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CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet Chapter 5 When People Rebel - PDF

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CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet Chapter 5 When People Rebel - Free PDF with Solutions

To effectively do the exam preparation for SST in Class 8, students can take help from various worksheets and PDFs. History has multiple chapters in which students learn about Indian sepoys and discrimination against them, and one such chapter is When People Rebel. This chapter explains the condition of Indian workers, peasants, soldiers, and sepoys. The chapter mainly focuses on the discrimination faced by the Indian sepoys. The lesson on why people rebel has various elaborated topics that need undivided attention from children to get the concepts in their minds. In addition, the best way to learn this chapter is to use PDFs and worksheets. 

With the help of good study materials, students can even memorise the subtopics of this chapter, 1857, rebellion against the British etc. To score good marks in exams, it is very important to learn the chapter according to the syllabus and exam pattern. By following practice papers and Class 8 History Chapter 5 worksheet with answers, students can concentrate on the tough area of the chapter.

Benefits of Using Class 8 History Chapter 5 Worksheet with Answers

Some benefits of using the worksheets and PDFs to prepare the lessons are listed below:

  • The PDFs and worksheets are very compatible and contain Class 8 History Chapter 5 extra questions and answers, which is helpful for students as they can be directly opened in the PDF document.

  • There is no storage problem with the PDFs and worksheets. They both are handy, and it is easy to summarise the lesson When People Rebel Class 8 for the learners. 

  • Another benefit of using PDFs and worksheets is students solve different MCQs in Class 8 When People Rebel chapter to check their preparation.

  • It is not easy to learn Chapter 5 History Class 8. But with the help of worksheets and PDFs, students can easily learn about difficult topics in the lesson, like the fight between nawabs and east India company, policies against Indian sepoys etc.

Questions and Examples Based on the Chapter When People Rebel

Here are some examples and exercises based on the Chapter 5 history Class 8

1. State true or False.

  • Peasant families did not try to negotiate with the company to protect their identity and interest. ____

  • Bengal faced a subsidiary alliance in 1801. ____

  • The quantity of Indian soldiers increased after the revolt. ____

  • In 1850, new laws were passed to make the conversion to Christianity easy. ______ 

2. Answer the following questions. 

  • Where were the main centres of the revolt? 

  • Lucknow was taken over by the British in which year? 

  • When was Delhi recaptured from the rebel forces?

  • Who took the active steps in organising the uprising against the British?

Get A Free PDF of Class 8 History Chapter 5 Worksheet with Answers

With the help of PDF and Class 8 history Chapter 5 extra questions and answers, it is comfortable for the students to clear any doubts regarding the chapter. There are many reasons why students should download the chapter PDF:

  • In the PDF of the chapter When People Rebel Class 8 acts are made according to the exam pattern. It has the chapter summary, and students can easily download the pdf from the official Vedantu website.

  • The PDF has multiple exercises like question/answers, fill-ups, true/false etc., with solutions.

  • The PDF is easily accessible and printable. It contains short question answers and detailed MCQ on Class 8 When People Rebel, which is great for understanding the tough subtopics of the chapter.

Lastly, the expert teachers at Vedantu have made well-formatted PDFs for the lesson when people rebel in Class 8. These pdfs are curated after researching the topic and keeping the exam pattern in mind. Therefore, Class 8 can use these free downloadable PDFs to make their preparation easy.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet Chapter 5 When People Rebel - PDF

1. How did the last Mughal emperor live the last years of his life?

The last Mughal emperor was Bahadur Shah Zafar. Once the revolt was crushed, Bahadur Shah Zafar was tried in court. He was captured and imprisoned by the Britishers. He was sent to Rangoon, where he died in 1862.

2. How can students make effective use of PDFs in their studies? 

The best way to use the PDFs for studying social science in Class 8 is to practise the question papers and worksheets given in the PDFs daily. It will help the students to remember the chapter easily

3. What students will learn from this chapter?

In this chapter, students will learn about a massive rebellion that started in May 1857 and threatened the Company's presence in India.