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Colour Poem for Kids

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Colourful Poetries for Kids

Kids love poetries, don’t they? What about when they start writing poetries of their own? With good guidance, your kids can write brilliant poetries. To start with, encourage them to write poetries on their favourite subject.

Like, poems on Colour!

Kids love colours because they are colourful! We are presenting the colour poem for kids to help them know about the colours and also to develop their interest in writing their own creative poetries.

Without further ado, let us indulge in these colourful poetries.

Do You Know Poetry Writing is Different from Story Writing? 

Writing stories involves a plot, sequence, climax, and ending. While writing stories is more like admiring beauty. 

Writing poetry is like creating a magic spell. 

Poems should not necessarily rhyme, but it should be meaningful. Poetry uses words that not only make us read but also lead us to an imaginary world where we put special pictures in our minds. 

How to Write Poetries on Colour?  

Colour Poetry

Colour Poetry

As parents, it would be really satisfying and a glad moment when your kids first write their own poem. Let us see how you can make them write poems using colours, and make the activity joyful.

  • To begin with, read books on colour to your kid. Make them repeat after you. Like - Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Orange. 

  • Talk about the colours that you last read. Like where do we see those colours? Spell the colours or pick up the crayon resembling the colour (like ‘Pick up the red crayon from your box).

  • Read colour fun books where there are stories about the colour or which help them identify the colour better. 

  • After this, tell the kids that the task for the day is to write poems using names of colour. 

Let’s understand this by an example.

  • First, choose a colour, like - Purple. Then both of you brainstorm on the purple coloured items like:

  1. Grapes

  2. Plums

  3. Mamma’s sweater

  4. Wall clock

  • Next, you can show the kids how you can add more to the items and make a beautiful poem out of them. 

  • Write the word ‘Purple’ on the top of the page and you can write this poem.

            Plum juicy grapes

            Chewing a plum, plum, plum

            Do not drop it on Mamma’s purple sweater 

            See the purple wall clock going - tick, tick, tick

  • Now ask them to choose their favourite colour. Let's say the kid chooses a red colour.

  • Now, ask them to make a list of things which are in red colour. Like:

  1. Baby’s top

  2. Watermelon

  3. Bottle

  4. Alarm Clock

  5. Beads

  6. Perfume Bottle

  7. Wall Colour

  8. Pencil

  9. Lipstick

  10.  Gown

  • Likewise, now ask them to make their own poetry. You can help them but first, let them try it out. 

A Colour Poem - Colour Me Happy

Now, let's read a colour poem titled, “A Colour Poem”.

If I were the colour Blue, I would sing sorrow songs for you.

If I were the colour Yellow, I would sing merry songs for you. 

If I were the colour Red, I would look like when I am bled.

If I were the colour Green, I would love a big string bean.

If I were the colour Brown, I would be your chocolate town!


Hope your children soon learn to write their poetries like a pro. Try to teach your kids the habit of reading as many poetries as this will not only help them gain interest in poetry writing but will also enhance their vocabulary and create strong imagination power as they will be reading good poetries.

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FAQs on Colour Poem for Kids

1. How many colours are used in the poem ‘Colour Me Happy’?

There are five colours used in the poem. They are:

  1. Blue

  2. Yellow

  3. Red

  4. Green

  5. Brown

2. Which is the brightest colour?

Yellow is the brightest colour.