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Facts About Kangaroos for Kids

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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An Overview of Kangaroos

The national animal of Australia Kangaroo is an absolutely amazing marsupial present on earth with some amazing features. They differ from other animals in various ways, they are often trained because they have high learning abilities. They are also known to have 5 legs. In this article, we will discuss about different features about kangaroos in detail.

Features of Kangaroos

  • Kangaroos belong to the group of Marsupials which means “big foot”. 

  • There are about 40 species of kangaroo.

  • Their height can reach up to 6 ft, and the weight of an average adult kangaroo can be 35-90 kg. 

  • They have extremely long and powerful hind legs (back legs) known as macropods which they use to hop around.

  • They have an extremely powerful and muscular tail, which is also called their 5th foot. It helps in balancing while they hop (jump).

  • Only female kangaroos have a pouch to keep the baby until it develops fully.

Young Ones of Kangaroos

Kangaroo is a viviparous animal (it gives birth to young ones and does not lay eggs). Young ones of kangaroos are called Joeys, which are just the size of a grape (nearly 1 inch) at birth and develop further in the pouch of their mother.

Female Kangaroo with its Joey

Female Kangaroo with its Joey

Interesting Facts About Kangaroos

  • Largest Marsupials: Kangaroos are the largest marsupials alive on earth. The largest species of kangaroo (by weight) is red kangaroo.

  • Fast Movers: Kangaroos are fast movers; they usually travel at around 32-40 kilometres per hour.

Kangaroos are Fast Movers

Kangaroos are Fast Movers

  • Brilliant Jumpers: They are brilliant jumpers and can leap as high as 10 feet (3 metres).

  • Left Handed: Researchers have found that they mostly use their left hand to carry out their tasks like eating and grooming.

It Shows Kangaroos are Left Handed

It Shows Kangaroos are Left Handed

  • Herbivores: They are herbivores and eat grass, leaves, flowers etc. They regurgitate, that is, they chew it twice, just like cattle.

  • Two Types of Milk Production: Female kangaroos produce two different types of milk, one for newborns and another for mature joeys.

  • Australian airline ‘Qantas’ uses kangaroos as their symbol.

Solved Examples

1. Kangaroos are the largest________?

  1. Mammals

  2. Marsupials

  3. Amphibians

Ans: Marsupials

2. _______ kangaroos have pouches.

  1. Male

  2. Baby

  3. Female

Ans: Female

3. Kangaroo is the national animal of which country?

  1. Australia

  2. America

  3. India

Ans: Australia

4. What is the young kangaroo called?

  1. Jockey

  2. Joey

  3. Jack

Ans: Joey


Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. They have four legs, two small (front legs) and two large (back legs). They move by jumping and use their thick tail to balance. They are herbivores and eat leaves, grass, flowers etc. Female kangaroo has a pouch on its stomach, where it can hide and feed its baby. They are found mostly in Australia and nearby areas.

FAQs on Facts About Kangaroos for Kids

1. What is the group of kangaroos called?

Group of kangaroos is called mob, troop or court.

2. Are male and female kangaroos called by different names?

Yes, the following are the names:

  • Male - Buck or Boomer

  • Female - Flyer or Doe

3. Are kangaroos aggressive towards humans?

Although there are several videos of them boxing with humans, they do not attack unless bothered by humans.

4. Can Kangaroos be found anywhere else other than Australia?

No. Kangaroos are only found in Australia and some nearby areas.

5. Why are Kangaroos said to have 5 legs?

They don’t have 5th limb but their tail is regarded as 5th leg because they use it for balancing their body while hoping.