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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 10 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 10 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal - Download Free PDF


The poem "A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal" is mentioned in Chapter 10 of the CBSE Class 9 English Beehive book. William Wordsworth is the author of it. The poem is about a loved one's passing. The poet conveys a life lesson internally. The poet claims that he was unaware of the value of life when she (his beloved) was alive. He had previously taken life for granted but has come to appreciate its true meaning after she passed away.

The poet discusses his emotions in the opening stanza when he considers losing a loved one. He claims that his soul has fallen asleep completely. He lacks the terror we humans experience. However, he could not face reality when she passed away one day. He had never imagined that death would take her from him one day. Life has always been taken for granted by him. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal worksheet by Vedantu contains more details regarding this poem.

Access Worksheet for Class 9 English Chapter 10 - A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

1. Fill in the blanks.

  1. A ____ did my spirit seal.

  2. With ___ and ___ and trees

  3. The ____ of earthly years.

  4. Slumber means ___.

  5. According to the ___, death has turned his loved one into a part of nature.

2. State True or False.

  1. Ruskin Bond is the author of this poem.

  2. A slumber did my spirit seal is about the poet’s wife.

  3. She will no longer be impacted by the passage of time, the poet declares.

  4. The poet had no human fears.

  5. The poet feels as though nature had embraced her.

3. Select the correct option:

A. What did Lucy do when she passed away?

  1. Coming to the poet's dreams

  2. was disturbing

  3. moving about in various places when the planet rotates

  4. All of these.

B. What is this poem about?

  1. It is intended for the poet's loved one.

  2. devoted to addressing issues of life and death

  3. committed to love

  4. None of these

C. What presumptions did the poet make?

  1. The life of his love

  2. Everything

  3. Life

  4. All of these

D. In the poem, "A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal," who is "She"?

  1. The poet's mother

  2. The poet's wife

  3. The poet's daughter

  4. Lucy, a fictitious child

4. Who composed the poem "A slumber did my soul seal"? 

5. In the third verse of the poem, to whom is she referred?

6. Write a brief essay on the poem's message, topic, or core idea.

7. What was left for the speaker by Lucy?

8. What has happened to the beloved?

9. Why did the author claim he didn't have any human fears?

10. What did the poet realise after his beloved's passing?

11. Lucy uses what to move?


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All of these

12. The poet's spirit was sealed by what?

13. What is the poem's rhyming pattern?

14. Wordsworth is a naturalist poet. Substantiate.

15. What does the poem A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal have as its main theme?

16. What impact did sleep have on the poet?

17. What exactly does the poet intend when she uses the word "slumber"?

18. What is the poet mentioned in the poem's actual realisation?

19. What does the poem's opening sentence mean?

20. What occurs to the "woman" to whom the author is referring?

21. What does the author mean when she refers to the earth's diurnal course?

22. The phrase "rolling around in its diurnal motion" means what?

23. Why does the poet compare his loved ones to “trees, rocks and stones.”?

24. Which of the words describe death in the poem?

25. What shocks the poet in the poem?

Answers to the Worksheet:


  1. Slumber

  2. rocks, stones

  3. Touch

  4. to sleep lightly

  5. poet


  1. False

  2. False

  3. True

  4. True

  5. True


A. (c) moving about in various places when the planet rotates

B. (a) It is intended for the poet's loved one.

C. (a) The life of his love

D. (d) A Lucy, a fictitious child

4. William Wordsworth.

5. An imaginary child named Lucy.

6. The main point of the story is that even after losing a loved one, we can find solace in nature. After passing away, our loved ones merge with nature, which is still active at all times.

7. With rocks, stones, and trees in the earth's tidal course, Lucy left the emotions and ideas in his beloved's mind and heart.

8. The beloved of the poet was gone. She was no longer living. Through poetry, the poet honours her sweetheart. Her spirit is now tranquil or sealed by death.

9. In the first line of the poem, the poet refers to his "deep slumber," which, when interpreted metaphorically, means "deep sleep," and implies that when someone is in deep sleep, they are ignorant of their surroundings. The author claimed to be emotionless and no longer has any human fears.

10. The poet came to the realisation that he had taken life for granted and that his spirit was in a deep sleep. Because of this, he was unaware that death might strike one day and steal his sweetheart away from him forever.

11. (d) All of these

12. A slumber

13. Ababcdcd

14. According to the poet, his loved one has outlived his or her mortal years. Nature alone is eternal. Then he continues, saying that she follows the earth's daily cycle and is therefore a part of nature. He cites trees, rocks, and other stones.

