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English Grammar Subject and Predicate for Class 8

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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English Grammar Subject and Predicate for Class 8 – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

We can define a ‘subject’ as that part of a sentence of a clause, which commonly indicates what the sentence is about, or who is performing the action. A subject is usually a noun, a noun phrase, or a pronoun. On the contrary, the predicate definition in grammar states that a predicate is a part of a sentence that describes what happened to the subject or is its state. Both subject and predicate form two indispensable parts of a sentence, without which the meaning of a statement remains incomplete.

Learning subject and predicate for Class 8 students is an integral part of their overall English syllabus. The topic is included in the third chapter of the NCERT textbook of Class 8. In today’s day and age, sticking to school books and exercises is not enough, as every child deserves to shine. It is with such a vantage point that teachers and parents should encourage their children to take additional assistance through revision notes, test papers, sample questions, etc.

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Importance of Subject and Predicate for Class 8 Students

Grasping the nitty-gritty of subject and predicate is vital for Class 8 students to foster their communication skills and improve their writing skills. 

  • Knowing about subject and predicate enables a student to avoid grammatical errors while writing.

  • By identifying subject and predicate, students also learn how to break down complex sentences, and extract the literal meaning of the text.

  • Exercises on subject and predicate for Class 8 students are also helpful in improving their comprehension skills.

  • Understanding subject and predicate forms the premise of mastering the English language for young minds.

Important Topics of Subject and Predicate for Class 8 Students 

The subject and predicate exercises for Class 8 students will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the Subject in English Grammar

  • Understanding the Predicate in English Grammar

  • Position of the Subject

  • Division of the Predicate

  • Grammar Rules of Subject and Predicate

Examples of English Grammar Subject and Predicate

  • Mary had a little lamb. (‘Mary’ is the subject, and ‘had a little lamb’ is the predicate)

  • She is penning down a letter to her friend. (‘She’ is the subject, and ‘is penning down a letter to her friend’ is the predicate)

  • Are you joining the competition? (‘You’ is the subject, and ‘joining the competition’ is the predicate)

Learning English grammar subject and predicate becomes easier with the help of examples. Teachers and parents should use relatable examples to make the topic clearer for the children.

Interesting Facts about Subject and Predicate for Class 8 Students 

  • In declarative sentences, the subject usually comes first, and then comes the predicate. 

  • In interrogative sentences, the subject typically comes after a part of the predicate in the sentence.

  • Imperative sentences do not have a subject

  • In an exclamatory sentence, we place the subject after the predicate. For example, what a beautiful day it is! (Here, ‘day’ is the subject, and ‘beautiful’ is the predicate.)

  • A predicate is made up of the verb, and everything that comes after the verb.

Combining interesting facts with exercises on predicate and subject in English grammar is a good way to make the learning process more amenable to young minds.

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FAQs on English Grammar Subject and Predicate for Class 8

1. What is a compound predicate?

A compound predicate is when a sentence consists of two main verbs usually linked by ‘and’ or ‘or.’

2. What is a compound subject?

When the subject of a sentence is made up of two or more elements, we call it a compound subject.

3. What are the three types of subjects in grammar?

The three types of subjects in grammar are simple subjects, complex subjects, and compound or composite subjects.