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C++ for Kids

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C Plus Plus Programming for Kids

C++ is a programming language that enables developers to build other programming languages and applications. C Plus Plus for Kids is a programming language course for children focusing on increasing their knowledge of the C++ programming language. It has been designed to help children learn and have fun while developing skills.

Programming languages are used to write computer programs that perform a specific task (software). They are designed to work with each other to provide an integrated solution. It aims to teach children how to use C plus plus programming concepts, such as variables and data types while encouraging their love for learning through fun games and interactive activities.

C++ Programming Language for Kids

C++ Programming Language for Kids

What is the C Plus Plus Programming Language? 

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages in use today. C plus plus language is a complex programming language that lets you build other programming languages and applications. C Plus Plus is a version of the C programming language with additional features like function overloading, templates and exception handling. This third version of the language is known as C++ (C plus plus).

It’s commonly used in games, operating systems, and web browsers. Some of the world’s most famous websites are written in C plus plus language: Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter, and YouTube! 

Kids Learning How to Code with the Very Interesting C++ Coding Language

Kids Learning How to Code with the Very Interesting C++ Coding Language

C++ Programming Concepts

  1. Variables: These are the memory areas where data is stored.

  2. Data types: These are the values you can use in your program (these define the type of variable).

  3. Operators: These are actions to manipulate data, for example, addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/).

  4. Functions: These programs can be called in different places in your code or called at certain times; they can be used to make changes to the program or get information from it.

  5. Classes: You can group similar or related variables into a class so that they all work together as a whole instead of individually.

  6. Arrays: These are just like arrays in maths; they are just a list of objects.

  7. Constants: These are just like variables; however, they are set by you and cannot be changed.

  8. Strings: These are a collection of characters, for example, 'hello' or '1234'. These are used in programming to display information, similar to text messages and emails on your phone/computer/tablet, etc.

  9. Modules: These are just like classes; however, you can only have one of these in your program, unlike classes.

  10. Switch case: This will change the flow of your program depending on the value given to it.

The C++ programming language is used to create applications that integrate with existing applications or create new applications to run on the internet. They can be written in different languages, such as HTML and JavaScript, meaning they can be used with web pages (or "web apps").

These webpages are developed using an IDE like Microsoft Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio, which is software used to develop and test your application on your iPhone or an iPad.

Developers use C++ code to write their websites, so the more you know about C++, the better you'll be at building websites.

What is C++ Used to Create?

C++ can be used to create applications, web pages, and games. Apps created in C++ can run on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (mobile phones and tablets) and Windows Phone platforms. Many games are built in C++, including Angry Birds and Candy Crush. C plus plus coding is used to create the most popular browsers today, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Advantages of Learning C++ Coding

The C++ programming language is growing in popularity and demand as a career among students and professionals. As a result of this, many schools around the world now teach children how to code in C plus plus, with an even split between boys and girls. It’s not just seen as a geeky hobby; it’s considered an essential skill by employers and schools.

Learning the C plus plus programming can help children make sense of Maths in a new way, develop useful problem-solving skills, improve their research using logical thinking, understand how games are created, program interactive art for projects/school displays/online portfolios etc.


In conclusion, you will find many courses and tutorials to learn C plus plus programming concepts. However, C++ for kids course is designed for kids to learn and have fun while developing skills in the language. You can start by installing the tools you'll use to make your games. Then you'll start learning how to program by making your first game!

You'll also learn the basics of C++ and more advanced concepts like functions and classes, using simple language that's easy for kids to understand.

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FAQs on C++ for Kids

1. Is it important for kids to learn C plus plus coding?

Yes, kids should learn C plus plus coding because it is the most popular programming language in the world. There are a lot of jobs available for students who know C++.

2. Who should learn this C++ language?

C++ language is for anyone interested in learning computer programming, regardless of age. It’s also ideal for kids who have just started learning C++ or have played around with simple programs and want to take their skills to the next level. No prior experience is required!

3. What C++ concepts will I learn? 

You will start with the basic elements of C++ programming with a starter project, understand structures and types of variables and functions, and then subsequently learn how files work together in a program and utilise classes in your program.