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Father’s Day Poetry - Cute Short Dad Poems

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Kids’ Cute Short Dad Poems

To kids, a dad means so much more than just a father. A dad is a buddy, an advisor, and a hero. A dad is the one who teaches you how to be brave and strong. A dad is the one who protects you from all the evils in the world. So when it comes to writing a dad poem, you need to make sure it touches dad's heart. A rhyming poem on father by his kids is a Dad’s Poem. Writing poetry is much harder than any other form of writing because here, a genuine emotional connection is essential.

poem from a daughter to her father

Poem From a Daughter to Her Father

Cute short dad poems are the best. Like scripture, but a sweet set of words that kids feel for their father when around them. Kids, full of purity and innocence pour their hearts out for the supporting figure of the family through rhyming poem on father. They try to express themselves in front of their father through family portraits, songs, or Happy father’s day poetry, such as given in this article.

Poetry on Father’s Day

By writing a father's day poem in English, the kid shows affection for their father. Dad's poetry can take many forms. Some poems are straight, expressing how a teen feels about their father. Others may have been written by reserved children who adore him but lack the words to say it other than by hugging him. 

On father's day, children write for their father's recognition of their expertise. On father's day, kids write happy fathers day poetry for their father, showing love and affection. Father's day poems are a great way to show how much you care about your dad and what he means to you.

  • The poem on father's day is written with care and affection. The reason for this is that they highlight a facet of paternity that many children don’t know. 

  • The rhyming poem on father in this blog article shows the pure love that can exist between a parent and kid when things are complicated, but ideas don't go away. 

  • This fathers day poem in English shows understanding at its finest moments and triumph over the sorrows which have been conquered time and time again.

Father's Day Poems

Lucky Me and Mommy

Daddy, I want to let you know,

How lucky Mommy and I are,

Because when it comes to daddies,

You are a star!

Poem Daddy, a child’s I LOVE YOU

Poem Daddy, A Child’s I LOVE YOU 

Poem: Good Hours (by Robert Frost)

I had for my winter evening walk-

No one at all with whom to talk,

But I had the cottages in a row

Up to their shining eyes in snow.

And I thought I had the folks within:

I had the sound of a violin;

I had a glimpse through curtain laces

Of youthful forms and youthful faces.

I had such company outward bound.

I went till there were no cottages found.

I turned and repented, but that was black.

Over the snow my creaking feet

Disturbed the slumbering village street

Like profanation, by your leave,

At ten o’ clock of a winter eve.

This poem on father's day by Robert Frost begins by hinting at how a father is essential in a boy's upbringing. "The poem opens with the lines: "All I know, I learned from my dad". The obvious meaning of this line is that the narrator's father raised him well and taught him right from wrong. 

The little poet in cute short dad poems then describes his father as "the best man I ever knew", which implies that the poet's morale had been influenced by his father.

Famous Father's Day Poem

One And Only Dad

You have given me

The best I know you've had,

So I wish you the best this Father's Day,

My one and only Dad.


Indeed the fathers day poem in English is full of joy and love. But sometimes, it is filled with anger and resentment, like in the famous poem ‘Daddy’ by Sylvia Plath.  Kids write "cute short dad poems on fathers day. It is an innocent right to express their deepest feelings around the father. Even though they fail in creating a  rhyming poem on father, with their selfless love and perspective, kids make every eye wet. 

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FAQs on Father’s Day Poetry - Cute Short Dad Poems

1. How can a child express love for their dad?

Child can expresslove through a beautiful poem for their father like,

He never looks for praise.

He's never one to boast.

He just goes on quietly working.

For those, he loves them the most.

2. Why do we stop writing poems on Father's Day?

With age, we lose our innocence and gain maturity. Father being the masculine face of the family, has some gravity. So, we stop writing fathers day poems in English. We also become less expressive day by day when we grow old and can only express it in front of our mothers, but that too sometimes as we mature and become less expressive and talkative. We can always show our mother endlessly in front of them as we were not able to express ourselves in front of our father since our childhood; hence we become fond of our mother, and our love for her grows more than that of our father.

3. Suggest one good cute short dad poem for my father.

Here's a Cute Short Poem: 

Lucky To Call You Dad

I'm so lucky to call you my Dad,

You're the best anyone ever had,

To call you my own is a true honour,

There really could never be a better father!

4. How can writing poems for fathers improve the father-child relationship?

Writing poems help bring out true feelings for a person. When a child puts all his emotions when writing a poem for his father, it will definitely improve the father-child relationship and make them closer. They will be better able to express their feelings to one another and will be able to share their thoughts and issues easily.