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ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Geography

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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Previous Year Question Paper for ICSE Class 10 Geography - Free PDF Solutions

Free PDF Download of ICSE Class 10 Geography previous year question paper with solution solved by an expert teacher on By practising Class 10 Geography question paper with solutions to score more marks in your ICSE Board examinations.

Solved Previous year question paper for ICSE class 10 Geography subject is available for free PDF Download, here at Vedantu.

Solving previous year papers is an important part of all the exams, in fact, it is an important part of the student life, because solving the previous year paper will make students understand the pattern of the exam as well as many other things, therefore every student must solve the previous year papers. But only solving the paper will not do any good to the students because they have to compare their solutions as well. And hence, Vedantu has bought the complete solutions for the class 10 subject geography subject for the ICSE Board.

Overview of the Syllabus of the subject

Many important topics are covered in the geography book of class 10 of the ICSE board. The book is divided into two parts, part one is of Map work. This part is further divided into two more sections, these sections are Interpretation of Topographical Maps, this part will provide the students with knowledge of Topographical Maps, such as Marking directions between various locations using eight cardinal points.

The second section is the Map of India, this part provides the students with the knowledge of the Indian map, it discusses the topics such as Gangetic plains and coastal plains, Rivers such as Indus, Ravi, Beas, Godavari, Krishna etc. The direction of the winds.

The second part of the book is the geography of India, again many topics are discussed in this part as well, such as distribution of temperature, Types of soil, the importance of forests, importance and classification of the Manufacturing industries, and many more important topics of the geography subject are covered here.

All in all, all the topics of the ICSE class 10 Geography are important because the questions will come from all these topics and hence solving the previous year paper is a must for the students.

FAQs on ICSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class 10 Geography

1. What is the exam pattern of the Class 10 geography (ICSE board)?

There will be only one paper for the ICSE board class 10 geography, the exam will have a duration of 2 hours in total, and the paper will be divided into two parts. Part one will require the students to have Map work, and part two will check the students' understanding of the geography of India. The entire paper carries 80 marks in total, 40 marks for part 1, and 40 marks for part two. Therefore, both parts are important for the students.

2. How should I prepare for the Class 10 Geography paper?

To be able to score more marks in any exam, students are required to work hard. But only working hard will not help you in getting good marks in the exam. Hence, with the hard work students are also required to do smart work as well. Now smart work is nothing but preparing for the exams in the advance, which is to say, making a schedule for the studies, giving more time to the topics in which you are not good, and then after covering the whole syllabus, solving the previous year question papers, and comparing your answers with that of the experts. Hence, Vedantu has brought to you the solved previous year question paper.

3. How to download the previous year question paper of Class 10 Geography from Vedantu ?

It is very easy to download the previous year question paper for class 10 of the ICSE board, subject – Geography. Because the previous year papers are available here at Vedantu for a free download, and also solved by the top educators. So that you can compare your answers with that of the top educators. It will help you score well in the exam and will also give you the feeling of the actual exam, and the idea of the same as well.

4. Will solving the previous year's paper be enough for me?

Well, it is true that solving the previous year paper is an important part of the exam preparation, but it is not the whole and soul of the preparation. Students first must solve the exercise questions which are always given at the end of each chapter, then the student must revise what they have learned throughout the course, and even after solving the previous year papers students must compare their solutions with those given by the top teachers of Vedantu.

5. What is the importance of the solved previous year paper for the ICSE ICSE Class 10 geography?

Before diving into the importance of solving the previous year question, let us understand the importance of the previous year questions. So, the previous year questions will give the student an idea of the difficulty level of the exam, and more than that it will prepare the mind of the candidate for the exams. Now coming to the solved papers, the solutions that Vedantu provides for the ICSE Class 10, is prepared by the top educators and therefore it will give you an idea of how to attempt the questions.