NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman


NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman

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Students can refer to CBSE Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 10 Solutions for a brief understanding of the chapter and establish the message of the story. NCERT Solutions provide credible study sources inclusive of all the essential elements and topics in the story like literary devices, plot, characters, setting, themes and context. Students preparing for their intermediate tests or annual examinations should refer to the NCERT Solutions to obtain high marks. The Solutions aim to help students understand the story and gain a comprehensive understanding of tests.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Vasant Chapter 10 Lanka Mein Hanuman PDF will be updated soon on this page.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Describe Hanuman’s Journey to Lanka.

Ans. Hanuman stands on the top of the mountain, bends over, presses it with his arms and legs, and starts flying in the sky. While passing, parts of the mountain break, trees of valleys tremble, rocks start rolling down, animals and birds start screaming, smoke starts rising, but Hanuman proceeds at the speed of the wind. Manak mountain situated in the middle of the sea tries to rest Hanuman instead, collides and leaves. Hanuman encounters Sursa and a demonic lioness who tries to stop Hanuman from reaching Lanka. However, Hanuman defeats the evils and continues his journey.

2. How Does Hanuman Meet Sita Ji?

Ans. Hanuman started narrating the Ram-Katha sitting on the tree, and Sita Ji looked up and asked him who he was? Hanuman bows down to Sita and gives her a ring of Rama and tell that he is a slave of Rama. He then tells her that has come here to take their news. Sita listens to Rama's good news. Hanuman requests to take Sita Ji to Rama by sitting on his shoulder, but Sita refutes the offer and asks him to convey her message to Rama. Hanuman walks away with Sita's message.