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A Tisket A Tasket

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A Tisket A Tasket — A Rhyme to Play

Have you played the game in which many children sit in a circle, and one of your friends drops a handkerchief? Initially, he ran around the circle, and all the other sitting kids closed their eyes, then randomly he dropped a handkerchief. Then the child who finds the handkerchief will chase the dropper. And, then….. Hey, wait! Can you recall the song the dropper and other children sing while the dropper is moving around the circle?

There are many versions of that song, varying with each language, region and even with the country too. A Tisket A Tasket is the song usually sung by the children of the United States, and now by the whole world. How did it become that famous? Have patience, my child. We know that you want to sing it and play the game. Right?

So, read the song, sing the song aloud and learn it.

A Tisket A Tasket

A Tisket A Tasket

A-Tisket, A-Tasket—Song

A-tisket, a-tasket

A brown and yellow basket

I send a letter to my mommy

On the way I dropped it

I dropped it, I dropped it

Yes, on the way I dropped it

A little girlie picked it up

And put it in her pocket

She was truckin' on down the avenue

But not a single thing to do

She went peck, peck, peckin' all around

When she spied it on the ground

She took it, she took it

My little yellow basket

And if she doesn't bring it back

I think that I will die

A-tisket, a-tasket

I lost yellow basket

And if that girlie don't return it

Don't know what I'll do

Oh dear, I wonder where my basket can be

(So do we, so do we, so do we, so do we, so do we)

Oh gee, I wish that little girl I could see

(So do we, so do we, so do we, so do we, so do we)

Oh, why was I so careless with that basket of mine

That itty-bitty basket was a joy of mine

A-tisket, a-tasket

I lost my yellow basket

Won't someone help me find my basket

And make me happy again, again

no no no no

(Was it red?) no no no no

(Was it blue?) no no no no

Just a little yellow basket

A little yellow basket


Now, try to memorise the song. And, play the game. If you have not played the game yet, ask your parents to help. They have played it for sure. Hope you enjoy reading this and have fun while playing. But before going, read more information about the song, and how it became so famous?

Most Popular Children’s song A Tisket A Tasket

A Tisket A Tasket comes from a children's rhyming game. Though who composed the song is still unknown, it was noted in the nineteenth century, 1879. Then, this song was composed and later recorded by the most renowned and classic singer of that time Ella Fitzgerald in her melodious voice in 1938 to revive his childhood memories.

This made this song in recognition of many. Soon, it became popular among the children. As it became a popular nursery rhyme and a part of the most beautiful kid’s singing games, it got famous. There is no such meaning or message, it is composed in a rhythmic way to turn this song into a children’s rhyming game.

Do You Know?

  • Ella Fitzgerald has changed the lyrics very little from the original song and added his flavour to make the song more pleasant and playful. 

  • In some areas, this game is played in a way to cleanse the environment. Instead of dropping a handkerchief, the dropper first finds the object to drop. For that, he/she will search the object near the playground. Until he gets an object to play with, other objects are considered waste. The waste is disposed of by the other players in a suitable way. When the suitable objects are found to play, the game begins. 

Hope you enjoy this 200-year-old nursery rhyme. To enjoy more beautiful, mesmerising and funny rhymes, visit our website regularly.


Tip for Parents

We request all parents to share the instructions for the game discussed above. We appreciate it if you play with your child, share your old memories or build some new ones as this song is suited for all ages. Also, you can play with your child in order to instil the value of the environment and its cleanliness.

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FAQs on A Tisket A Tasket

1. When did the song A Tisket A Tasket become popular?

In the year 1938, when the American singer Ella Fitzgerald recorded this song in her melodious voice, the song became popular. And, soon it became the most beautiful kid’s singing game.

2. What is the meaning of A Tisket A Tasket?

There is no meaning of A Tisket A Tasket. As the song is a children’s rhyming game, to make the rhythm and the rhyme with children's emotions, the words Tisket-tasket are used.