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CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 7 The Invention of Vita Wonk

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 7 Honeycomb – The Invention of Vita Wonk – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

English is an integral component of the overall academic journey of students. It is an interesting subject that helps young minds learn about new things while they master a new language’s grammar and vocabulary. A strong command over English is not only essential for students to score good marks in exams but also helps in personal development, communication skills, and confidence boosting. 

The seventh chapter of the Class 7 NCERT English textbook is titled ‘The Invention of Vita Wonk.’ The chapter is a reference to the widely loved fictional character – Willy Wonka – who appeared in British author Roald Dahl’s 1964 children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

In today’s day and age, solely sticking to NCERT textbooks is not enough. English is a captivating subject, but some children may find it very challenging. Therefore, it is imperative for young minds to go the extra mile to excel in their academics. Therefore, parents and teachers should ensure that young minds of Class 7 have ancillary study materials such as guides, extra questions and answers, interesting facts, etc.

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Summary of The Invention of Vita Wonk

The chapter is a tale of Willy Wonka’s many adventures, and herein, he invented a medicine known as Wonka Vite that made people younger, but it was too strong. For instance, one person, after consuming the concoction, vanished from the face of the earth because his age went down to negative. Therefore, Willy Wonka realising his mistake journeyed all over the world in his Great Glass Elevator to extract items from some of the oldest living things.

He collected a pint of sap from a 4000 years Bristlecone pine tree located in Nevada, then got toe clippings from a 168-year-old Russian farmer, the egg laid by a 200 years old tortoise, and so forth. After some mixing and matching, Willy Wonka prepared a cupful of oil black liquid and gave four drops of it to a 20-year old Oompa-Loompa volunteer. Charlie asked Mr. Wonka what happened to the volunteer, to which he replied that the Oompa Loompa had turned into a 75-year old creature. Thus, the invention of the Vita Wonk was confirmed.

A summary of the Invention of Vita Wonk will help students with last-minute preparation and revise through the chapter without getting into its details.

Importance of Studying The Class 7 Chapter 7 Honeycomb – The Invention Of Vita Wonk

  • The chapter takes students on a fantasy ride and helps develop their imagination.

  • The chapter contains various new words and phrases, such as volunteer, ‘rolled up my sleeves,’ flea, etc.

  • The chapter introduces students to the classic children’s character – Willy Wonka.

Exercises from Class 7 Chapter 7 Honeycomb – The Invention of Vita Wonk PDFs

1. MCQ on Class 7 Chapter 7 The Invention of Vita Wonk

  1. Vita Wonk decreases age.

  2. Wonke-Vita increases people’s age.

  3. Mr. Willy Wonka invented Vita Wonk and Charlie invented Wonke-vita.

  4. Vita Wonk increased age.


  1. Vita Wonk decreased age.

2. Fill in the Blanks.

  • Mr. Willy Wonka is an inventor.

  • The sap of the 4000-year-old Bristlecone pine tree was an ingredient of the Vita Wonk’s composition.

  • Mr. Willy Wonka owned a chocolate factory.

  • The whiskers of the 36-year-old cat named Crumpets were another ingredient of Vita Wonk’s composition.

All the exercises from class 7 chapter 7 Honeycomb include questions like the ones given above. 

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FAQs on CBSE Class 7 English Chapter 7 The Invention of Vita Wonk

1. Who is a dendrochronologist?

A dendrochronologist is a person who studies the age of trees.

2. How old was the giant rat from Tibet whose tail Mr. Wonka had to take for the invention of Vita Wonka?

The giant rat from Tibet was 207 years old.

3. What does the phrase ‘rolled up my sleeves’ mean?

The phrase ‘rolled up my sleeves’ means to get ready.