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Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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What is Technology?

When we apply science with the knowledge to create some new device that helps us or makes our environment easier, we call it technology. For example, a calculator was invented for making calculations easy. Cell phones make it easier to be in contact with our family and friends. That is how easy our life is in the presence of technology.

Ancient Technology World

India is one of the oldest civilizations on earth. The Indus valley civilization has all the pieces of evidence of Mathematics, astronomy, and engineering. It was famous for its drainage system, water supply, and metallurgy. This civilization was situated in a resource-rich area. Since ancient times, our medical system known as Ayurveda is a significant achievement of India's medical science and a huge contribution to the world’s welfare. 

Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization

Takshila University

Takshila University

And for this good knowledge and innovation, we must have some good sources also. Yes, Takshashila University was an important learning source. It was the centre of education for scholars from all over the world.

Science and Technology

Science and technology have been India’s culture. Science is a systematic study of the behaviour of the physical and natural world, by the information we get from experiments and observation. But only science is not enough for inventions, we need the skill to convert this information into some products. And this ability is known as Technology. Nowadays, scientists use their knowledge to develop technology and then use those technologies to develop science.

Old Technology

Do you love your devices? Of course, you do! But when and how do you get to know that you are using an old device? Or your system is outdated! The term “Obsolescence” is used to define old-outdated devices. Obsolescence Occurs due to many reasons, still, rapid innovations are the major factor for it. For example, if you have been using a mobile phone since 2010, or 2012, your phone would be extinct. Now the major world is not using it, it is very difficult to maintain it and get any type of spare part for it. Here are some pictures of technological changes….

So with time, our innovations replace the old devices. We now don’t use any stone tools in wars, stones for lightning fire, Or wooden/stoned wheels, Telephones changed to cell phones.

Current Technology

Today, we have very advanced technologies. As for communication, we have mobile phones and 5G networks.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones



Cell Towers

Cell Towers

With the help of these technologies, we can now communicate anywhere in this world which seemed impossible.          

  • For travelling, we have planes, cars, trains, and many more.







These technologies made our travelling easier and also saved time.                                        

  • In the power sector, we have created wind energy, Solar panels, hydropower, etc.




Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant

Hydropower Plant


Hydropower Plant

Facts About Wheels

  • Wheels are the 2nd biggest invention in human history after stone tools. 

  • It was invented about 5000 years ago.

  • Stone was the first understood technological invention by any human being.

Solved Examples

1. What is the name of our old medicines?

  • Engineering 

  • Sama Veda

  • Astronomy

  • Ayurveda

Ans: Ayurveda

2. The skill of converting any science to some product is called …………...

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Astronomy

Ans: Technology

Solved Questions

1. Choose the new technologies.

  • Cell phone

  • Stone wheel

  • Bullock cart

  • Stone tools

Ans: Cell phones

2. Choose electronic Technology.

  • Stone Wheel

  • Bull Cart

  • Aeroplanes

  • Stone Tools

Ans: Aeroplanes


Science and Technology are just two faces of the same coin. We need science to gain technology and further, we use that technology for developing science. Humans started by inventing stone wheels for the tires and from fire to the lighters today. Everything is to just make our life easier. This will help us to know more about the Universe.

FAQs on Technology for Kids

1. What is technology?

That device that makes our lives easier or helps us in particular works comes under technology.

2. Difference between science and technology.

Science is the study of the natural and physical world.

Technology is the application of that science to real-life problems. 

3. Name any two old technologies.

The stone wheel and stone tools are the two oldest and most important inventions done by human beings.

4. How technologies help us in daily life. Give some examples.

We use them to make our work easy, for example, if we need to calculate 1 page of money transitions, we need at least 10-15 minutes for calculating it. But now we can use a calculator to do it in just 3-5 minutes.

5. For what technologies, Indus valley civilization was famous?

It was famous for its good handcrafting, water supply system, and metallurgy science.