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Big Bugs, Small Bugs Poem

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Overview of Big bugs, Small Bugs Poem

Nursery rhymes not just develop the language and oral skills of kids but also help to increase their imaginative skills in the form of fun and enjoyable activities. Naturally, kids can grasp things quickly and easily as they see or hear. Even this is the first thing that kids learn in their school. So, it's not a bad idea to teach them things with the help of rhymes and make them enjoy it.

The poem Big Bugs Small Bugs is an English nursery rhyme. The poet of the Big Bugs, Small Bugs poem with rhyming words wants to make kids understand bugs and how bugs look. It is quite boring for kids to read books and learn about things. To make learning more interesting and enjoyable for kids, the poet has written this poem. So, now let's get started and see what the poet wants to teach us.

About Big bugs, Small Bugs Poem

It is a very interesting nursery rhyme. It will help kids learn to identify the types of bugs they see in their daily life. It will not only brush up their imaginative skills but also develop their oral skills. This poem will also help kids to learn about different types of bugs in an interesting way. Since children can learn things very easily when we teach them in a playful manner, this is the main motto of writing this poem. Let's read the poem to learn about bugs.

Big Bugs Small Bugs Poem

Big bugs, small bugs,

Big bugs, small bugs,

Big bugs, small bugs,

See them crawl.

On the wall?

Creepy, creepy, crawling,

Never, never falling.

Big bugs, small bugs,

Big bugs, small bugs.




The Literary Meaning of the Poem 

Two kids reading the poem

Two Kids Reading The Poem

The poem is all about bugs. In this Big Bugs, Small Bugs poem summary, the poet tells about the shape and size of the bugs. This poem is for toddlers who just started learning about insects. Teaching them with the help of poems makes kids understand things more easily.

Some bugs are big, some are small. Some bugs just crawl into the ground while others are on the wall. Some bugs are so creepy(which means scary).

So, from this poem, we learned that there are many types of bugs (a type of insect).

A few examples of bugs are caterpillars, they just crawl. A caterpillar cannot jump or walk. Crickets make a chirping noise when they rub their wings across each other, Grasshoppers do this too…..too noisy. One more example of bugs is bees. A bee sits in a flower and collects nectar to make sweet sweet honey…..umm yummy. 

The poet of the Big Bugs, Small bugs poem with rhyming words has beautifully represented all the types of bugs in the form of a poem to help kids in visualising things in an enjoyable manner.


Big bugs Small Bugs Poem

Big Bugs Small Bugs Poem

After reading this article, we learned about bugs, and how they look. How many types of bugs are there? We also came to know that some bugs are too noisy, some are so slow because they just crawl, some give us yummy honey and some are very scary. As a kid, it's quite boring to read and learn all these things. Keeping these things in mind the poet has written this poem so that kids can learn things in a fun way and can easily identify things that they see in their daily life.

We read the Big Bugs Small Bugs poem with pictures in this article and we discussed the theme of the poem and also the meaning of the poem. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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FAQs on Big Bugs, Small Bugs Poem

1. What is a bug?

A bug is a small insect that crawls, sometimes bites, and sometimes makes chirping sounds. Some can fly and also usually have two or three pairs of legs. For example termites and crickets.

2. What are the bugs doing in the poem Big Bugs, Small Bugs? 

In the Big Bugs, Small Bugs, poem the bugs are crawling on the wall. The poet observes that the bugs, however, do not fall from the wall while crawling on it.

3. Mention any two pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Two pairs of rhyming words from the poem Big Bugs, Small Bugs are crawl and wall and crawling and falling.