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English Grammar - Verbs for Class 7

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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English Grammar Class 7 Verbs - Download Free PDF with Solutions

It is vital for students to learn about verbs and their types. Verbs pave the way for good language development. After class 7 students learn about other language topics it is time for them to understand verbs for class 7. English grammar is incomplete without verbs. In simple words, a verb is a part of speech that is used to describe a subject in action for example, running, walking, studying etc.

Learning different verbs exercises for class 7 is necessary because it is considered fundamentally important in language building.  With the help of correct study material and daily practice of usages of verbs and its type can benefit students to learn many of the rules of grammar. In addition, class 7 students can learn complex sentence building with the help of transitive and intransitive verbs.

English Grammar Class 7 Verbs - PDF will be uploaded soon

Why is Learning Verbs for Class 7 Important?

There are hundreds of complex sentence formations in  class 7 English grammar. And different sentence formation requires using the correct form of the verb.  If students learn how to use different types of verbs they can clearly understand the grammatical form of the sentences. Here are some importance of verbs: 

  • Verbs can change their form and therefore, learning verbs can help students understand gender, argument, persons and different multitude of sentences. 

  • Learning class 7 English grammar verbs is important because they help students understand the function of a word. This helps students to use different words as verbs. 

  • Verbs are a broad concept and students will also learn about irregular verbs. Such verbs are important to understand about any general rule these verbs follow while changing tenses.

  • It is important to know about the main parts of class 7 English grammar verbs. Some additional parts of the verb will help students understand the auxiliary verb.

Some Exercises Verbs Exercises for Class 7

Here are different exercises on verb and transitive and intransitive verbs class 7. Students can practice these exercises to grasp the topic more easily:  

Exercise 1 - Identify Verbs in the Following Sentences 

Here Are a Couple of Sentences Identify the Verbs Used in it: 

  • Sam is cooking curry today.

  • Ram is talking to his sister.

  • Shila is running fast to win the race.

  • I can make pasta for you.

  • Finish your work on time to avoid last minute hassle.

  • You must concentrate in the class.

  • Ria can solve these questions easily.

  • Sita is good at reading.

Pick the Correct Verb

Below are the few sentences, find whether the verb is transitive or intransitive:

  • She advised me to get a haircut. (Transitive/Intransitive)

  • She invited Ram to her birthday.


  • I waited for you at the mall.


  • My mother is going to send me a cake.


  • Ravi changed a lot after his fight with Ram. 


  • Let's discuss this chapter before the exam.


Some Facts About Verbs

Verb is an important part of class 7 English grammar and here are some interesting facts about verbs:

  • Subject comes before the verb; it can come after some auxiliary verbs.

  • Transitive verbs always take an object.

  • Intransitive verbs never take an object.

  • Some types of verbs must be followed by a compliment. Example - She looks nice.

  • Verbs are called modifiers; they can be modified by adverbs. 

Important Topics in the Chapter Verb

Here is an overview of different topics students will learn in the chapter verb:

  • What are verbs? 

  • How to identify verbs in sentences.

  • Different types of verbs.

  • Transitive and Intransitive verbs.

  • Importance for learning different types of verbs by solving verb exercises for class 7 with answers.

Benefits of Class 7 English Grammar Free PDF with Solutions 

A free PDF for the chapter verbs in class 7 English grammar can help students clearly understand the topic in detail

  • Students can download the free pdf from Vedantu website and revise the chapter on their own convenience.

  • The free PDF contains multiple verb exercises for class 7 with answers for quick revision. 

  • The PDF content will help students clear any last-minute doubts regarding the topic as it is easily accessible and printable.

There are many complex aspects of verbs and its types that are hard to understand. Therefore, the subject matter experts at Vedantu have given a complete guide about verbs as well as transitive and intransitive verbs class 7 in a free downloadable PDF. It will help 7th standard students to study difficult topics in the chapter verb easily.

FAQs on English Grammar - Verbs for Class 7

1. What are four types of verbs?

The four types of verbs are Linking, intransitive, transitive, and passive verbs. 

2. What are some examples of transitive verbs?

Some examples of transitive verbs are: "discuss," "address," "borrow," "bring,", "promise," "raise," "offer," "pay," "write," etc.

3. What are the different types of intransitive verbs?

Both irregular and regular verbs can be intransitive verbs. Stative verbs, action verbs, and linking verbs can also be intransitive verbs.