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Clouds Poem: English Poetry for Kids

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Let’s Enjoy the Rain Reading a Cloud Poem with Pictures

Nature is one of the oldest themes in poetry. It is always present and beautiful. It can stand in for a variety of events or emotions. A poet's environment can define their writings because of their powerful presence. Nature has proven to be a poet's best friend. Since nature always comes up with something beautiful. Here we are with a short and interesting illustration of the cloud poem. 

The majority of English poetry for kids falls into the same category as children are more likely to be attracted to nature. They always love how flowers bloom, and how colourful and mysterious nature is. Moreover, learning about weather allows young children to discover connections between the weather they experience and how it impacts the world around them

Let's start our poem.

The Clouds Poem

Clouds poem with pictures

Clouds Poem with Pictures

Let's sing along and dance with the poem. Here are the famous lyrics of the Cloud Poem, a poem that makes you feel that you are dancing in the rain and enjoying the sounds the clouds make while raining.

It is hot. 

The sky is blue. 

A little cloud comes looking for you. 

More clouds come. 

They bring rain.

 Sing and dance.

 It’s cool again!

The Theme of the Poem 

The theme of the poem is how we enjoy the monsoon season when it rains. The coolness of the weather makes us sing the rhythmic cloud poem lyrics. The cloud poem enlights how the weather changes in just a few seconds. Mother nature is very mysterious here because we were experiencing hot weather before and now it's rainy and cool everywhere. The smell of soil enhances the mood and soul of the kids and they start to sing and dance. The poem basically teaches us how magical mother nature is and how we should appreciate the beautiful God-given nature.

Children enjoying the rain

Children Enjoying the Rain

Summary of the Poem on Clouds

The cloud poem summary states that the poem starts with the day being hot and ends with it being cool again. The poem shows the change in the environment in a few seconds because of the magical nature. 

This poem on clouds with rhyming words is about a hot day when the sky is blue and everyone is expecting rain. Then there are some clouds in the sky, and it begins to rain. As a result, the children are overjoyed and begin to sing and dance. We should enjoy and appreciate the nature around us. Kids are very fond of rain. They love to play, dance, and sing in the rain. They make paper boats that float in rainwater.

Why Should Children Learn This Poem? 

The cloud poem with pictures will help children express themselves through song and dance, and it's a great way for them to express themselves. Let them go outside and sing some rain-themed You can sing songs with your child, such as 'Rai' Rainin, go away,' "I" see a rainbow," or "I'm"singing in the rain.

Poem on clouds

Poem on Clouds

Ending Note!

So, after reading this English poetry for kids, you should realise that Mother Nature is very magical and full of surprises. We all should enjoy and love the rain. The poem illustrates that nature and weather are quite weird here because we've had scorching weather before and now it's cool and rainy everywhere. The scent of soil lifts the children's spirits and causes them to sing and dance. 

The poem essentially demonstrates how wonderful mother nature is and how we should appreciate God's beautiful creation. We hope you enjoyed reading this beautiful poem.

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FAQs on Clouds Poem: English Poetry for Kids

1. What can we learn from the rain?

Playing in the rain provides numerous excellent developmental opportunities and challenges, such as balancing on slick surfaces and jumping in puddles.

2. When can children recite this poem?

This is a short and simple poem which can be easily memorised by children. There is no particular time for reciting this poem but parents can encourage their children to recite this while watching the rain to be able to connect with nature.

3. What are the rhyming words in the poem on clouds?

Blue and you and dance and again are the rhyming words in the poem on clouds.