Traffic Jam Essay for Class 8 Students

Essay on Traffic Jam for Class 8 Students

Traffic jam is critical congestion on roads where a number of vehicles are stalled at the same time hindering motion and increasing the time to reach the destination. It is a recurring and non-recurring situation on the roads. The reason for traffic jams these days is because of the rapid development of urbanization and the increase in the number of vehicles. Another reason for traffic congestion is the road capacity, which means when the number of vehicles exceeds the capacity of the road. Traffic jam has become a major issue for all the commuters.

Causes of Traffic Jam

The main causes of traffic congestion are:

  1. The capacity of roads is one of the main reasons for congestion. When the road capacity reaches a saturation point then congestion takes place

  2. Traffic jams occur due to a lack of planning of city roads.

  3. Due to constructions of buildings, offices, flyovers, metro the roadways are blocked, diverting the traffic to other routes causes traffic jams.

  4. When accidents or breakdowns of any vehicle occur then the movements of all vehicles become slow or stalled for a certain period of time. This leads to congestion on roads.

  5. Climatic conditions like heavy rainfall and snow (in some countries) also play a major role in jamming on the roads.

  6. Potholes and damaged roads lead to traffic jams. 

  7. Many times the flow of the traffic gets disrupted because of bad and arrogant behaviors of the drivers and traffic violations.

  8. Stopping at toll gates also causes the delay of movement of the vehicles. The vehicles have to get into a queue to pay the toll fees and receive the receipts, cause congestion.

  9. Malfunctioning of traffic signals causes major traffic jams on the city roads.

  10. Pedestrians crossing the road when they are not supposed to cause disruption in the movement of the roads.

  11. Sometimes cattle walking haphazardly on the roads create congestion because they slow the moving vehicles.

  12. Street hawkers sit on the curbs of the road. They encroach a major portion of the road, which leads to traffic jams.

Disadvantages of Traffic Jam

Following are the disadvantages of traffic jam:

  1. The major disadvantage is unproductive time. A lot of time is wasted during commute when there are traffic jams.

  2. People don’t reach offices at the right time and so their important work or meetings get delayed. This may also lead to setbacks in their profession.

  3. So many vehicles more than the road capacity lead to the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causing pollution.

  4. Daily traffic jams or congestion increases the stress levels of the commuters. Frustration and irritation build up.

  5. To avoid the jam, sometimes people drive very unsafely and that leads to accidents or injuries.

  6. Continuous honking of vehicles stalled in the jam creates an impact on the mind of a person. This also leads to noise pollution.

  7. Wastage of petrol and diesel when motor vehicles are stuck in the jam.

  8. Emergency vehicles like ambulance and fire brigade get delayed due to traffic jams and they are unable to reach the destination on time. This may lead to major mishaps.

  9. Daily office goers and students are completely drained out their energy and they are unable to give productive time at home.

  10. Increase in use of narrow lanes to avoid congestion on the main roads.

  11. Inability to predict travel time so the drivers are spending more time traveling than needed compromising on their productive time.

  12. High chance of collision due to tight spacing between the vehicles.

  13. Wear and tear of vehicles because of frequent acceleration and braking leading to more repairs and replacements.

Suggestions to Reduce Traffic Jam

If everyone follows certain guidelines while commuting then congestion or jam can be avoided on roads.

  1. Use more public transport.

  2. People should practice carpooling if their destination is the same.

  3. Every family should avoid buying more than one car.

  4. Proper planning of the roads within the city limits.

  5. The government must take adequate measures to improve the quality of roads. They should repair the potholes and damaged roads.

  6. The government should avoid all the construction work during the peak time.

  7. People must follow the traffic signals and not violate the traffic rules.

  8. There should be proper parking space allotted before the shops.

  9. Street hawkers should not encroach the roads. They should be allotted proper space. 

  10. Dedicated lanes should be provided for vehicles in order to improve jams.


Traffic jam has become a major issue in all major cities. It is creating a very negative impact on the health of the people. It is just not a loss for people’s productive time but also for the nation. It is very important to take corrective measures to control traffic.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is a traffic jam?

A traffic jam is congestion of vehicles on the road for some time.

2. Mention any two causes of traffic jams.

Two causes of traffic jam are:

  1. Potholes and damaged roads

  2. Traffic violations by the drivers.

3. Mention any two advantages of traffic jams.

Two disadvantages of traffic jams are the impact on the health conditions of people and the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

4. How can the government take measures to prevent traffic jams?

The government must encourage the usage of public transport and take corrective measures to repair the potholes and damaged roads.