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Cambridge IGCSE Biology-0610 Past Question Paper-5 (June 2016)

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Cambridge IGCSE Biology-0610 Past Question Paper-5 (June 2016)

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FAQs on Cambridge IGCSE Biology-0610 Past Question Paper-5 (June 2016)

1. What are the important topics for Cambridge IGCSE Biology?

There are many important topics for Cambridge IGCSE Biology. Some of the most important topics are given below:

  • Human nutrition

  • Plant Nutrition

  • Transport in plants 

  • Transport in animals 

  • Biotechnology and genetic modification 

  • Human influences on the ecosystem 

  • Respiration

  • Excretion in humans

  • Enzymes

  • The organisation of the organisms

  • Biological molecules 

  • Characteristics and classification of living organisms

  • Coordination, response, and homeostasis.

2. What are common questions in biology papers according to 5 previous year question papers?

Following are the common questions in Biology paper 5 past papers : 

  1. Similarities and differences between marasmus and kwashiorkor. 

  2. Causes of sickle cell anaemia. 

  3. Outline the disadvantage of captive breeding programs, which involves a very small number of animals. 

  4. Explain why sickle cell anaemia reduces the delivery of oxygen to tissue. 

  5. Explain what happens to carbohydrates in the human body between ingestion and assimilation in the liver.

3. Tell me some tricks to get good marks in IGCSE Biology according to 0610 past papers.

There are some tricks to get good marks in IGCSE. These tricks are given below:

  • Write answers in the lines of the question paper only. 

  • Get thorough with the format of IGCSE Biology papers like numbers or marks, and understand the instructions.

  • Write paper neat and clean.

  • If we are asked to make a comparison between two things, we must be very clear about the differences we are talking about and the use of a table is suggested.

4. Describe the marking scheme of IGCSE Biology past paper 2016.

Marking scheme of IGCSE Biology past paper 2016 is explained below according  to question number.

  • Question 1 is 13 marks

  • Question 2 is 14 marks

  • Question 3 is of 9 marks

  • Question 4 is 17 marks

  • Question 5 is 18 marks

  • Question 6 is 9 marks. 

The total paper marks are 80.

5. How many past papers should we solve for IGCSE Biology?

We should try to solve more numbers from previous years of IGCSE to examine the exam pattern thoroughly. But start with the most recent question papers because old questions would be according to the old syllabus. Try to revise again and again.