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CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet Chapter 1 Integers - PDF

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet Chapter 1 Integers - Download Free PDF

This article covers Class 7 Maths Chapter 1 Integers. We at Vedantu have developed step-by-step solutions with full explanations for students anxious about finding the most comprehensive and detailed Integers Class 7 worksheet. We recommend that students who wish to do well in Maths go through these solutions and deepen their knowledge. Because of their prefixed signs, these numbers are extremely crucial in executing mathematical operations. 

We have included the properties of these numbers in detail and with examples. There are ample questions on integers for Class 7 with answers for practising integers in depth. The first few activities on integers for Class 7 explain how to represent integers on a number line and revise integer principles learned in previous classes with appropriate examples. The sample problems in this chapter are sufficient to give students a thorough understanding of integers and the properties of integers in the Class 7 worksheet.

CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet Chapter 1 Integers - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Learning Integers

Integers have great importance in practical life. Accounts are checked using real-world integers. Positive numbers indicate that there are sufficient funds. When money is withdrawn from an account, it is represented by negative numbers. We have positive figures if there is a profit and negative numbers if there is a loss.

Examples of the Sums on Integers for Class 7

Q1. In a Mathematics test, positive marks are given for correct answers and negative marks are assigned for incorrect answers. If Rahul's scores in five successive rounds were 25, – 15, 30, 15, and -10, what was his total at the end?

Solution:- According to the question,

Rahul's scores in five successive rounds are 25, -15, 30, 15, and -10

Therefore, Rahul's total score at the end will be = 25 + (-15) + (30) + 15 + (-10)

= 25 – 15 + 30 + 15 – 10 

= 25 + 30 + 15 – 15 - 10

= 70 - 25

= 45

∴ Rahul's total score at the end is 45.

Q2. Verify the result a – (– b) = a + b for the given values of a and b.

(i) a = 78, b = 12


From the question,

a = 78 and b = 12

To verify

a – (- b) = a + b

We have, 

LHS = a – (- b)

= 78 – (- 12)

= 78 + 12

= 90


RHS = a + b

= 78 + 12

= 90

By comparing LHS and RHS


90 = 90

Hence verified.

Important Topics in Integers Class 7 Worksheet

Class 7 Maths Chapter 1 worksheet PDF contains all the questions from the 4 exercises given in the NCERT book and provides solutions to the questions in the exercises. Important concepts discussed in this chapter are listed below:

  • Introduction of Integers

  • Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Integers

  • Multiplication of Integers

  • Multiplication of a Positive and Negative Integer

  • Multiplication of two Negative Integer

  • Properties of Multiplication of Integers

  • Division of Integers

  • Properties of Division of Integers

What Does the PDF Have?

Vedantu’s Integers test Grade 7 PDF includes questions that focus on distinguishing integers from higher sets and their properties and basic mathematical operations on integers. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Mathematics are well-structured to promote optimal maths learning across the whole maths curriculum. 

With these competent PDFs, one may effortlessly organise preparation and revision for the best exam results. Solutions to all the NCERT problems are also available in PDF format for free download. Also, this PDF is easy to access anytime. Also, you can easily download it on your mobile phone, making learning more convenient.


Vedantu is an excellent academic platform that provides the best online resources for your kid's learning. This integers Class 7 worksheet is a useful resource for grade 7 students to understand the concept of integers in detail and also provides a great way to practice different types of questions. Students will surely score very good marks with the help of this free resource provided by Vedantu.

FAQs on CBSE Class 7 Maths Worksheet Chapter 1 Integers - PDF

1. Where can I find the correct NCERT Solution for Class 7 Maths Chapter 1?

Vedantu provides authentic questions on integers for Class 7 with answers and all the Chapter 1 solutions notes in PDF format. Vedantu's Mathematics experts meticulously created the NCERT Solutions for the chapter. All of these solutions are designed with the new CBSE pattern in mind so that students have a complete understanding of their tests.

2. Is it compulsory to solve all of the problems in NCERT Solution for Class 7 Maths Chapter 1?

Yes, because these questions are crucial in terms of the exam. These questions are answered by specialists to assist students in quickly completing the practice. These solutions assist students in becoming acquainted with integers.

3. What is a number line in terms of integers?

Natural numbers, whole numbers, positive integers, and negative integers are all represented on a number line. To determine numerical operations, the identities are marked at equal intervals on a line. Number lines are significant because they symbolise numbers that we encounter on a regular basis.