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ICSE Class 9 Classical Language Syllabus 2023-24 Examinations

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 Classical Language - Free PDF Download

Free PDF download of ICSE Class 9 Classical Language Syllabus as per ICSE guidelines. To register online ICSE tuitions on to clear your doubts and download the complete Syllabus for Class 9 Classical Language to prepare for ICSE Examinations.


The exam for Class 9, 2021-22 is shortly. Students must be in the phase of revision by now. The exam for Class 9 is crucial because students are going to appear for high school examinations for the first time. The exams in the primary and preliminary stages are different from the high school examination (Grade 9 to Grade 12). It varies from the syllabus, pattern, and way of approaching a question.

Prior to any preparation, the students must learn the syllabus and the pattern, also should know the weightage for every question and start preparing accordingly, or else it will be a waste of time for them. The syllabus PDF is available on the internet and on our website, the Vedantu. Students can avail this for free.

Important Questions for Class 9 Classical Language

You can also get the important questions on the website to know how to deal with the questions and how precise the answer should be. After learning the important questions, practice more with the mock test, all these materials are available for free on the Vedantu website. The more the students practice, the more comfortable they feel while taking up the examination.

Students can reach out to the website if there is any doubt about the concept taught in the video. Separate teams are working on this, students will be immediately acknowledged and the doubts will be made clear by the subject experts.

Unlike another website, the team from the Vedantu website will keep checking for the queries and doubts that are posted on the website by the students. The students will be acknowledged immediately and their doubts will be clarified by the subject experts. There are also live sessions available for the students exclusively to have a better understanding of the concept. It is easy and convenient to have this facility of expert teachers. Students can avail this for free.

Students can also download the PDF that is given on the Vedantu website for free. There are other materials like important questions for any particular topic, mock tests to evaluate themselves, etc. and all these are available for free for the students to give them comfort learning and to ease their method of preparation. 

What to study for the Classical Exam Subject?

Studying classical languages helps the person by enabling him to enter the world of Horace. It gives some different kinds of interest to the students because these languages are fundamental to western civilization. Knowledge of any ancient or classical language along with their detailed and logical grammar makes learning easy and effective. Learning the roots of today’s modern language makes it easier to see and understand what an unknown word means at the beginning.

It is also the sense of study, community, and understanding with earlier generations stretching back to millennia. Also, learning more than one language will make students comfortable when they travel around the world.

FAQs on ICSE Class 9 Classical Language Syllabus 2023-24 Examinations

1. Why is it necessary to learn the syllabus to prepare for the Class 10 Mathematics exam?

The syllabus is the key thing to learn before you start preparing for the exam. Preparing with the syllabus will help you figure out the weightage for the question. It acts as a guiding map through the learning process, without which you will face difficulties in finding the important concept and may waste time on the less important questions. The syllabus is available for free, students can make use of it by downloading it and can track down their process. So comfortable right? Go to the Vedantu website and download the syllabus right now.

2. Why do students have Classical Language exams in the ICSE syllabus?

Studying ancient language is an important thing, it is absolutely good that it is given in the syllabus for the Grade 9 students. They must know the root languages and the history of every language possible. Knowing more than one language is certainly going to be wonderful especially when you know the ancient languages. This helps a lot in the academic side also, easy to learn, gives knowledge and going to help you to score overall high marks. Give equal importance to this subject as well.

3. What are the types of classical language?

There are many ancient languages that are not recognized now by the people. Any language that has created an impact on the growth of the language and the languages that are the root cause for the other languages are known as the ancient language. Students, for the syllabus, can choose any one language and prepare for the examination. It is not mandatory to learn all the languages. But it will be only better for them to learn the basic languages.

4. Does this subject have weightage in the syllabus?

It of course has equal importance in the examination. Students can not take chances on this subject. They do have to score better in this subject as well, to have a neat overall grade. In fact, this is the easiest way to score better. This can be learned easily by taking up mock tests and practising more and you are good to go for the exam. There will be no need for you to mug up or memorize with shortcuts given the whole subject is easily understandable.

5. How does Vedantu help in scoring better marks in Classical Language exams?

To prepare for the examination, you can get the materials on the Vedantu website. The website contains all the materials that are required by the students for free of cost. The materials are the updated syllabus, the important questions, and the mock tests. These are set by the subject experts. If you have any doubts about any concept, students are welcome to register for an online doubt clarification session and get their doubts clarified.