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Names of Amphibians

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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What are Amphibians?

Amphibians are animals that need water to stay alive. They require a moist environment to survive. They breathe through the surface of their skin and absorb water. These animals lay eggs to reproduce. These animals' eggs have no shells.

Amphibians have four limbs. They experience and go through a life cycle with different stages. The life cycle starts from the egg-laying, and later on the growth of an animal. For breathing and respiration, an amphibian uses the lungs. But during the initial growth stage, it is done through gills. Most amphibians like to live in areas with warmer climates. They prefer living in areas with freshwater. Some amphibians also like to live in underground areas.

Names of Amphibians 

Different types of Amphibians are present in the environment. Some of them have dominance in their presence, and some of them are present in some specific areas. 

The amphibian animals' names are given below:-

  • Tree Frogs

  • Giant Salamanders

  • Rhacophorus

  • Hyla

  • Pacific Giant Salamanders

  • Newts

  • South Asian Frogs

  • True Frogs

  • Mudpuppies

  • Poison Frogs

  • Caecilians

  • Asiatic Salamanders

  • True Toads

  • Mole Salamanders

  • Sirens

Let’s study about these amphibians:-

1) Tree Frogs 

Tree Frogs

Tree Frogs

There are a huge number of tree frogs present in our environment. They spend their lifespan on trees. They are mostly insects and rely completely on them for their survival. 

2) Giant Salamanders

Giant Salamanders

Giant Salamanders

These amphibians generally avoid being closer to human beings. They are one of the largest amphibians globally. They do not cause any harm to the living world until they are not being touched. So, it is always better to maintain distance from them. 

3) Rhacophorus 



These are also called flying frogs. They are a type of tree frog that only live on the shrubs, and not any other type of tree. 

4) Hyla 



They are the types of tree frogs. Most of their life is spent on the trees. They are found in Asia south of the Himalayas.

5) Pacific Giant Salamanders 

Pacific Giant salamanders

Pacific Giant salamanders

These salamanders live in the Pacific Northwest in North America.

6) Newts 



They are part of the salamander family. They are semiaquatic. Sometimes they live in water, and sometimes on land. 

7) South Asian Frogs 

South Asian Frogs

South Asian Frogs

They are the southeast Asian tree frogs who spend most of their life on trees. 

8) True Frogs 

True Frogs

True Frogs

These types of frogs are present in almost all the continents, except Antarctica.

9) Mudpuppies



These amphibians are very small in size as compared to lizards. They are brown in colour. They mostly come outside the water only during the day.

10) Poison Frogs

Poison Frogs

Poison Frogs

These frogs do not cause death, but they are toxic and can impact health in a negative manner. So, we should stay away from them. 

11) Caecilians



They look like a large worms, and they do not have arms and leg. 

12) Asiatic Salamanders

They are the salamanders that are found in all over Asia and European Russia.

13) True Toads

They are found all over the world. The size of this animal is generally from 1 to 8 inches. Some of them are also called frogs. 

14) Mole Salamanders

They are the salamanders that are found in North America.

15) Sirens



They are aquatic and live in water. They are poisonous, and not deadly. They are called aquatic salamanders.


Amphibians can live both on land and water. They have specific adaptations to water and the land. When they are young, they generally breathe through gills. They aspire for a moist atmosphere for a high chance of survival. There are a wide variety of amphibians available on the Earth, such as Frogs, Salamanders, Sirens, Hyla, and so on. 

FAQs on Names of Amphibians

1. Define amphibians.

Amphibians are animals that stay in the water. They need a moist atmosphere to survive. They absorb water and breathe by using their thin skin. They are cold-blooded animals. They generally consist of toads, newts, frogs, salamanders, and caecilians. They live both on the land and on water. There are a variety of amphibians on the Earth and they are present across different countries. They are present in different regions and areas as per their adaptability towards the weather and living conditions. 

2. List the names of Amphibians.

Amphibians live both on land and in water. 

They are present in different regions and across different countries depending on their adaptability towards weather conditions and other factors. There are different types of amphibians present in nature. 

Some of the amphibian animals' names are given below:-

Tree Frogs, Giant Salamanders, Rhacophorus, Hyla, Salamanders, Newts, South Asian Frogs, Mudpuppies, Poison Frogs, Asiatic Salamanders, True Toads and Sirens.

There are so many other amphibians that are present on the Earth, and the list is long enough. 

3. Are poison frogs dangerous?

Poisonous frogs do not cause the death of a person touching them. The person does not die after getting in contact with a poisonous frog but there will be some side effects because of the toxins present in the frog. As the person touches the frog, it can cause some serious issues like swelling, nausea, and muscular paralysis. Therefore, we should take appropriate preventive steps while being around these frogs, as they can be risky for us, especially the kids.