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What do Marines Do?

Last updated date: 05th Mar 2024
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Preface of Marine

Have you ever wondered who protects you from attacks or problems? The answer is simple: it's the marine corp that protects us from attacks. They stop bad people from doing bad things. So in this article, we are going to talk about marines. Yes, Here we are going to talk about what marines mean, what they do, and how many countries have marine forces.

There are lots of things that we are going to learn over here in this article, so are you ready to learn about the Marine Corps

Marine kids

Marine kids

What does Marine Mean? 

Marines are the warriors, they are the trained fighting force that is defending and serving their nation. They hardly get holidays or rest. They work to make us feel safe; they are always on duty.

They are brave men. They are protecting the country against the attacks. They are very disciplined people, they wake up early, and they get dressed quickly.

You know what in earlier times Marine corps were nicknamed the ''soldiers of the fleet''.

They are the finest fighting force; they dedicate themselves to achieving the mission for which they are tasked. 

They are the best people from whom we can learn discipline. They push you so hard you find that your limits are much, actually much higher than you had ever imagined.

Marine Officer

Marine Officer

Marines Work - What do Marines Do?

  • The Marine Corps plays a very important role because they are the first force which is on the ground in most conflicts.

  • They fight wars and defend the nation.

  • They sacrifice their festivals and their family gathering just to protect us, just to make us feel safe

  • They always stay alert and if there is any sensitive situation then they sleep with their ammunition ready, in case of attack. 

  • They go on missions that are highly challenging and involve a high probability of gunfire.

Countries with Marines

There are a number of countries that have Marines corps. Some countries with marines are the USA, South Korea, Russia, China, Australia, France, Mexico, Japan, and many others. But the most famous marine corps is the United States Marine Corps. The United States Marine Corps was founded on 11 July 1798 and the Philippines marine corps is the smallest marine corps.

Every marine corps works very hard and gives their best but the best marine corps is just the United States no one can beat them.

Officer Standing

Officer Standing

The Requirements for Joining Marine Corps 

  • You should meet their exacting moral, mental, and physical standards.

  • You should have a high school diploma.

  • You should be between the ages of 17-29.

  • You have to pass the military entrance processing station medical exam.

Officer Training

Officer Training

Benefits of Joining the Marine Corps

  • Steady income will be given based on your grade and service requirements.

  • You will get a promotion based on your performance and job knowledge.

  • Health care is given more priority.

Marine Corp Kids

As we had read now, the marine corp does a lot of work to protect us. But still, we have to understand that during an emergency there are many responsibilities of ours also so let's check what they are.

It happens many times that during an emergency or disaster kids get frightened so marine corp kids are better equipped to react, and should stay calmer throughout the emergency. 

So what are the things that marine corp kids can do?

  • They should be aware of all kinds of emergencies that might can happen in their area

  • They should know that during an emergency where their family meeting place is.

  • They should have a list of phone numbers they might need during an emergency.

  • They should make an emergency kit by themselves so that they will know what is in the kit. 

  • They should understand and learn what they will need to do depending on different emergencies.

Little Marine

Little Marine


In this article, we learned about what the marine corp does, what their work is, how difficult is there life, what its means, how they help us, how they protect us, and most importantly we learned that we have to respect them because of their tough task, tough training, and their wonderful work. There are many countries that have marine corps and these corps work hard and serve the whole life of their country.

We also learned here about what small kids can do to be safe during an emergency.

FAQs on What do Marines Do?

1. How long is marine corp recruit training?

Marine Corps training is 13 weeks long.

2. What is a marine crucible?

It's the final 54 hours of a training exercise that tests what they had learned throughout the training.

3. Does India have a marine corps? What is the origin of the oldest marine corps?

No, India does not have a marine corps. The oldest Marine corps is of Spanish origin; it was founded in 1537.