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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet - Chapter 4 in the Kingdom of Fools

Last updated date: 12th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet - Chapter 4 in the Kingdom of Fools - Download Free PDFs With Solutions


Using the right study materials and practice papers is vital to understanding any lesson effectively. Using the right kind of study material and PDFs is even more important if students are preparing for their English exams. There are different chapters in English that require proper attention. Lengthy stories and summaries in English literature can make students overwhelmed to grasp in one go. Therefore, learners should use PDFs and worksheets with the kingdom of fools class 9 summary.

There is a chapter in English called in the kingdom of fools. In this lesson, students will learn about a kingdom run by a foolish king and his ministers. The story revolves around how the king and his silly ministers did not know how to run a kingdom and work the exact opposite as they should. Understanding this lesson will be easy if learners take help from the printable PDFs based on the CBSE pattern.

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Access Worksheet for Class 9 English Chapter 4- In the Kingdom of Fools

1. Fill in the blanks:

  1. One day, a Guru and his _____visited the kingdom.

  2. The disciple felt happy at the ____rate of eatable items.

  3. One day a ____home was broken into by a thief.

  4. Ultimately the merchant blamed the_____

  5. The mason blamed the ____

2. State True and False: 

  1.  The wall fell on the thief and he died.

  2.  The brother of the thief complained to the king about the merchant.

  3. The disciple did not want to leave the place because of the sale of cheap eatables.

  4. The Guru befooled the king

  5. The Guru told his disciple that it was good to stay in a Kingdom of fools.

3. State the reason for the following statements.

  1. The Guru’s wisdom was that there was no justice in the Kingdom of fools ____.

  2. King intended to make the merchant punish_____.

4. What two strange items do the Guru and his disciple discover in the Kingdom of Fools?

5. The disciple's choice to remain in the Kingdom of Fools is explained. Is it a wise decision?

6. When the kingdom's citizens came across the king and his minister's dead bodies, why were they mystified?

7. When does the disciple recall his Guru's advice?

8. What distinguishes the Kingdom of Fools from other locations?

9. Why did the Guru want to die first if he and his disciple were both going to die?

10. What terms did the Guru and his disciples agree to rule that kingdom under?

11. Why did the Guru not want to stay in the Kingdom of Fools?

12. Why is the disciple so adamant about leaving the Kingdom of Fools?

13. Why did the king decide to put off the Guru and his disciple's execution?

14. What exactly made the Kingdom of Fools so strange?

15. What words of wisdom did the Guru give the disciple before he left the city?

16. After the former king was put to death, who was appointed the new king?

  1. The Guru

  2. The Disciple.

  3. The king’s minister.

17. The disciple was chosen to hang instead of the merchants because......

  1. he was the real culprit.

  2. He had ignored the advice of his Guru.

  3. He had enough body fat to fit the stake.

18. The king declared that the merchant had inherited it.

  1. his father’s riches.

  2. His father's money as well as sins

19. The merchant confessed his name to the king:

  1. such and such

  2. so and such

  3. such and so

20. Who did the bricklayer criticized someone for building a weak wall?

  1. The Rich merchant

  2. The Dancing girl

  3. The Disciple

21. Why did the public obey the king's stupid commands?

22. Who wrote ‘In the Kingdom of Fools?’

23. What distinguished the Kingdom of Fools from all other places?

24. How does the Guru succeed in saving the life of his disciple?

25. Give the names of everyone who was on trial in the king's court.

Answers to the Worksheet


  1. Disciple

  2. Cheap

  3. Merchant

  4. Mason

  5. Dancing girl


  1. True

  2. True

  3. True

  4. True

  5. False


  1. The Guru’s wisdom was that there was no justice in the Kingdom of fools and due to the unpredictable behaviour of the fools, he wanted to leave the kingdom at once.

  2. The king wanted to punish the merchant because the wall of his house fell on the thief killing him.

4. In the Kingdom of Fools, people used to work at night and sleep during the day, as the Guru and his pupil discovered. Everything was affordable and had a fixed price. 

5. In the Kingdom of Fools, everything was affordable. The disciple's diet was unique. The inexpensive food was attractive to him. He thus made the decision to remain in that kingdom. 

6. The citizens of the kingdom were perplexed as to why the Guru and the student were still alive despite the fact that their king and minister had died. They were unable to recognize the Guru's dishonest plot against their monarch and minister.

7. When the disciple's Guru advised him to leave the kingdom of fools, the disciple disregarded his guidance. The king kept the Guru's advice in mind when he determined that the student was the best candidate for execution.

8. The kingdom of idiots was a different place altogether. The day was perceived as night, and the night was perceived as day. Even animals stayed awake at night, not just people.

