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Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry-0620 Past Question Paper-1 (June 2015)

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry-0620 Past Question Paper-1 (June 2015)

Download free PDF of Cambridge IGCSE June 2015 Chemistry (0620) Past Question Paper-1 on for your Cambridge International Examinations. Register for IGCSE Tuition with our best teacher to score more in your exams.

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FAQs on Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry-0620 Past Question Paper-1 (June 2015)

1. What is Cambridge IGCSE?

Cambridge IGCSE is an international body that includes various subjects for students that ensure their overall understanding of the subject. VENDANTU has various IGCSE subjects including Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry, that can impart relevant details and knowledge of the subject. It can easily be accessed on our website along with other subjects too.

2. What does Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry include?

The Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry includes all the parameters of the subject that are relevant for the Cambridge international examination. It is taught to the students on one on one basis so by VEDANTU for a better understanding of various concepts and questions that are important for the said exam.

3. Why are past year question papers important?

Past Question papers are important for the understanding of the pattern of the exam so that the students can prepare accordingly and focus on the topics from where most questions are asked and also helps them in managing their time.

4. How to get good marks in Chemistry?

To attain good marks in chemistry, students need to study the subject carefully while focusing on the important topics that had been asked in the previous year's question papers. This not just helps them gain knowledge about the subject but also ensures overall development in the subject. VEDANTU helps students by supporting them by tutoring on one on one basis.

5. What are the various components/topics of Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry?

There are several topics that students can find in Cambridge IGCSE chemistry:

(according to VEDANTU experts)

  1. The particulate nature of matter

  2. Experimental techniques

  3. Atoms, elements, and compounds

  4. Stoichiometry

  5. Electricity and Chemistry

  6. Chemical energetics

  7. Chemical reactions

  8. Acids, Bases, and salts

  9. The periodic table

  10.  Metals

  11.  Air and water

  12.  Sulfur

  13.  Carbonates

  14.  Organic chemistry