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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 10 - Lanka Mein Hanuman

Last updated date: 26th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman

Students can refer to CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Solutions for a brief understanding of the chapter and establish the message of the story. NCERT Solutions provide credible study sources inclusive of all the essential elements and topics in the story like literary devices, plot, characters, setting, themes and context. Students preparing for their intermediate tests or annual examinations should refer to the NCERT Solutions to obtain high marks. The Solutions aim to help students understand the story and gain a comprehensive understanding of tests.


NCERT Solutions For Class 6


Class 6 Hindi - Bal Ram Katha

Chapter Name:

Chapter 10 - Lanka Mein Hanuman

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman PDF will be updated soon on this page.

NCERT Solution of Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 - Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions offer credible and authentic sources of information so that students understand, analyse the chapter and adopt different practices that help them comprehend and answer questions efficiently. After going through Class 6 Hindi Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman, students will get a brief understanding of how to understand the story, answer questions concisely and how to frame explanatory answers for the story. Class 6th Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 PDF is an easy scoring chapter that includes all the critical elements and study sources described briefly.

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Lanka Mein Hanuman

Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Ch 10 NCERT Solutions is a chapter from the story Bal Ram Katha. Hanuman, determined to save Sita, bends over a mountain and starts his journey, crossing valleys, streams, and forests towards Lanka. On his way, he encounters the evils, but he defeats them and continues his journey.

Hanuman locates the gleaming golden Lanka and enters the city in the evening but cannot locate Sita. However, he sees Ashoka Vatika and hides behind a dense forest. While hiding, he then hears a hymn and locates Sita sitting among demons. Raavan approaches Sita and insists that she becomes his queen. However, Sita refutes but Raavan gives Sita two and a half months to think about the marriage proposal and leaves along with the demons.

After their departure, Hanuman starts narrating the Ram-Katha, sitting on a tree, and introduces himself as Rama's slave and shows her the ring. Hanuman wishes to carry Sita on his shoulders, but she refuses and asks him to deliver her message to Rama. On his way back, Hanuman destroyed Ashoka Vatika and killed Ravan's son Akshay Kumar. Raavan demands to kill Hanuman. However, Vibhishan impeded him. Raavan ties Hanuman and sets his tail on fire to his way back on the coast.

Hanuman informs the entire incident to the monkeys, and they kill all the karkaris. Hanuman gives Sita's jewellery to Rama, narrates the entire Lanka incident and tells him that 'Sita Ji is still waiting for your arrival'. Preparations began to attack Ka and Sugriva planned the war along with Laxman and decided the roles according to the abilities of Jamwant,  Hanuman, Angad, Neel and Nal.

NCERT Solution for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 - Weightage Marks

The overall weightage for Ch 10 Bal Ram Katha Class 6 is on the short and long answers from a set of context. In the annual examination, the story Lanka Mein Hanuman Class 6 NCERT Solutions holds a weightage of two marks questions for short answers and three marks for brief answers. Students must ensure to have some basic knowledge about the author and his works as the questions may come for one mark in the annual examination or intermediate tests. Students must also ensure to connect the chapter to the rest of the chapters to build a connection.

Benefits of Class 3 Hindi Chapter 11 Mira Behn Aur Bagh

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 is an easy scoring chapter that provides fundamental knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the story chapter and helps students secure better percentages. A few benefits of Class 6 Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Solution are as follows:

  • NCERT Solutions Class 6 Hindi Lanka Mein Hanuman is written in a precise and straightforward manner to help students apprehend the story and answer all questions efficiently with a brief knowledge of the chapter.

  • The NCERT Solutions provide updated syllabus, learning provisions, and revision materials to keep students hassle-free for the rest of the year.

  • Lanka Mein Hanuman Class 6 NCERT Solutions save a lot of time for students during the exam or test preparation as it provides condensed and detailed explanations on the subject matter.

  • The questions and other exercises provided at the end of the Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Ch 10 NCERT Solutions create a comprehensive understanding of all the essential and vital topics highlighted in the story.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 10 - Lanka Mein Hanuman

Q1. Describe Hanuman’s Journey to Lanka.

Ans: Hanuman stands on the top of the mountain, bends over, presses it with his arms and legs, and starts flying in the sky. While passing, parts of the mountain break, trees of valleys tremble, rocks start rolling down, animals and birds start screaming, smoke starts rising, but Hanuman proceeds at the speed of the wind. Manak mountain situated in the middle of the sea tries to rest Hanuman instead, collides and leaves. Hanuman encounters Sursa and a demonic lioness who tries to stop Hanuman from reaching Lanka. However, Hanuman defeats the evils and continues his journey.

Q2. How Does Hanuman Meet Sita Ji?

Ans: Hanuman started narrating the Ram-Katha sitting on the tree, and Sita Ji looked up and asked him who he was? Hanuman bows down to Sita and gives her a ring of Rama and tell that he is a slave of Rama. He then tells her that has come here to take their news. Sita listens to Rama's good news. Hanuman requests to take Sita Ji to Rama by sitting on his shoulder, but Sita refutes the offer and asks him to convey her message to Rama. Hanuman walks away with Sita's message.

Q3. Can you please brief the Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 ‘Lanka Mein Hanuman’?

Ans: This chapter gives us an account of Hanuman's journey to reach Lanka and his adventurous confrontations there. Jamvant encourages Hanuman and makes him confident about his dormant capabilities to cross the huge sea to reach Lanka. Hanuman successfully crosses the sea and reaches Lanka after defeating several demons and demonesses on his way. He meets Sita and gives her Rama's message. Before going back, he single-handedly burns Lanka down. After Hanuman completes this mission successfully, the Vanarsena prepares for a war against Ravana. 

Q4. I Have a Problem with Hindi Grammar. How can I understand the Class 6 NCERT, Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 ‘Lanka Mein Hanuman?’

Ans: Vedantu's chapter-wise NCERT Solutions are the best solution for students facing issues with Hindi grammar. These study materials are prepared by expert teachers in easy to understand language. It will not only help you to better understand the chapter and score good marks but will also help you improve your Hindi grammar. Click on Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman, to access Vedantu's study material for this chapter. 

Q5. Which questions are important in Class 6 NCERT Hindi, Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 ‘Lanka Mein Hanuman’?

Ans: From Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman, the most often-asked question in the exam is a question on the description of Hanuman's journey to Lanka. Another important question from an examination point of view is 'How did Hanuman meet Sita Ji?' By covering these questions, you will be able to answer most questions from this chapter in the exam. Read the chapter carefully to answer the value-based questions during the exam. 

Q6. How to prepare for the Class 6 NCERT Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 ‘Lanka Mein Hanuman’?

Ans: To have a crystal-clear understanding of this chapter, read the chapter carefully from the NCERT standard text. Then, find out the meaning of all the difficult words used in the chapter. After this, solve the back exercise questions. To make your preparation of this chapter easier, refer to Vedantu's NCERT Solutions and study materials by clicking on Class 6 NCERT, Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman. The solutions provided by Vedantu are free of cost. They are also available on the Vedantu Mobile app.

Q7. What lessons did you learn from the chapter ‘Lanka Mein Hanuman’?

Ans: This chapter teaches us several life lessons. At the beginning of this chapter, Hanuman was under-confident about his capabilities to cross the sea. It was because of Jamvant's support and words of encouragement. Hanuman was motivated to successfully perform the impossible feat of crossing the vast sea to reach Lanka. This teaches us the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us and support us during challenging situations.