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List of Famous Mountains

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Introduction about the Mountains: 10 Mountain Names

In this world, there are several forms of land that cover the earth throughout and give place for man to live and build their ecosystems. Some of these landforms are called plateaus, hills, mountains, etc. Each one of them has significant features and properties.

Mountains are just another type of land present on this earth. Mountains are considered as types of lands that have risen above and hence are conical in shape rather than being flat as just another type of plain land.

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Picture of Mountains

They are considered rocky pieces of land and do not allow things to grow upon them easily. Since mountains are high and rocky, they are not considered suitable habitats to live in.

Also, since mountains rise high up in the sky, they have a colder atmosphere which makes it difficult for humans to survive. The higher the mountain, the higher the altitude and the less oxygen for humans to survive. Although there are some living habitats present in the mountains, several animals and plants are especially found in mountains.

When different mountains join together to each other they make up a range. Several ranges throughout the world have some of the top ten mountains which are famous throughout the world.

Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World 

Since several mountains have some magnificent characteristics and are world famous, there are top ten mountains that are world-renowned and must be known by everyone.

Given below are some of the tallest mountains list that everyone should know and remember. 

  • Mount Everest

Mount Everest is considered the tallest mountain in the world and has a height of 8848 metres and 29029 feet high. It is located near the border of Nepal and Tibet (a part of China).

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Picture of Mount Everest

  • K2

The K2 mountain ranges are considered smaller than Mount Everest but have a height of almost 8611 metres and are 28251 feet high. These mountain ranges run through Pakistan and China. 

  • Kangchenjunga 

These mountain ranges come third on the tallest mountain list and have a height of 8586 metres and 28169 feet tall. These mountain ranges run through the border of Nepal and India. 

  • Lhose

These mountains are the fourth in the top 10 highest mountains in the world. They have a height of 8516 metres and are 27940 feet tall. These are other mountain ranges that run through the border of Nepal and Tibet (China).

  • Makalu 

This mountain range is almost 8485 metres high and almost 27838 feet tall. The Makalu mountains are also found near the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). 

  • Cho Oyu

The Cho Oyu mountain ranges are approximately 8188 metres high and 26864 feet tall. These are the last mountain ranges that run through the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). 

  • Dhaulagiri

This mountain range of Dhaulagiri has a height of 8167 metres and is 26795 feet tall. The mountains of Dhaulagiri run through the area of Nepal. 

  • Manaslu

These mountain ranges have a height of 8163 metres and are 26781 feet tall. These mountains run through the areas of Nepal as well.

  • Nanga Parbat 

This mountain range has a height of 8126 metres and is almost 26660 feet tall. These mountain ranges run through the area of Pakistan. 

  • Annapurna 

The Annapurna mountain range has a height of 8091 metres and runs 26545 feet tall as compared to the other mountains. This range is comparatively smaller in front of Mount Everest but yet is considered one of the top ten tallest mountains. They run through the area of Nepal.

Facts About Mountains for Kids

Since the mountains are some amazing pieces of land that are developed throughout the Earth and have some amazing features to them, let us know some awesome facts related to them!

  • The top of a mountain is called or known as the Summit.

  • The tallest mountain in the world is found in Hawaii and is known by the name of Mauna Kea. This mountain has its base located inside the sea and has a length of approximately 10,000 metres!

  • The highest mountain found in the United Kingdom is called Ben Nevis. This mountain range is precisely found in Scotland and has a height of 1,344 metres.


Various mountain names discussed in this article. We have a lot of mountains present on the earth. The mountains are magnificent pieces of land with their height going up in the air. One can know about the world’s top ten mountains which have some amazing properties to them and are home to some beautiful flora and fauna. Hence, one should surely remember their names and some facts about them as well from this article.

FAQs on List of Famous Mountains

1. What are the different types of Mountains?

The mountains are the pieces of land that have risen above the normal base area and hence have a huge height to them. These mountains are majorly formed when things inside the Earth come into action and make them push upwards forcefully, hence forming a conical shape to them. 

There are five different types of mountains which are namely- fold mountains, dome mountains, fault-block mountains, plateau mountains, and volcanic mountains. Throughout the world, there are different types of mountains located everywhere.

2. Why can't humans live in the mountains?

Humans need certain kinds of living conditions which are considered suitable for them and help them for easy living. Some of these conditions are the availability of air to breathe and ease of living.


Since mountains have a tall height, the further we go to live in the height, the lesser the oxygen present above. Hence, humans can't live in the mountains. Although different kinds of flora and fauna can be found there since they have learned to adapt to such conditions.

3. Which country has no mountains?

Mount Everest's peak is the highest altitude above mean sea level at 29,029 feet (8,848 metres). Mount Chimborazo's peak is the furthest point on Earth from Earth's centre.