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African Animals Poem for Kids

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Overview of African Animals Poem

Africa is the second largest continent of the world which has several countries and is home to the world's most popular animals like lion, hippopotamus, elephant, cheetah, giraffe, etc. The location of Africa makes it the best fit for the rich variety of animals to reside there. Africa has a rich variety of habitats, from forests to grasslands and deserts, making the conditions favourable for the animals.

In this article, we will read a poem on these world-popular African animals poem with action and try to understand the meaning of the poem. So, let's start with our African animal poem with action. 

African Animals Poem With Pictures

The big five is a group of five wild animals of the African continent. These animals are the best-known native animals of Africa. Let's read a poem on African animals, "The Big Five".

Big Five

Big Five

The Big Five, the rulers of this World.

The Kings of Africa,

Their reign undisturbed.

The Elephant, regal and tall.

Tusks of ivory,

Are the envy of all.

The Lion, master at the Hunt,

Don't challenge this cat,

Or you'll end up as lunch.

The Rhino, a hidden beast.

His temper is short,

He charges full speed.

The Buffalo, a lazy old goat.

Wades in the water,

Birds think him a boat.

The Cheetah, the fastest of all.

She knows how to run,

She knows how to crawl.

The Big Five,

Are mighty and strong

But in Africa,

So many more belong.

What of the Giraffes,

And the Springboks too?

Or the Dassies and,

Elephant shrew?

There's so much more,

to this wonderous land,

Than the Big Five,

And an area of sand.

Theme and Meaning of the Poem

The rhyming scheme of the Big Five poem is aba. It is a kindergarten poem with rhyming words. The Big Five poem is about the native African animals, which are the best-known African animals. They are safari animals housed in national parks, sanctuaries, game reserves, etc. The poet in this poem is calling these big five animals the kings of the world, and that their rule can't end.

He is telling about elephants, that they are very tall and strong, and everyone envies their ivory due to its characteristics. Then he talks about the mightiest animal, the lion. He warns to never mess up with this cat (lions belong to the family of cats), or else it will make you its lunch because it is very powerful. Next, the poet talks about the rhino. He calls him a hidden beast because of his power. And he also says that he has a very short temper. 

Next, he talks about the other animal of the big give group, the Buffalo. He now talks in a funny way. He says that the buffalo is very lazy, and most of the time it wades in the water. That is why birds think that he is a boat. The fifth animal of the big five is the cheetah. The poet says that cheetah is the fastest animal, and he crawls as well. 

He also talks about other animals like giraffes, springboks, etc. The poet in this poem talks about the fauna (wildlife) of the African continent in a very mesmerizing way. The African continent has very rich biodiversity due to the presence of a variety of habitats. This poem included very few African animals, but there exists such a large variety of animals in Africa one can't even imagine. 

African Animals Poem Summary

Africa has enormous diversity and is best known for its rich variety of fauna. It has a greater variety of freshwater fishes (some more than 2000 species) and large mammals (more than 90 species) than any other continent. It is home to many varieties of herbivores, such as buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, and elephants and carnivorous animals, such as lions, cheetahs, leopards etc. It also has a rich birdlife as well. Also, it has a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. 

In this article, we discussed a poem based on African animals. We then discussed the theme of the poem. With this, we conclude the African animals poem summary.

African Animals

African Animals

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FAQs on African Animals Poem for Kids

1. Which animal has never been found on the African subcontinent?

Africa is home to lions, leopards and many more animals but despite being rich in wild carnivorous animals, wild tigers are never seen on the African subcontinent. This is a very surprising fact about Africa. 

2. Which African country has the most lions?

Tanzania is home to the most number of lions in Africa. 

3. Which is the biggest game reserve in Africa?

The largest game reserve in Africa is Kruger national park. It stretches from 350 km in the North to 60 km in the South.