman as weaker than a man, as a woman gave birth to both, a man and a woman.

The Mother of Boys

The Mother of Boys


A child is the reflection of God. His purity and innocence always win the heart. In this article, we have learnt some little boy poems composed by well-known poets. They are beautiful to express our love for young ones.

You can also find more beautiful poems, explore our website.

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FAQs on Five Poems for Little Boys

1. Why does a poet compare a boy with God?

In the poem ‘Blessed Are the Pure in Heart’ composed by Gwen Belson Taylor, the poet expressed his views related to a child’s heart. He said his heart is full of kindness, innocence, and love for all. Only God's heart has such beautiful qualities; therefore, the poet compares a boy with God.

2. Why does a father love his child?

A father loves his child very much. From the poem, ‘Parental Pride’, we can say that a father felt proud when he saw his child and thought of him as his younger version who exactly looks like him. Also, in many nations, patriarchy is followed where a boy is considered as the one who will take the major decisions of the family and handle many other important things of a family. In these nations, we can easily find a father’s love is more for his son than his daughter.