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Maharashtra State Board English Class 10th Textbook Solutions PDF, Topics List, and More

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Maharashtra State Board English Class 10th Solutions Digest PDF

Class 10th English subject is undoubtedly an important subject, it pushes the overall score of the student to a higher grade and also helps in getting better at Spoken English, communication, ability to frame answers and written English. The syllabus of the Maharashtra state board is intended to impact students' listening and reading and writing skills. Understand the concepts and continue with the journey of learning standard English by downloading the Maharashtra Solutions for Class 10 English free PDF.

If you are looking to broaden your mind and get a better grasp on the use of English for exams, look nowhere and know all about the chapter names list, the course structure, and the detailed unit-wise topics list in Class 10th standard English textbook solutions.

Maharashtra State Board Revised Syllabus: Unit-Wise Chapter Names List 

English 10th Class Textbook Solutions free Maharashtra Board Unit-1

Chapter 1.1

Where the mind is Without fear

Chapter 1.2

The Thief's story

Chapter 1.3

On Wings of Courage

Chapter 1.4

All the World’s a stage

Chapter 1.5

Joan of Arc

Chapter 1.6

The Alchemy of Nature

English Digest 10th Class Pdf free Maharashtra Board Unit- 2

Chapter 2.1


Chapter 2.2

Three Questions

Chapter 2.3

Connecting the Dots

Chapter 2.4

The Pulley

Chapter 2.5

Let’s March

Chapter 2.6

Science and Spirituality

English 10th Solutions Digest free Pdf Maharashtra Board Unit-3

Chapter 3.1

Night of the Scorpion

Chapter 3.2

The Night I met Einstein

Chapter 3.3

Stephen Hawking

Chapter 3.4

The Will to Win

Chapter 3.5

Unbretable Super Mom- Mary Kom

Chapter 3.6

The Concert

English 10 Textbook Solutions Digest Pdf Free Maharashtra Board Unit- 4

Chapter 4.1

A thing of Beauty is a joy forever

Chapter 4.2

The Luncheon

Chapter 4.3

World Heritage

Chapter 4.4

The Height of the Ridiculous

Chapter 4.5

The Old man and the sea- Book Review

Chapter 4.6

The Gift of the Magi

English Grammar 10th Maharashtra State Board - Important Topics List

Students are advised to pull up their socks with the grammar section as this is a very important and interesting section of the exam as well as for enhancing our daily-speech. Find these must-learn topics in the English 10th Class Maharashtra state board standard textbook solutions.

  • Changing Sentences - Affirmative and Negative

  • Identifying Sentences

  • Framing ‘Wh’ questions from given sentences

  • Compound Words, Simple Words

  • Gerunds

  • Identifying Gerunds from Sentences

  • Changing Sentences - Positive and Comparative Degree

  • Re-writing Sentences

  • Tenses identification and application

  • Letter Writing

  • Report Writing

  • Dialogue Writing

  • Conjunctions

  • Voices - Active and Passive

  • Sentence - Clause and Phrases

  • Reported Speech

  • Information transfer

Class 10th English Writing Skills Maharashtra State Board - Suggested Topics

Confused about how to strengthen your writing skills? Go through the following suggestions for gearing up!

  • Story Development - using given hints/points

  • Comprehension Reading - Question and Answer Practice

  • Finding Collocations from given extracts

  • Expanding the theme - using given words/ sentences

  • Passage Reading - Question and Answer Practice

Suggested Short Stories for the practice of English 10th Maharashtra Board Exam:

  • ‘The Kabuliwala’ by Rabindranath Tagore

  • ‘The Home-Coming’ by Rabindranath Tagore

Advantages of Maharashtra State Board English 10th Class Solutions Digest Pdf

  • Vedantu provides expert-curated solutions for students so that they can excel in their exams and fabricate a firm ground of basic knowledge for their future examinations.

  • English is undoubtedly an important subject as it holds its value in every competitive exam, job exam, and other opportunities. Vedantu assures that the English Class 10th Maharashtra board solutions digest is designed in a way that impacts listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in the English Language.

  • Chapter names list is provided chronologically followed by suggested writing skill preparation topics (textual and non-textual), this will broaden your mind to think abstractly.

  • Content explained in the solutions Pdf is planned out in a self-learning approach so that students face as few doubts as possible in case a teacher is unavailable.


English 10th class chapters and all topics, including essential sub-topics, are covered in the Maharashtra State Board English Class 10th Std Solutions Digest Free Pdf provided by Vedantu. Students are advised to prepare thoroughly with both Literature and Grammar sections. The solutions Pdf by Vedantu assures on-point accuracy along with carefully designed extra material which will help in exam preparation and the development of communication skills as well.

FAQs on Maharashtra State Board English Class 10th Textbook Solutions PDF, Topics List, and More

1. Is the English Exam of 10th Class Maharashtra State Board difficult?

Through a survey of previous year's question papers and student reviews, it was calculated that the difficulty level of the English exam is easy to moderate in Class 10th Maharashtra Board.

2. How do I attempt the English exam 10th class effectively?

Here are some tips to follow for achieving the highest score in your English exam:

  • Read the question paper carefully in the first 15 minutes of your exam.

  • Utilise the question paper reading time for prioritising the questions you are to attempt first.

  • Ensure that you maintain a good speed while answering the questions simultaneously maintaining the accuracy of your answers.

  • Don’t stress about the tough questions much, mark them for a later review and move on to the next question.

  • Keep an eye on your watch, and make sure you have time to revise and review the marked questions.

3. How to score full marks in the 10th class English Exam Maharashtra board?

Follow the exam pattern and practise the previous year's question papers at least 2 weeks before the exam. Stay committed to the curriculum provided by the Maharashtra state board, you can use the English Class 10th textbook solutions free pdf by Vedantu to get hold of the std course structure.

4. Which topics should be covered for Maharashtra board Class 10th English exam?

Every chapter in the prescribed literature should be covered. It is advised to practise as many topics as you can from the integrated grammar because excellent grammar skills are achieved after multiple practice sessions and revisions.

5. How should I prepare for the writing section of the exam?

Students should indulge in reading comprehension and passages followed by attempting the questions related to that text. Practice questions on letter writing, report writing, story development, and dialogue writing will help students with better preparation.