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Game Development For Kids

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Introduction to Game Development For Kids

Kids of all ages love playing video games, and quite a few of them do express an interest in creating a game on their own. This interest can propel them into becoming professional video game designers; which is a great career to have. It is not a very conventional career option and hence parents do not have a lot of knowledge in this field.

It is a very advanced field of computer technology and hence has multiple barriers to making it to one of those places where one can be a proper game developer. This is a very complex skill and an advanced science but nowadays there are apps, tools, and detailed step-by-step courses making it easier for the kids to develop their thoughts into games.

Children's Games on Different Platforms

Children's Games on Different Platforms

Stages of Game Development

The process of game development happens in three stages and those are pre-production, production, and post-production.

  • Pre-production is the first stage of game development and is also known as the planning stage. In this phase, the idea of the game is figured out and a rough outline of what will go on in the game, the characters, which platform to use and make a blueprint of the game.

  • The second stage is known as the production stage. This stage involves the actual development of the game and is considered to be the most complex and challenging stage of the entire process. This stage is where all the brilliant stuff happens to make the idea on the paper reflect on the screens as the idea of the game is brought to life.

  • The third stage is also the final stage of game development and is known as post-production. It is when the developers perform maintenance on the game and check for any bugs, i.e. problems that might occur in the design or during gameplay and get them fixed before the official release of the game.

Game Development on Different Platforms

Game Development on Different Platforms

Learning Game Development

How to learn game development? is the next question that kids and parents have in their minds. In this current era of learning, any professional skill learning has become very easy. Kids can learn game development as a professional course through various apps and websites.

These young kids can develop highly detailed and engaging games without being skilled programmers or computer experts. It does not happen overnight though, as a beginner the kids are taught to edit an existing game that they love to play.

The course is divided into many classes that teach students to develop games from scratch. It sparks creativity and critical thinking early in life among kids and thus makes them more engaged in problem-solving and unique ideas.

There are many different programming languages that developers use to create video games, including Java, HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. The process of game development is divided into five stages: discovery, production, testing, release, and post-release.

Discovery: This stage involves the ideation of a game that will be brought to life. It deals with different aspects such as difficulty, genre, platform and also the goal of the game is decided for releasing the game.

Production: This is the most hectic stage in the development process. It is where they code the different aspects of the game including the characters, levels, rules, maps, actions and goals.

Testing: This is a highly important stage in the development of a game as all the bugs in the game are detected and it is debugged and removal of errors is done for a prerelease.

Release: It is when the game is ready and finalized and can be distributed to the public for them to try it out.

Post-Release: It includes post-release services and multiple versions of the game are made with add-ons and the creation of bonus levels with prizes for the users, and also new downloadable content is made available.

The 5 Stages of Game Development

The 5 Stages of Game Development


Game development is a brand new career path for many kids that like to play video games and are interested in shaping their ideas and thoughts into a new game. It can be easily learnt by kids through various courses and applications available online. It offers beginners and advanced levels of understanding to build very interesting and fun games. It is a fairly new career option and hence, various companies have launched training programs to make it easy to understand for parents as well as children.

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FAQs on Game Development For Kids

1. What are the different stages of game development?

The different stages of game development are discovery, production, testing, release, and post-release.

2.  What is the most important phase of game development?

The most important stage of game development is production. It is where they code the different aspects of the game including the characters, levels, rules, maps, actions and goals. It can be very hectic and challenging but it is an essential part of the process as many various elements need to be coded.

3. How can you contribute to the gaming industry?

You can develop games and publish them on the app stores. There are many different types of games that you can develop in your spare time. You can also do freelancing on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can also work for developers to give them a helping hand in developing the game by giving your suggestions about the game.

4. What skills does a game developer need?

A good game developer has to possess various skills and knowledge in the field of computer programming, game designing, and sound effects and Good knowledge in creating graphics is required.