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Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Solutions for Chapter 7

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg Solutions Chapter 7 – Measures of Dispersion

The Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Solutions Chapter 7 is an illustration curated by professional economic educators for students to comprehend the topics and secure better grades. The Sandeep Garg Solution is an accurate reference source that offers elementary knowledge on all the solved exercises for economic students. The Solutions offer an intense preparation process, and students can download the chapter-wise pdf solutions from here for free and prepare accordingly.


Here you will find the latest Sandeep Garg 2024-25 Solutions for Class 11 Commerce Economics Chapter 7 Measures Of Dispersion explained with simple step-by-step instructions. Class 11 Commerce students from vastly different academic backgrounds find these Economics Measures Of Dispersion Solutions extremely helpful in completing their homework and preparing for exams. All the questions and answers from the Sandeep Garg Book of Class 11 Commerce Economics Chapter 7 are available here for free for your convenience. The Meritnation Sandeep Garg 2024-25 Solutions will also impress you with its ad-free experience. Sandeep Garg Solutions for Class 11 Commerce Economics, prepared by experts, are guaranteed to be accurate.

Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Solutions for Chapter 7 – Measures of Dispersion

Introduction to Measures of Dispersion

The Measures of Dispersion Chapter 7 Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg presents solved solutions of the chapter simply and understandably. The chapter presents definitions, concepts, and calculation simply and concisely. The Class 11 Economics chapter- Measures of Dispersion comprises of the topics-

  • Definition of Dispersion

  • Measures of Dispersion- Absolute range of dispersion and Relative range of dispersion

  • Mean Deviation

  • Merits of Mean deviation

  • Demerits of Mean deviation

  • Standard Deviation

  • Methods of Standard Deviation

  • Calculation of standard deviation in discrete series

  • Shortcut Method

  • Methods of Shortcut Method

  • Step deviation method

  • Individual Series

  • Merits of standard donation

  • Demerits of standard donation

  • Coefficient of variation

  • Lorenz Curve

  • Application Lorenz Curve


Benefits of Referring from Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Chapter 7

  • The Class 11 Economics Solutions Chapter 7 by Sandeep Garg provides interactive and engaging content of all the important topics and concepts.

  • Students can adapt to the habit of managing time judiciously during preparation or revision and before attempting the exam paper.

  • Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Chapter 7 provides a concise comprehension of all the important formulas, concepts, and questions as per the latest CBSE Syllabus.

  • The Solutions provides a good grip of all the weaker areas or problems concerning the CBSE previous years question papers.

  • Class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg Solution Chapter 7 Pdf provides a detailed analysis of the solved concepts, definitions, problems, and calculations in a comprehensive manner.

  • The Solutions presents a comprehensive understanding of all the concepts in a very simple and understandable manner for the students to refer and practice.

Features of Sandeep Garg's Class 11 Economics Solution Chapter 7:

One of the most popular courses for students is commerce. Commerce students spend a great deal of time studying economics, which is a fascinating subject. One of the major subjects studied by commerce and arts students is economics.

Because of its mathematical solutions and theories, economics requires serious effort, concept clarification. To get good grades, students must practice regularly, make little extra effort, study skillfully, and practice every day.

In order to help students to understand the basic concepts of commerce and economics, Sandeep Garg Solutions for Class 11 Economics is rated as one of the best textbooks. We at Sandeep Garg CBSE Solutions provide you with CBSE solutions that are written by specialists and professionals. 

Students' study process can be made easier with a few features of Sandeep Garg textbook solutions for CBSE Economics:

  • This book follows the same curriculum as the CBSE syllabus. In the Sandeep Garg textbook solutions, you find a clearer picture of topics that you can learn and understand comfortably

  • A textbook from Sandeep Garg that provides concise, precise, and clear solutions to lengthy questions- The textbook's solutions are clear, precise, and to the point, so that you can just glance and follow right away

  • Small, medium, and long questions for revision and preparation - These questions provide a detailed variety of Sandeep garg textbook solutions, whether they're small, medium, or very long to provide an indication of upcoming examinations.


Preparation Tips

  • The Class 11 Sandeep Garg Solution-Measures of Dispersion presents definitions, theories, and concepts along with calculations and necessary formulas for students to comprehend readily. 

  • Students should ensure to practice the solved questions that involve calculations and problems regularly.

  • The most effective way to enhance the preparation approach is a thorough comprehension of the working and the application of the concepts and formulas over memorising.

  • Students must analyse and apprehend the logic behind every important topic or concept and give special focus to the definitions and problems.



The Sandeep Garg Class 11 Solutions for Economics Chapter 7- Measures of Dispersion presents a detailed view of all the important concepts. The Solutions offer all the solved exercise problems important during preparation or revision process for the examination. The class 11 Economics Sandeep Garg Solution Chapter 7 Pdf helps students amplify and better their preparation or revision process and change their score chart.  

FAQs on Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Solutions for Chapter 7

1. What tips and tricks can you use to excel in an Economics exam in class 11?

Tips and Tricks on how to do well on the class 11 economics exam

You should read books

  • Sandeep Garg is your best resource for economic solutions.

  • It is advisable to follow the NCERT textbook for theory concepts since it follows CBSE guidelines and the CBSE syllabus.

Concepts and Purpose of Concepts

  • Get a grasp of the concepts, definitions, and reasons behind each one.

  • You should memorize the definition of each concept to get sure-shot marks.

Differentiation between questions

  • Using a table, record each distinction or difference between the questions.

  • Identify the basis for the distinctions and differences.

Formulas, graphs, and charts

  • A graphical image or a table showing formulas should accompany all theories.

  • Be sure to draw the curves correctly. Make all your diagrams with a pencil.


  • Revision notes should be made chapter-by-chapter.

  • Make it easier to remember difficult concepts by marking them in red. The concepts that require more concentration are identified in red.

2. Find out the exact range  in the mentioned question and coefficient range.







No. of Students







No. of students

10 - 20


20 - 30 


30 - 40


40 - 50 


50 - 60 



Range = Upper Limit of the Highest Class Interval − Lower Limit of the Lowest Class Interval


or, Range = 60 − 10 = 50


Range = Upper Limit of the Highest Class Interval - Lower Limit of the Lowest Class Intervalor, Range = 60 - 10 = 50


The range is 50 marks and coefficient of range is 0.715

3. Are you looking for the Sandeep Garg Class 11 Solutions for Economics Chapter 7 to help you prepare for the Class 11 Economics Exam?

Following are the recommended ways to prepare for the Class 11 Economics chapter 7 from Sandeep Garg 

  1. Get all the economics notes together, the practice papers, and formula sheets; then start revising.

  2. You should devote time to each chapter, so please revise the concepts and notes in economics that you have marked in red.

  3. Try to comprehend what type of questions are asked in previous years' examination papers. Do your best to finish it within three hours.

  4. To score a very good grade in the exam, study every topic very well and grasp it to the best of your ability.

 4.   What are benefits of referring Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Chapter 7?

A summary of the benefits of referring from Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics, Chapter 7

  • Sandeep Garg's Class 11 Economics Solutions Chapter 7 consists of interactive and engaging content relating to all the important subjects.

  • During preparation for or revision before the exam, students can develop the habit of managing time judiciously.

  • The latest CBSE Syllabus in Sandeep Garg Economics Class 11 Chapter 7 of this text provides a concise summary of key formulas, concepts, and questions.

  • There is a good understanding of all the weak areas of the previous year's CBSE question papers in the Solutions.