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ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Physics

Last updated date: 25th May 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for ICSE Class 10 Physics - Free PDF Solutions

Free PDF Download of ICSE Class 10 Physics previous year question paper with solution solved by expert teachers on By practicing Class 10 Physics question paper with solutions to score more marks in your ICSE Board examinations. To register for Live Online Physics Tuition to clear your doubts.

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Benefits of Solving Sample Question Papers

Solving previous years' question papers or sample papers can prove to be very beneficial for the students in the long run. It is a form of practice that comes with so many other added benefits that students can miss out on if they do not solve practice papers before appearing for the final exam. ICSE is known to be a slightly difficult board, and therefore to do well and score good marks in the ICSE physics exam for Class 10, solving sample question papers becomes a must. Here are a few reasons why it is very essential to solve practice papers before the final board exam for Class 10. 

  • Practice: If there is anything more important than finishing the syllabus before the exam for a student, it is getting enough practice and even though students can practice the course through exercises and worksheets, solving sample papers that contain the entire syllabus at once and together, provide the ultimate practice before an exam especially one as important as the final board exam. Solving the practice papers makes the student extremely thorough with the entire syllabus and gives articulate revision of all types of questions and problems that can be asked.

  • Time Management: Solving Class 10 physics question papers will help students to get into the habit of completing the paper in the prescribed time limit that is given by the board during the actual paper. As any papers a student goes through, the better his time management skills during an exam improves. If they aren’t able to solve the paper within the time given, then students know that they need more practice and therefore more practice papers to solve.

  • Examination Atmosphere: When students attempt a sample paper from the previous years, they are timed and are also invigilated, maybe by their parents, or teachers. Even if they are not being invigilated, the students feel a sense of responsibility to attempt the paper within time and without any external help to test their own knowledge. All these conditions prepare the students for the final exam day and give them a pseudo sense of what it is like sitting in an examination hall. They learn how to handle exam stress better in this examination atmosphere and the more practice papers they solve, the more at ease they become and thus there are fewer chances of students getting nervous during the actual paper. 

  • Self Assessment: Giving practice tests and assessing your performance in them with the help of an answer key or the teacher, can help guide students about the areas where they need to work on. These sample papers tell students which chapters or topics they know well and what chapters or topics they still need to spend more time on or practice more. Question papers thus prove to be a great source for students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Familiarize with the Paper Pattern: Students who are appearing for the first time in a board exam in the tenth standard are unaware of what the paper format is and what type of questions are asked in the exam. Even though the Class 10 Physics syllabus for the ICSE board provides the students with some idea about how the chapters are distributed marks-wise, it is still important to know how the question paper is divided and how many marks is in each section to prepare accordingly. This can be done by students by solving question papers and becoming familiarized with the question paper format.

FAQs on ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Physics

1. From where can I download the Class 10 Physics Syllabus for the ICSE Board?

Students can download the Class 10 physics syllabus for the ICSE board from the Vedantu app or the website. The syllabus on the Vedantu app and website is updated regularly following the guidelines of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The syllabus can be downloaded or viewed online by the students as a PDF copy and contains all the chapters and portions of that year's final board exam. The syllabus can help students become aware of their course better and plan their study schedule. Having a timetable will ensure that students do not miss any chapter during their preparation and finish the course in time for revision.

2. What chapters are included in the Class 10 Physics Sample Papers?

The syllabus for Class 10 Physics for ICSE board contains all the chapters that are necessary for students to further continue their education in the higher classes and also have a basic knowledge of some common physics concepts that they may require to know in their lives. The Class 10 physics syllabus contains the following chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: Force

  2. Chapter 2: Work, Energy, Power

  3. Chapter 3: Machines

  4. Chapter 4: Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces

  5. Chapter 5: Refraction through a Lens

  6. Chapter 6: Spectrum

  7. Chapter 7: Sound

  8. Chapter 8: Current Electricity

  9. Chapter 9: Household Circuits

  10. Chapter 10: Electro-Magnetism

  11. Chapter 11: Calorimetry Solutions

3. Why should I download Sample Papers from Vedantu?

Vedantu is one of the best digital learning platforms in the country. Not only does Vedantu provide offline and online viewing of the study materials, but the website also allows the students to download the papers and view them from any device at their convenience. The sample papers from Vedantu are made by experts by combining the questions from previous years' papers and therefore proves to be a great method to practice and revise the syllabus before the exam. These question papers are direct and try to cover as much of the syllabus as they can. The questions require a slightly harder level of thinking skills but at the same have questions that are not hard to understand and direct. 

4. How are ICSE Board Exams different from CBSE Board Exams?

Selecting the right board of education is key in shaping the child's future. Based on what area a student wants to focus on, the parents should choose the board of education for their children accordingly. ICSE board is known to focus more towards the collective learning of the student by giving equal importance to all subjects including arts, history, and languages while CBSE is known to focus specifically on the nurturing of Maths and Science subjects. While CBSE tends to grade the students on an alphabetical scale, ICSE gives scores based on a point scale. 

5. How many Questions are there in Class 10 Physics Sample Paper?

Question papers for different years and different sample papers for Class 10 Physics for ICSE board contain a different number of questions. The papers over the years have a similar paper pattern but differ in the types of questions and sometimes in difficulty. The question paper usually contains 10 questions with a lot of subparts. Section one of the paper contains 5 questions which are all compulsory. The second section usually contains 5 questions out of which only four are to be attempted.