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ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 20 Statistics - PDF

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Download ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 20 Statistics - Free PDF

One of the most important parts of Class 9 Maths is Statistics. This chapter teaches students what data is and how to analyse and work on data to answer various questions. It builds the foundation of statistical concepts that enable students to collect and organise data according to the questions asked.

To practise answering questions related to this chapter, refer to the ML Aggarwal solutions framed by the subject experts of Vedantu. Get the simplest solutions to important questions of ML Aggarwal Class 9 Maths Chapter 20 Statistics and develop your skills to score well in the exams.

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Importance of ML Aggarwal Class 9 Maths Chapter 20 Statistics

As mentioned earlier, this chapter introduces the basic and advanced concepts of statistics to the students. They will learn what data is and how to organise it according to the questions in the exercises.

In this chapter, they will study what the collection of data is. They will also learn how to segment primary and secondary data and how to implement them for various purposes. The chapter will also proceed to explain what grouped and ungrouped data are.

Once the categorisation of data is clear, the students can easily progress to learn frequency distribution in two different ways which are continuous and discontinuous. This chapter will explain what continuous or exclusive frequency distribution stands for. It will also explain what discontinuous or inclusive frequency distribution is with examples.

Once all the technical terms are described with proper examples, students will learn how to graphically represent the organised data. By following the Statistics Class 9 ICSE Solutions, they will find out how to do it neatly and focus on the questions asked in the exercises.

There are different methods of graphical representation of data such as bar graphs, histograms, frequency polygons, etc. The chapter will then proceed to explain how to measure central tendency in different conventional formats. Hence, this chapter is important for the students to develop a foundation in statistics.

Benefits of ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 20

  • This crucial chapter can be prepared perfectly when you solve the Statistics Class 9 MCQ ML Aggarwal after understanding the concepts of the chapter. Solving the questions given in ML Aggarwal will be the best way to understand and implement the concepts.

  • Follow the solutions provided by the experts to understand how to use these concepts to solve fundamental questions. In this way, you will get an idea of the question types and formats and the best approaches to answer them accurately.

  • Resolve doubts by using these solutions without anyone’s help and become better at preparing this chapter.

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of this chapter well by referring to these solutions and staying ahead of the competition.

Download ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 20 Statistics

The solutions for ML Aggarwal ICSE Class 9 Maths Chapter 20 are available in the form of a free PDF. Download this PDF and add it to your study material for Class 9 Statistics. Make your practice sessions more productive by referring to these solutions and score well in the exams.

FAQs on ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 20 Statistics - PDF

1. What is a bar graph?

A rectangular format of graph used to represent a set of data in the form of bars is called a bar graph.

2. What is a histogram?

It is essentially a bar graph but is considered to represent statistical data with a continuous class interval.

3. How can we draw a frequency polygon?

We have to draw a histogram first with the available sets of data. The class mark is then calculated and marked to draw a frequency polygon.

4. What is mean?

The average of a number of observations determined by adding the observation values and dividing it by the number of observations is called the mean.

5. What is a median?

The middle value of a number of observations that exactly divided it into two equal parts is called a median.