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Summer Clothes

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Summer Clothes: An Overview

Summer is one of the seasons out of the four seasons on the earth. It is the warmest season that comes after spring. During the summer season, the Sun shines to its fullest in the daytime and daytimes are quite lengthy too. Hence, the atmospheric temperature rises so highly and every living organism prefers to get more air circulation. To maintain a cool body temperature, we human beings prefer some special kinds of outfits during this season. These dresses are called sundresses or summer clothes.

Some summer clothes names are Boxers, cargo pants, cotton Kurtis, etc. Summer clothes are defined as clothes that one wears during the summer season. Summer season clothes are designed in such a way that it allows much air circulation and reduces body temperature. These clothes are lightweight and made up of fabrics like cotton.

Summer Season Clothes

As previously said, summer clothes are lightweight clothes that one prefers to wear in the summer. The commonly used fabric to make summer dresses are cotton. Cotton fabrics are highly breathable since they contain hollow gaps. This helps the fabric consume and expel perspiration. Along with cotton dress fabrics made up of linen, khadi and sheer are also used to make summer season clothes.

Materials like cotton and linen can absorb water so they absorb our sweat from our body and expose it to the atmosphere and it is evaporating. During this evaporation, particles on the sweat gain energy from our body surface and make our body cool.

What Type of Summer Clothes Should We Wear in Summer?

When selecting summer clothes, we have to ensure that the material should be highly breathable and durable and it should allow better air circulation. During summer, it is always advisable to wear loose outfits with light colour. Because light-coloured clothes are poorer absorbers of heat. The commonly used fabrics to make summer clothes are linen, cotton, khadi, and sheer.

Cotton clothes are the most preferred summer wear. It is naturally sustainable and hypoallergenic. It has large pores. So, it can absorb sweat sufficiently from the body and allows air circulation. It is breathable and lightweight.

Linen is also the finest choice during summer. It is stronger than cotton and loosely woven. It also absorbs sweat easily due to the large pore size. It is highly durable and when it is wet it is quickly dried.

Rayon shares similar properties with cotton. But it is found to be more moisture absorbent than cotton. It can be worn in both humid conditions and warm weather. It is very soft and breathable and gives you a luxurious look.

Khadi materials also cool our bodies during summer. These are very body-friendly materials and do not cause any allergy. It's a hand-spun natural fibre and is highly breathable.

Summer Clothes Name

  • T-shirts: It has short sleeves and a round neckline without a collar made up of stretchy light and inexpensive fabric and are easy to clean.

  • Singlet: A singlet is a sleeveless garment that can be worn instead of a shirt or can be used as an undershirt also.

  • Tank Tops: These are also called camisoles made from nylon cotton or linen. It is a sleeveless garment and suitable to wear during summer.

  • Polo Shirt: A close-fitting pullover knit shirt with short or full sleeves.

  • Swim Trunks: They are specifically designed for swimming. The material is specifically designed for being wet and remaining comfortable and hydrodynamic.

  • Hawaiian Shirts: They are coloured buttoned shirts having short sleeves made from printed cotton fabrics.

Along with this clothing flip flop slippers, caps and sunglasses are used as accessories during the summer season.

Women Summer Clothes

Summer clothes are made up of cotton, linen khadi, and sheer. During this time, women opted to wear t-shirts, singlets, tank tops, etc. And some of them wear cotton Kurtis and sarees too. The sleeves of these women's summer clothes will be short and the materials will be lightweight. The bottom pants are also made with breathable materials and the entire outfit will be loose.

Summer Men Dress

During summer, men also wear garments made up of breathable materials. Hawaii shirts, t-shirts, singlets, swimming trunks, polo shirts, and tank tops are worn by men during summer. Swimming trunks are designed for swimming purposes. The image of summer clothes for men is shown below.

Summer Clothes for Men

Summer Clothes for Men

Interesting Facts

  • In 3000 B.C., cotton was first cultivated in the Indus river valley for the use of fabric in clothes for manufacturing.

  • The word cotton comes from ‘quton’ which is an Arabic word.

  • Linen is made from the stems of the Flax plant as it is three times stronger than cotton.

  • Slik georgette fabric, and chambray fabric are the artificial fabrics that are used in summer clothes nowadays other than linen and rayon.

Key Features

  • The fabrics used in summer dresses are cotton, linen, sheer, and khadi.

  • T-shirts, singlets, hawaii shirts, swim trunks, polo shirts, and tank tops are some of the common names of summer clothes.

  • The fabrics are breathable, absorb a good amount of water, and conduct heat.

  • Linen is a good conductor of heat and stronger than cotton.

  • Other than summer clothes, certain accessories like sunglasses, hats, caps, etc. are worn by men and women during the summer season to manage the hot summer weather and also for fashion purposes.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

FAQs on Summer Clothes

1. Why are summer clothes important?

In order to stay cool, the body radiates heat from the body. So, it is important to allow air circulation to maintain the body cool. Summer clothing fabrics have a porous gap that allows air circulation and keeps the body hygienic.

2. Which is better: linen or cotton?

Cotton is smooth to wear but loses its shine and strength as washed regularly. Linen is a stronger fabric and with time, it becomes softer and improves with time.

3. What are the ways to protect summer clothes?

The ways to protect summer clothes are listed below:

  • Examine the insect repellent before using it for summer clothes.

  • Avoid letting dirty summer clothes accumulate.

  • Use sunblock with caution.