9. The king had commanded the wealthy merchant's execution. The wealthy merchant could not be executed, so the disciple was chosen to match the stake.

10. He stipulated that he would be free to alter all the outdated and stupid laws. As a result, the day was considered a typical working day, and the night was considered night. Even if prices were adjusted in proportion to the material's value.

11. The people of the Kingdom of Fools were foolish, so the Guru did not want to stay there.

12. The disciple did not want to leave the place because of the sale of cheap food and other commodities, since everything was easily available and life seemed to be very simple and easy.

13. The King was tricked by the Guru. He informed him that those who were passing away right then would rule as kings and ministers in the afterlife. The foolish king delayed their execution because he believed the Guru's advice.

14. The strange thing about the Kingdom of Fools was that not only people but also animals were forced to sleep during the day. In the past, this kingdom required a Dudu for everything.

15. The Guru warned his disciple that remaining in a kingdom of fools was risky. He claimed that it is only foolish, unexpected behaviour and no justice. He predicted that the kingdom would not last for very long.

16. (a) The Guru.

The Guru was appointed as the new King.

17. He had enough body fat to fit the stake.

18. His father’s riches as well as sins.

19. (a) such and such

20. (b) Dancing Girl

21. They were compelled to obey since they were aware that disobeying him would result in their execution.

22. AK Ramanujan wrote ‘In the Kingdom of Fools’.

23. The realm of idiots was another place completely. The day was seen as night and the night as day. Even animals stayed awake at night, not just people. A Dudu could buy everything and everything.

24. In the dark of night, the Guru reached the prison and released the Guru and disciple. He was put to death along with his minister, who had disguised themselves as the disciple and the Guru. So, the Guru succeeded in preserving his pupil.

25. The king's court heard the case of the house's owner, the merchant, as well as the bricklayer, dancing girl, and goldsmith. 

What You will Learn from in the Kingdom of Fools

This chapter has a very engaging storyline and a very good lesson that will help students understand the importance of good company and the right people. Here are some things that students will learn from this chapter:

  • In the lesson summary of kingdom of fools, students will learn that it is very necessary to stay away from the company of fools and take every decision carefully.         

  • In the kingdom of fools class 9 summary, it is narrated that you should never fall for greed and always stay true to your peers and people around you. 

  • This chapter teaches the learners the importance of good friendship and company. 

  • The chapter has a part where it narrates how was life different in the kingdom of fools, which depicts the unorganized and unauthorized things happening all around the kingdom, making it different from other kingdoms, which teaches the lesson of being disciplined and being organized to be able to stay on the right track.

Some Examples Based on The Kingdom of Fools Class 9 Summary

Here are questions and exercises based on the PDF of the lesson in the kingdom of fools.  Students can go through these questions and practice them: 

1. Answer the following questions:

  • How was life different in the kingdom of fools?

  • Why did the guru want his disciple and himself to die first?

  • Who was the real culprit behind all the strangeness and disorganization in the kingdom?

  • What lesson does the chapter “in the kingdom the fools” teach us?

2. True or False

  • There was nothing strange and weird about the routine of the people in the kingdom of fools. _____

  • The guru advised his disciple to leave the kingdom of fools as soon as possible. _____

  • The disciple was fat because he ate a lot. ____

  • The king and his minister were executed in the end. ____

Get a Free PDF with Solutions and a Summary of Kingdom of Fools

PDFs are an easy and fun way of studying. With the help of PDFs, students take an interest in learning the chapter, and it also makes summarizing the lesson less time-consuming:

  • Worksheets and PDFs are the best way to encourage students to learn the chapters effectively. 

  • Learners can easily download the free PDFs of the related chapter from the official Vedantu website. 

  • PDFs are very compact and contain various MCQs and exercises based on the lesson. 

  • Students can use these PDFs anywhere they want to revise the lesson, and these PDFs are easily printable, making them portable. The PDFs are absolutely free and can be downloaded from Vendatu's website.


Lastly, to ensure students get full marks in their exams, they should definitely incorporate the PDFs and worksheets curated by the expert teachers at Vedantu with various exercises and a summary of kingdom of fools. These PDFs and worksheets will act as a blueprint of the chapter and help students clear their concepts easily as they are based on the syllabus of class 9.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet - Chapter 4 in the Kingdom of Fools

1. How did the people in the kingdom of fools work? 

The people in the kingdom of fools sleep in the morning and work at night.

2. Who is the author of the story in the kingdom of fools? 

The author of the story in the kingdom of fools is A.K Ramanujan.

3. Who runs the kingdom foolishly?

The king and his ministers run the kingdom foolishly.