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CBSE Class 8 Geography Worksheet Chapter 3 Mineral and Power Resources - PDF

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CBSE Class 8 Geography Worksheet Chapter 3 Mineral and Power Resources - Download Free PDFs with Solution

It is not easy to understand different chapters in Geography. There are different ways in which students can understand various geography concepts, and the easiest way is to use PDFs and worksheets. Chapter 3 in geography in Class 8 is Mineral and Power Resources. In this chapter, students will learn about the naturally occurring substance and other minerals on the earth's surface. In this lesson, students will get to know about topics like what is hydel power, what minerals are, where they are found, their composition, etc. To prepare for these topics effectively, students can take help from different study materials based on the CBSE and Class 8 exam patterns.

To get good marks in tests and exams, students can refer to free minerals and power resources Class 8 worksheets. Such worksheets contain various examples and exercises that will come in handy in students' preparation. As pdfs are easily downloadable and accessible, they are the best way to learn multiple tough subtopics in this chapter.

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Benefits of Using Minerals and Power Resources Class 8 Worksheets

There are various benefits of studying with the help of worksheets and PDFs and preparing the lesson mineral and power resources: 

  • It is very easy and quick to summarise the subtopics of this chapter with the help of practice worksheets. These worksheets, study material, and PDFs answer all the important questions in the chapter, such as how can we conserve minerals and power resources.

  • To help students focus on their studies, Pdfs are the best solution. They are compact and easy to download. Students do not have to worry about leaving it behind like their other notebooks. 

  • Students can struggle to grasp some topics of the lesson in one go. Therefore, with the help of mineral and power resources Class 8 questions and answers in the worksheet, students can easily do last-minute revision and practice sessions.

  • With everything digital, learning from worksheets and practising mcq on Class 8 mineral and power resources will engage students to learn new things, and they will have fun in the process.

Examples of Questions and Exercises Based on the Minerals And Power Resources Class 8 Worksheets

Here are some exercises and examples from the mineral and power resources lesson. After practising these questions, students can easily understand topics like what is hydel power.

1. Answer the following questions. 

  • Write a note on hydel power plants. 

  • Name the three most common minerals found on the earth.

  • What are natural gases?

  • Why do most industries are constructed around cowl mines?

  • Name two radioactive elements. 

2. Fill in the blanks.  

  • Petroleum and its derivatives are called ______.

  • Hydel power can be used as a source of _______.

  • Which country is the largest producer of diamonds ________.

  • Two most common abundant elements on earth are _____ and _____. 

Download A Free PDF with Mineral and Power Resources Class 8 Question and Answers

PDFs are a great way to remember tricky topics in any chapter. Students can easily summarise and learn with the help of PDF quickly and easily. Students can easily get PDFs with various question answers like what is hydel power etc. Here are a few easy steps in which students can grab a free PDF for this lesson: 

  • The best part about learning from worksheets and PDFs is you can download them for free. Students can grab a free Pdf with various exercises and topics like how can we conserve minerals and power resources. 

  • Our PDFs are curated in the best way possible for the students. It is a great way to get important insights into the lesson. 

  • If students want to crack the exam with flying colours, they can refer to the PDF anytime. It is based on the exam pattern keeping the CBSE criteria in mind.  

  • Students can take the printout of the PDFs and worksheets to carry with them to revise vital topics. 

Lastly, we hope students will incorporate PDFs and worksheets in their daily learning sessions to score good marks in the exams. To ensure students get the best learning materials, subject matter experts at Vedantu have curated geography PDFs for Class 8 students with other MCQs on Class 8 Mineral And Power Resources after thorough research. Students will score good marks and will have great insights into the lesson.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Geography Worksheet Chapter 3 Mineral and Power Resources - PDF

1. What are minerals?

Minerals are solid, naturally occurring inorganic substances on earth. There are various types of minerals on earth. 

2. Name two ores found on earth? 

Aluminium and copper are two common types of ores found on earth.

3. How is hydroelectric power produced?

Hydroelectric power is produced with the help of moving water that generates electricity.