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Dance Songs for Kids

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Introduction to The Rhythmic Way of Living for Kids

Whenever some songs are being played around a kid feels too overjoyed and starts dancing. Have you seen kids dancing? For kids, dance is a form to express happiness. Children follow the beats of a song and try to do some steps. While dancing kids feel over the moon and they give numerous expressions as follows:

Happy Faces of Kids

Happy Faces of Kids 

Dancing is a great form of exercise, it also increases a child's flexibility. A dance song is a short musical composition of words and music. A good dance song is melodious. Dance songs help a kid to develop imagination and also make a child creative. Dance is a form of expression for kids. Dance classes can teach a child self-confidence, self-discipline, and grace.

Dance is defined as a move in a rhythmic way, typically following a set of steps but for kids, it's just a kind of movement whether it involves steps or not is not important. Dance is a way to express emotions, release energy, or just take delight in the movement itself. Kids love listening to the beat of the music, they also love the rhymes.

Animated versions of dance songs give more happiness to kids. 

Kid’s Dance Music 

Be it an old Bollywood melody or the latest English pop songs, kids always love to shake a leg which is full of entertainment for them. Dancing is not only physical development for the kid but it also develops listening, learning, language as well as motor skills. It also develops social bonding skills as well. So the kind of dance music kids like are as follows:

  • Good Beat - A dance song with a pretty good beat can make kids dance their hearts out. Beats of songs which have loud music which makes kids energetic and they feel happy. But on the other hand, as every kid is different and unique in its own way, what may be a good beat for one may not be a good beat for others.

  • Variation in Beat - If dance music involves high and low nodes which brings variation into music and makes it enjoyable to kids.If the beat of music involves some sounds, some yelling, or some variation it makes kids attracted.

  • Instrumental Music -  If some kind of instrument is played in the song it gains the kid's attention.

Toddler Dance Songs

Toddlers love to dance as they get happy by listening to music. A baby in the womb loves to connect to the rhythm of its mother's heartbeat. Toddlers love to dance to nursery rhymes, some toddlers like classical music, some like a good melody, also some slow songs work best for bedtime and fast ones for play. Toddlers love to listen to lullabies. Some of the songs which are part of rhymes are favourite ones for the toddlers to dance such as:

List of Dance Songs for Kids

  • The Wheels on the bus

The Wheels on The Bus

The Wheels on The Bus

  • If you are happy and you know it claps your hands

Rhymes for Kids

Rhymes for Kids

  • Five little monkeys

Five Little Monkeys

Five Little Monkeys

  • Old Macdonald had a farm 

Old Macdonald had a Farm Rhyme for Kids

Old Macdonald had a Farm Rhyme for Kids

  • Twinkle, Twinkle little star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Baby shark

Baby Shark Poem

Baby Shark Poem

Benefits of Dance Songs to Kids

  • Dance songs add some spice.

  • Dance helps to boost up physical health, it boosts up muscular strength along with increased endurance and leads to holistic development.

  • Dance songs keeps a child flexible as it involves movement moreover it develops cognitive abilities as the child learns and listens to songs.

Interesting Facts about Dance Songs for Kids

  • It is believed that babies or toddlers who listen to dance songs are far more active and expressive as compared to kids who do not listen to songs or who do not dance.

  • The tradition of the first dance was in 17th century Europe.

  • Studies show that kids who listen to dance songs are more happy babies. They are always in a good mood because of the dance songs.

  • Rhymes are always pleasant to hear for kids as the words sound similar to each other. 


Dance songs act as a stress buster for kids. Dance songs help toddlers and babies to be jubilant and such songs also add spark into the lives of kids and they become more relaxed. Dance songs help kids to recognize different objects as in dance songs knowledge about assorted objects is given. Also, it makes the mind of a kid sharp.

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FAQs on Dance Songs for Kids

1. Can dance songs enhance creativity levels in children?

Definitely yes, dance songs have always been considered a fun activity that develops creativity in a child's mind. In dance songs, there are numerous objects such as trees, plants, vegetables, vehicles, and colour names. So children learn a lot of new things and watching a song over and over again helps children to be aware of all the numerous objects and leads to development in the cognitive ability of a child and breaks the monotony of a child’s life by rejuvenating their minds. As dance songs are part and parcel of kids' daily activities.

2. How can you define dance songs?

Dance songs are defined as short musicals. It is a composition of words. A dance song is a combination of dancing as well as singing so it is very entertaining and enthralling. Dance songs are also defined as something for kids to spend their leisure time in a prudent way. Dance songs mean to cause a lot of excitement in kids' lives, it makes children more expressive. Dance song is a broad term that includes different styles, and actions for kids to become smart enough.