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ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Mathematics

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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ICSE Class 10 Math Previous Year Question Paper

While preparing for the board exams, students more often worry about Mathematics. Some find Mathematics easy and even fun. However, it is not the case for all. Rather, there are quite a few who dread the subject and consider it as one of their weak points. But not anymore! We’re aware that everyone needs the right preparation to score well. So, while you strategize to achieve your goal of scoring better, we provide you with the right materials for preparation. Vedantu’s ICSE 2019 Maths question paper provides the student with a general idea about the sort of question they will be appearing in the exam. The questions from ICSE Maths paper 2019 are the ones most recently asked that will help students check their preparation level. Read along to know about the benefits that solving such practice papers give you and also to know the answers to some frequently asked questions!

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

2019 Maths ICSE Question Paper – Free PDF Download

Attempting the questions of previous years is the best way to help you with your Math preparations. We bring to you the ICSE 2019 Math question paper pdf, that helps you to attempt last year's questions. You can download the whole PDF with solved answers and marking schemes that will help you understand the question pattern better. The download links are provided to both the 2019 ICSE Maths question paper and ICSE 2019 Math question paper (solved). You can both test your question-solving ability and be guided by the solved papers when required. While you attempt this paper, make sure you do so under timed conditions, and by creating an environment as close to the final exam as possible. Ask your parents/ teachers to act as invigilators, keep away your phone, and avoid taking any sort of snack breaks very often. This will get you accustomed to sitting for long hours which will help a lot for the final exam.

ICSE Maths Board Paper 2019

In the links provided, you will find the whole 2019 ICSE Maths question paper with solved answers and a description of the marking scheme sectionally. Both sections A and B of the ICSE 2019 maths question paper solved carry 40 marks each. Each section has a different sort of question that takes a specific amount of time to be solved. When you challenge yourself with the 2019 Maths ICSE board paper, you will find out about your level of preparation and the time you take to solve these problems.

Whenever you’re checking your answer, it is also advised to check the method in which the question has been solved along with checking the final answer. This helps to analyze if you solved the problem in the best way possible or if there was another way, possibly which took less time, to get to the solution. This ensures you stay at the top of your game and would count as good self-analysis of the solved paper.

2019 Math ICSE Board Paper Solutions

If you are practicing the ICSE 2019 maths question paper and stumble upon a problem that is tricky and you are stuck. Then, you can certainly go for the solutions prepared by our experts. ICSE 2019 math board question papers are solved by our experts taking into consideration the understanding level of students and are done in simple and easy steps. The steps each carry different marks. So, the marking scheme has been shown and advice is also given by our experts. All these solutions are prepared considering the ICSE marking scheme. So, you needn’t worry about taking help from these.

ICSE 2019 Maths Question Paper Chapter-wise Weightage

The 2019 ICSE board paper of 80 marks have questions asked from several chapters of the textbook. Knowing the chapter-wise weightage of the ICSE 2019 Maths question paper will help the students prepare for the chapters that are more important and can fetch better marks in the board exam. The chapters include Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Probability, Statistics, Coordinate geometry, etc. Some of these chapters such as Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Geometry fetch more marks and are more important than the rest. These specific chapters need better preparation since they’re also important in higher studies and various entrance exams.

Why is the 2019 ICSE Maths Question Paper Important?

  • Attempting the previous year's question papers is the simplest and most effective way of starting your practice. The more problems you attempt to solve, the better you will be while appearing for the real exam.

  • ICSE Maths paper 2019 is the most recent board question paper for math available at our site. You can begin your preparation even in your home, with our expert prepared solved answers.

  • ICSE 2019 Math question paper PDF is a very convenient way of preparing for the exam since we provide all the question papers and solved answers to you for free.

  • Solving such problems while preparing helps the students immensely in analyzing the areas they need to work upon.

  • Gives a good understanding of time management. 

  • Math is not a subject one can ‘read and revise’. One must solve the sums themselves, and the previous year’s paper helps you with just that.

Some important features of ICSE Maths Question Papers for Class 10

  • Available for free on the Vedantu website 

  • Helps boost the overall score of the student

  • Makes the students confident before appearing for the paper

  • Benefits immensely in improving one’s  time management

  • Helps the student to detect common patterns and types of questions asked in the exam

FAQs on ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Mathematics

1. Can Students Score Better in Maths if they Refer to Vedantu’s ICSE Maths Paper 2019 Solutions?

The Mathematics 2019 solutions will help you with your preparations. You will be able to clear your fundamentals with help of questions and simplified answers. However, along with these solutions, one should also clear the basic concepts from the textbook and be thorough with the syllabus. The more important chapters should be given more attention. The other previous year’s question papers can also be found on the site, students should attempt to solve them. Lastly, a proper study schedule is a key to achieving great scores, especially in math since it requires practice.

2. How Important is Trigonometry in Class 10?

Trigonometry is one of the important topics in Class 10 Mathematics. It is marked fetching in both terms. The bulk of the topic is covered in the first term and maximum questions are asked. The rest is taught in the second term. It is relatively easier than other topics. Simple algebraic trigonometric expressions are asked to be proved using identities. Other problems involving angles of elevation and depression are to be solved using the trigonometric table. These are problems involving heights and distances.

3.  How many hours are students expected to study Math every day?

While every student has his/her own different capability and ability to grasp, apply and retain information, about 2 hours is the minimum they must give for studying Math every day during their preparation. The syllabus is vast with numerous theorems, derivations, important formulae and anyone hoping to score a nearly perfect score in Mathematics must provide that much time to studying Math. It is recommended to study Algebra and Geometry on alternate days of the week. Occasional breaks and breathers are fine, so long as they don’t make one lazy.

4. Should students be worried if they are not scoring as expected in the solved papers?

Of the various reasons we solve previous years’  papers for, it is just so that the student puts his skills to the test and understands the minute details one must take care of while appearing for the main exam. At the end of the day, the solved papers are just for self-analysis and not for one to get discouraged. Remember that you’re still preparing, and conscious efforts will almost guarantee a better score in the final exam than in the mock tests.

5. Is it okay if students don’t follow the specific method of solving given in the textbook or as taught by their teacher?

Apart from theorems, their proofs, and certain derivations, there isn’t much of a restriction as to the route the student must take to reach the final solution. Various third-party books offer different ways to solve the same problem, and students are free to use the method they are most comfortable with unless a particular method is explicitly mentioned in the question. The step-marking criteria are mostly taken into consideration when a particular method is mentioned in the question. If it is not, then whatever method students use is accepted and also, marked justly.