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CBSE Class 8 Geography Worksheet Chapter 5 Industries - PDF

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CBSE Class 8 Geography Worksheet Chapter 5 Industries - Download Free PDF with Answers

To understand the different concepts of Chapter 5 in geography, students can take help from various pdfs and worksheets. SST is a broad subject, and to understand it properly, students might need the help of different study materials. One such chapter in geography is Industries. In this lesson, learners will learn about the formation of various industries and how they affect the country's economic conditions. Students will learn about different industries, like coal, iron, steel etc. 

Practice papers and worksheets are the best way to learn and revise any chapter. It will help Class 8 students to clear various doubts regarding the chapter. As pdfs are the new way of preparing for the lessons, learners can effectively use the Geography Class 8 Manufacturing Industries pdf. To score maximum marks in the exam, it is best that the students should follow and refer to nicely curated study materials and pdfs based on the latest CBSE pattern.

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Benefits of Referring to the Geography Class 8 Manufacturing Industries PDF

Some benefits of referring to the worksheets and PDFs for preparing the chapter industries are listed below:

  • With the help of pdf, students can easily solve any doubts and questions about the chapter, like which city has emerged as the electronic capital of India and other tough subtopics. 

  • Pdfs are very compact and easy to carry. Students do not have to hassle between multiple notebooks and papers. In addition, these pdfs also contain MCQ on Class 8 Industries lessons which students can solve to understand the chapter in a better way. 

  • Students can struggle to grasp some topics in the lesson industries; therefore, learners should use online study materials as they are easily accessible and can be directly opened in PDF format for last-minute revision.

  • There are different questions and answers on Industries Class 8 in this chapter, and it can be hard to find a proper storage place for all the physical notes and the pdfs have the advantage over the storage issue. 

  • Another advantage of using worksheets and pdfs is that students can use them anytime, anywhere, making it easy for them to memorise the lesson freely.

  • It is not easy for the learners to find different practice papers to boost up their preparation, but with Industries Class 8 worksheets, students can easily refer to different practice papers and exercises in one place in a systematic manner.

Examples and Exercises Based on the Geography Class 8 Manufacturing Industries PDF

Here are some questions and exercises based on the lesson Industries. 

1. Answer the following questions in brief.

  • Which city has emerged as the electronic capital of India?

  • Which sector is the backbone of the Indian economy?

  • Where was the first jute mill set up in India?

  • Write a note on small-scale industries.

2. Fill in the blanks.  

  • The first cotton textile mill in India was established in ____.

  • _____ river provides water to the Okasa industry.

  • The first modern textile mill was established in ____.

  • Silicon Valley is a part of _______.

Avail a Free PDF with MCQ on Class 8 Industries

PDFs have different MCQs and exercises on the particular topic, which will help students to understand difficult questions like which city has emerged as the electronic capital of India and more. Learners can use the worksheet and PDFs as the layout for the whole chapter. 

  • Students can quickly download the pdfs from the Vedantu website and use them to revise various Industries Class 8 questions and answers. 

  • Our PDFs are the best way to crack the exam with flying colours because they are based on the Class 8 exam pattern.  

  • Learners can use the pdf directly from the website or print it for convenience. 

  • The PDF contains all the latest question answers and exercises covering all the chapter's vital topics. 

Lastly, we hope that after reading this article, students will solve some sample questions and download the pdf and worksheets to speed up the preparations. After much research, the expert teachers at Vedantu have made well-formatted PDFs for the chapter Industries with Industries Class 8 worksheets. We encourage all the students to use these pdfs to get important insights into the lesson and score good marks.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Geography Worksheet Chapter 5 Industries - PDF

1. What are industries?

The industry refers to a place where all the economic activities concerning the production of goods, extraction of minerals, etc. take place. 

2. How can students make effective use of PDFs in their studies? 

The best way to use the PDFs for studying social science in Class 8 is to practise the daily question papers and worksheets given in the PDFs. It will help the students to remember the chapter easily. 

3. What are two common types of industries based on size?

The two common types of industries based on size are small-scale and large-scale industries.