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Study Easy With NCERT BOOKS for Class 11 on Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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NCERT Books for Class 11 Physics Chapter 10 - Mechanical Properties of Fluids - Free PDF Download

Experience the new style of learning of Class 11 Mechanical Properties of Fluids with NCERT Books. Learning this topic can now be easy with just clicks away by downloading the NCERT Books at our website – Vedantu. Doubts and uncertainties in the concepts and formulae can be cleared easily by registering for Physics tuition on our website

Students find revision notes made available at the website very useful to score big on percentages. On our website, students can find a breakdown of important topics such as Archimedes principle, laws of flotation, the equation of continuity, Bernoulli’s theorem, etc. and their explanations.

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Fluids and Properties of Fluids

Liquids and gases can flow and are therefore called fluids. It is this property that basically distinguishes liquids and gases from solids.  Fluids possess characteristic physical properties seen in their behaviour when forces are applied to them.

  • Surface Tension & Viscosity

The amount of force per unit length necessary to deform the interfacial surface is called the surface tension, and the surface tension will always try to reduce the surface area of the liquid.

  • Bernouill’s Principle and Equation

Bernoulli’s Principle states that the total energy of the flowing fluid always remains constant. Bernoulli’s theorem is the principle of energy conservation for ideal fluids in steady, or streamline flow and is the basis for many engineering applications. 

  • Pressure & Its Applications

All liquids and gases are fluids. The force exerted normally at a unit area of the surface of a fluid is called fluid pressure. 

From the syllabus to the NCERT Books, past question papers and important questions with solutions everything is available on Vedantu for free! The solutions provided on Vedantu are created by experts and hence are completely reliable. Students can access all the study material they require to strengthen their understanding of topics and perfect their preparation for free on Vedantu’s site and also the app.  

Key Features of Class 11 Physics Notes 

Here are the key features:

  • Class 11 Physics especially that of Mechanical Properties of Fluids is prepared by subject matter experts and professors.

  • All the important topics covered under this section of Mechanical Properties of Fluids are summarized for better understanding at the end of each chapter.

  • The topics of Mechanical Properties of Fluids are explained in detail with diagrams, flowcharts, and important formulae to grasp quickly. 

  • All notes and subject matter are written and compiled in simple language for better understanding. 

  • All notes prepared at the end of each chapter of the topic Mechanical Properties of Fluids of the NCERT Books provide an overview of what is written and explained. This helps the students to gain an overall idea of the subject initially. 

How To Address the Doubts Covered During the Online Session?

  • In order to overcome difficulties while solving the exam question paper, the students can refer to the website for guidance and review. Solutions are framed in easy steps to help students understand and grasp better. 

  • PDFs of exercise-wise questions of the covered chapters are available on our website. Detailed explanations to aid in solving problems and understanding concepts are provided.

  • Questions can now be answered easily. A detailed diagram is provided to aid students to visualize and pick up answers with ease. 

Download the PDF file for this chapter today and use it at your convenience. You can access this file anytime anywhere to clear doubts and ease your preparations. Use your smartphone or computer to download and store this file. Seek professional mentoring from the top experts of Vedantu to become better in ths subject. 

FAQs on Study Easy With NCERT BOOKS for Class 11 on Mechanical Properties of Fluids

1. Why should I choose NCERT Books for learning Physics?

NCERT Books are prepared by the National Council of Educational Research and Training after a lot of deliberations. These textbooks at primary and secondary levels help to simplify the learning process of the students with their scientific and pedagogic approaches. 

Apart from these features, the NCERT Books are widely known to provide in-depth and authentic knowledge of different subjects at primary and secondary levels.  This is also true of books related to Physics. 

The books, apart from giving a correct perspective of the subjects in question, also serve as a vital source of practice set for the students preparing for different examinations including the competitive ones. 

2. Where and what can you refer to for Class 11 Physics Mechanical Properties of Fluids?

Learning is made simpler with free NCERT Books, easily available for download on Students can refer to and download the Class 11 Physics on Mechanical Properties of Fluids from the website. The learning process is simplified and made easy with quicker downloads at, saving the precious time of the students. 

3. How to prepare for the Class 11 Physics Exam?

The availability of study materials of Class 11 Physics on Mechanical Properties of Fluid of NCERT from the website enables students to acquire authentic information on the subject. It also provides ways of quick learning in well-structured formats to ensure a proper and accurate understanding of the concepts and details. 

By studying the relevant Notes and attempting important questions on a regular basis will enable you to score highly in all the examinations. All the study materials provided on the website of Vedantu are free and can be availed free of cost. 

4. How to download the PDF of the Class 11 Physics Question Paper for practice?

The students just need to sign in and would be directed to the download page. This page would have a PDF link. You just need to click the PDF button, download it, and study. 

5. Do I need to practice all question papers on the website?

It is always better to solve all the exercises at the end of each chapter and answer question papers as these give you plenty of practice. Physics is not a subject that you can just read and master. Like most other subjects, this one also requires a lot of hard work and practice. The NCERT textbook has examples and exercises after every section to help you in this regard. 

After going through each section, please go through the solved examples and understand them completely. Then move on to the exercises and try to complete them. There are chances of the same questions being asked in the examination, so students are well-advised to learn the diagrams, flowcharts, equations, and formulae and practice the sums in the exercises as well.