15. A Dream That My Spirit Sealed The death of the author's beloved Lucy is discussed in the summary. This poem expresses the author's feelings and thoughts in response to the passing of his sweetheart. Her passing has imprinted a mark on the author's spirit. On top of that, the author was sound asleep.

16. He claims that he is in such shock over the loss of a loved one that he believes his spirit has fallen asleep. He has lost all sense and is entirely numb. The poet no longer experiences human fears like losing, dying, etc. She seems to him as a thing that is unable to feel anything on this planet when she passes away.

17. Literally, the word "slumber" means "deep sleep." In the poem, William Wordsworth uses the word "slumber" to describe how the feelings that the poet experienced after the death of his beloved vanish. The poet chose the phrase to convey the pain and grief he was feeling.

18. William Wordsworth, the poet, expressed his true realisation upon the passing of his sweetheart through this poem. He claimed that he was too caught up in worldly pleasures out of despair. He was unable to comprehend the true significance and meaning of life. He had neglected to appreciate life. However, his irrevocable separation from his sweetheart helped him understand the true purpose of life.

19. The first-person speaker of the poem begins by reflecting on his history and recalling a time when his existence seemed to be a deep, impenetrable sleep, a sleep in which he was unaware of the danger.

20. She has died.

21. The poet acknowledges that Lucy is no longer there. She is lifeless and immobile. She is blind and deaf.

22. It means the daily rotation of the earth's axis is what is meant by this.

23. The poet compares his loved ones to Stone, trees as they are a part of Earth, and will rotate and the Earth rotates.

24. Words like no force, no motion, neither hears’ nor sees.

25. The poet is shocked by the fact that his loved one is no more.

Benefits of A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal Worksheet

There are several benefits of learning through this A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal class 9 worksheet pdf. A few benefits are listed below - 

  • Improvement in grades.

  • Encourage student engagement.

  • An efficient instrument for learning.

  • Aids in understanding complex ideas.

  • Find the significant gaps in the learning process.

Examples of A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal Class 9 Poem Questions and Answers

Vedantu has created this extremely useful pdf for A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal class 9 worksheets with answers. We have covered several extra questions and answers, which are important from the examination point of view. A few among them are -

1. How does the poet's beloved become a part of nature that cannot be separated?

Answer: She merges with nature and becomes a part of it. She gets rolled around in the earth's course by boulders, stones, and trees while stuck beneath the earth's surface. She revolves around the daily course of the earth. She is now inseparable from nature.

2. How will the poet's beloved be unaffected by time?

Answer: A dead thing becomes immortal, and the poet's beloved has passed away. The fact that immortality is unaffected by ageing or the passing of time is commonly acknowledged. She is blind and deaf. She has left the physical world behind. She has reached the end of her earthly years. She has assimilated into the daily cycle of nature.

What does the PDF on a Slumber Did My Spirit Seal Consist of ?

Vedantu's expert teachers have included a thorough explanation and a summary for those who struggle to comprehend the poetry. This A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal class 9 worksheet pdf can help students effectively study for their exams. Additionally, they can quickly refer to the poem's summary when revising. This pdf is developed in a very simple language for easy comprehension by students. It can be studied to achieve good scores in the examination.

Students can easily download these free A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal class 9 worksheets with answers for practice. Expert teachers prepare this pdf as per the latest Syllabus. This free pdf download with answers and solutions to all the NCERT questions will help your kids score more marks in the class tests and examinations. Click the links below for A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal class 9 worksheet pdf.


Vedantu is always a great help to the students to learn at their own pace. Our experts have curated all the important a slumber did my spirit seal class 9 poem questions and answers to help students practise better. Also, there is a detailed summary of the poem, which will help students to understand the essence of the poem.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 10 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

1. What is alliteration? Give examples from the poem.

Alliteration is the repetition or reoccurrence of a consonant alphabet sound at the start of two or more consecutive words. The instances of alliteration from the poem are as follows – 'Spirit sealed', 'rolled round.'

2. What does the summary of "A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal" describe?

The Class 9 poem "A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal" summarises the author's anguish at the loss of his sweetheart and his journey toward accepting this awful reality. 

3. Where is the poet's beloved now?

The poet's darling had passed away. She was no longer living. Through the poetry, the poet honours her sweetheart. Her spirit is now tranquil or sealed by death. Her death allayed all human fears. She had passed away and was no longer susceptible to human mortality.