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Diwali Songs for Kids

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About Diwali Songs for Kids and Diwali Festival

Diwali is often the favourite festival of many children as they get to burst crackers and eat great food and enjoy themselves with their friends and families. Diwali is the festival of lights. It is celebrated in October or November. Many traditions can be attributed to the 5-day celebrations that culminate in the festival of lights.

Lit Diyas

Lit Diyas 

According to the most popular epic, Ramayana, it is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Ram (Hindu deity) after he vanquished the evil Ravana. The festival symbolises the victory of good over evil and is said to be a fresh start. 

One of the simplest ways to cultivate the spirit of the festival is by singing Diwali songs to kids

Diwali Songs for Kids

Every Diwali celebration is incomplete without Diwali songs. They can be sung in many languages such as English and Hindi. Many Diwali songs are very easy to learn and can be sung by kids as well. Some Diwali songs for kids, like those from Indian movies, have very catchy tunes and can be danced to as well. Diwali songs for kids dance are also a great way to teach them what Diwali is about and why it is celebrated. Some famous lyrics of Diwali songs for kids are: 

  • Aayi Diwali Aayi

  • It’s Diwali

  • Kaise Diwali Manaye

“JagMag Karti Aayi Diwali”

Jagmag jagmag karti aai Diwali.

Deepon ki ladiyan leker ke aai Diwali.

Bal vriddh harshit hote hain man sabake,

khushiyon ka uphar le aai Diwali.

Yuddh jeet ker Ram Ayodhya men aye.

Seeta Lakshaman Hanuman sang mein aaye.

Avadh saja deepon se sabako harsh huva,

Mangal dhun man mohan geet gaye gaye

Door andhera huva saji deepak mala.

Gher gher swaccha huva rango raunak wala.

Deepak ladi phuljhadi jala rahe bacche,

Deep parv hai mangalmay khushiyon wala.

Aayi Diwali Song

Aayi Diwali Song

Explanation of Lyrics of The Diwali Songs for kids

This song talks about how everyone is really happy that Diwali is here, they are all celebrating the festival of lights with their families. It talks about how Diwali brings a bunch of happiness and joy with it. 

Then the song moves on to talk about the most famous tradition behind the celebration of Diwali- the return of Ram. It talks about how Ram returned with his brother Lakshman, his wife Seeta, and his loyal companion Hanuman. Since it was nightfall everyone lit up lamps to illuminate the streets of Avadh. 

Then, towards the end of the song, it talks about how Diwali is celebrated in today's time.  It mentions how we light up diyas, clean our houses and make Rangolis. It mentions how kids light up fireworks and everyone celebrates together. 



“It’s Diwali”

It's Diwali, it’s Diwali!

Lots of Light! Lots of Light!

Lighting all the candles

Lighting all the candles

Burning bright, burning bright. 

It's Diwali, it’s Diwali!

Everyone! Everyone

Fireworks and presents 

Fireworks and presents

Lots of fun, lots of fun. 

Explanation of Lyrics of The Diwali Songs for kids

This Diwali song is very kid-friendly and is sung to the tune of the song “Frere Jacques”. It talks about how there are lights all around and children are playing with fireworks and everyone enjoys themselves. 


Diwali is a festival that brings with it a lot of joy and celebrations. It’s celebrated by many communities. People clean their houses, make Rangoli, burst firecrackers, eat sweets, and sing the Diwali songs for kids to dance. Diwali songs are often very kid friendly and can be easily taught to kids. They tell kids how Diwali is celebrated and what traditions inspire it.

It is popularly known as the Festival Of Lights. The  Diwali songs for kids in this article are very easy to learn. These lyrics of Diwali songs for kids may also help your kids to take part in singing competitions as they have a good composition.

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FAQs on Diwali Songs for Kids

1. What traditions inspire Diwali celebrations?

There are many theories which inspire Diwali traditions. The most popular one is that it celebrates the return of Lord Ram after he won against the evil demon Ravana. He arrived at nightfall, so to light up the city of Avadh, the people lit up diyas. Another tradition says that the five-days celebration is due to the birth of the goddess Lakshmi. In eastern India, Diwali celebrates the goddess Durga/ Kali who symbolises the victory of good or evil. This is considered as a very bright and lucky festival for everyone.

2. What are the most interesting facts about diwali?

The most interesting facts about Diwali are:

  •  The festival occurs on a no moon night at the end of the harvest season. 

  • Hindus from all over the world celebrate this festival in order to commemorate the victory of good over evil.

  • It is also called the festival of lights.

3. What activities can be done with kids on Diwali?

As Diwali is called the festival of joy and happiness, it has several activities for kids to do. In order to make your child enjoy it to the fullest, read them the stories of the great legend, Ram. They will love it. You can also decorate your house by making rangoli with your kids using some flowers. They will also enjoy making clay diyas and painting them. Buy new clothes for them as it will make them happy. Also, light eco-friendly crackers with them so that they learn to care for nature.