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CBSE Class 6 English Worksheet Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree - PDF

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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CBSE Class 6 English Worksheet Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree - Download Free PDFs With Answers

One of the important chapters in English for Class 6 students is The Banyan Tree. This chapter explains the fight between a mongoose and a snake witnessed by a man (author) sitting on the banyan tree. The chapter has a storyline that some students might find difficult to keep up with. Therefore, students must use a PDF curated especially for this topic. The PDF on the chapter The Banyan Tree contains all the important questions and a worksheet to help students understand the chapter concisely.

CBSE Class 6 Chapter 10 in English is a story-based chapter. Students can read and understand the storyline of the chapter banyan tree with the help of the free PDF and the banyan tree worksheet. A worksheet can help students learn about the chapter from start to end without difficulty.

Access Worksheet for Class 6 English Chapter 10: The Banyan Tree

1. Write a short note on the Banyan Tree of the author's grandparents house?

Bamboo Tree

Bamboo Tree

2. Who became the author's friend?

3. When did the Banyan Tree become the noisiest place in the garden?

4. What did the author build in the Banyan Tree?

5. Which dangerous animal was found in the grandparents' garden?

6. Who fought the battle of champions in the garden?

7. Who were the spectators of the battle of champions?

8. Write the meaning of following words:

  1. A False Move

  2. Mesmerize

  3. Outcome

  4. Combatants

9. Who wrote the story of ‘The Banyan Tree’?

10. Fill in the blanks:

  1. _______ is the author of ‘The Banyan Tree’.

  2. _______ became the author’s friend.

  3. Cobra and _______ were fighting.

11. State the reason for the following:

  1. The Banyan Tree belonged to me more than my grandfather.

  2. The Banyan Tree became a small library of the author.

12. State True or False for the following questions:

  1. Myna became the author’s friend.

  2. The battle of champions was fought between crow and cobra.

  3. The Banyan Tree was the author’s small library.

  4. The garden belonged to the author’s grandparents.

13. Name different animals and birds which used to visit the Banyan Tree.

14. Which bird got bitten and died in the battle of champions?

15. Complete the sentences:

  1. The small __(i)____ squirrel became friendly when _____(ii)_______.

  2. The Banyan Tree served the boy as a ______________.

16. Who were the two victims of the battle of champions?

17. The garden belonged to:

  1. The Author

  2. Grandparents

  3. Animals and Birds

  4. None of the above

18. How old was the author’s grandfather?

  1. 62

  2. 63

  3. 64

  4. 65

19. Where was the author hiding himself in the tree as a spectator of the battle of champions?

  1. Leaves

  2. Crude Platform

  3. Branches

  4. Behind the trunk

20. What was the colour of the squirrel who became the author’s friend?

  1. Black

  2. Brown

  3. Grey

  4. White


Answers for Worksheet

1. The Banyan Tree in the author’s grandparents house had spreading branches forming twisted passages. There were squirrels, snails and butterflies wandering among the branches. The tree was very old with thick green leaves. The author also claimed that the tree belongs to him.

2. A small grey squirrel became the author's friend. At first, the squirrel was hesitant and unwelcoming but soon he became very friendly. When the author started feeding the squirrel some pieces of cake and biscuits, he became extremely comfortable. He started delving into the author’s pockets and arms. They became best friends.

3. The Banyan Tree was full of red figs in the spring season. During that season, myna, parrots and crows were all around the tree all time. It was at that time, the Banyan Tree became the noisiest place in the garden.

4. The author built a crude platform halfway up the Banyan tree. The author started spending his afternoons in the Banyan tree. He used to read books like Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn and The Story of Dr Dolittle. This is how the halfway house also became the author’s library.

5. Cobra was spotted by the author in the grandparents' garden.

6. The battle of champions was fought between a Cobra and Mongoose.

7. A myna and a jungle crow were the two spectators of the battle of champions.

8. (a) an unwise action, (b) magically persuade, (c) result, (d) participants in a fight

9. Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond

10. (a) Ruskin Bond, (b) Squirrel, (c) Mongoose

11. (a) The author’s grandfather was very old and could not climb it so the author claimed the title of the banyan tree, (b) The author made a crude platform halfway and read books like Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn and The Story of Dr Dolittle.

12. (a) False, (b) False, (c) True, (d) True

13. Squirrels, Mynas, Crows and Parrots are some of the animals and birds which used to visit the Banyan Tree.

14. The crow got bitten and died during the battle of champions.

15. (a) 

(i) grey 

(ii) when he found that the boy did not arm himself with a catapult or airgun, 

(b) library where he made a crude platform to sit and read books.

16. The Cobra and the Crow

17. (b) Grandparents

18. (d) 65

19. (c) Branches

20. (c) Grey Colour

What you will Learn from The Banyan Tree? There is a very important storyline in this chapter that students can learn easily if they take the help of the PDF and the worksheets. The chapter has various characters, and it deeply defines each character's role. There are multiple benefits of understanding this chapter:

  • In the chapter on the banyan tree, students will learn how every time the mongoose is one step ahead of the snake (cobra) in their fight.  

  • Students can gain great insights on how people should never use their abilities to harm others if they thoroughly practice The Banyan Tree worksheet.

  • One of the most important lessons this chapter teaches is that you can not win every time in the battles of life. 

  • Practising The Banyan Tree Class 6 question and answer will understand how artistic creativity is a gift to be used for the benefit of other people. 

Example Questions for The Chapter - Banyan Tree

Here are exercises based on the chapter on The Banyan Tree. Students should solve these exercises to get a better grasp of the lessons:

1. Answer the following questions.

  • What happens to the crow in the chapter?

  • How did the fight start between the mongoose and the cobra?

  • Where was the author sitting?

  • What did the mongoose do after the fight got over?

2. State True or False.

  • The snake beats the mongoose in the fight.

  • The rabbit also saw the fight between the cobra and the mongoose.

  • After the fight ends, the mongoose takes the cobra with him to the bushes.

  • The boy was sitting on the mango tree.

  • There was mayna in the story.

Download Free PDF of The Banyan Tree Class 6 Question and Answers

PDFs are the new way of studying and understanding the chapters easily. There are various questions and terms that students have to remember in this chapter. Therefore, a PDF with The Banyan Tree worksheet can help students understand things better.

  • The free PDF is easily downloadable from Vendatu's website. Many exercises and questions will help students summarize the chapter quickly. 

  • Students can easily carry these PDFs with them anywhere because they are printable and portable at the same time. 

  • All the questions in the PDFs are designed in such a way that they will help students score good marks on their tests.

Lastly, to make students understand this chapter, the subject matter experts at Vedantu have selected important questions and given The Banyan Tree Class 6 question and answer in the PDFs to help the students understand the chapter easily.

FAQs on CBSE Class 6 English Worksheet Chapter 10 The Banyan Tree - PDF

1. What does the author explain in the chapter The Banyan Tree?

The author explains how the mongoose won the fight against the snake. The author tells how important it is not to underestimate your opponent. The snake (cobra) got tired in the battle, and the mongoose dragged it into the bushes.

2. What is the best way to understand the chapter's storyline, The Banyan Tree?

The best way to understand the storyline of this chapter is to learn it from the PDF. In addition, students can practice the additional questions, answers and exercises in the chapter to summarize the chapter nicely.

3. Who were the three spectators of the battle between the mongoose and the cobra?

The three spectators of the battle between the mongoose and the cobra were the author, the crow and a myna.