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CBSE Class 5 EVS Worksheet Chapter 7 On The Move Again - PDF

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 5 Environmental Science On the Move Again - Download Free PDF

Children in the urban areas live a very different life than those in the rural areas. This fact is brought to light through an interesting and moving story on the move again of a boy named Dhanu whose family works in the fields. The story begins with everyone in Dhanu's family enjoying the festivities of Dussehra with traditional dishes like Puran Poli, kadhi, etc. But by evening, everyone's mood is dampened as all of them except Dhanu's grandmother, blind aunt, and two-month-old cousin sister have to leave to work in the sugarcane factory of the Mukadam (an agent of sugarcane factories) for six months.

The whole family has to leave their home before the rainy season because they are able to earn by working in the fields till then but after that, they do not have any means of livelihood to feed their family. So, they take a loan from the Mukadam and in return work in his sugarcane fields. During the time they are away from home, Dhanu is forced to miss his school. Dhanu also worries about his grandmother who is left alone in the village.  

The story then explains how Dhanu and his family spend their time near the sugarcane fields, for the six months that they are away from home. Dhanu's Mami (wife of Dhanu's mother's brother) is very keen on Dhanu continuing his studies without break and urges his parents to leave Dhanu back in the village the next time they come to work in the fields so that Dhanu does not have any breaks in his studies.

The story On the move again brings forth many facts of rural life such as how children of farmers have to depend on the rainy season and loans from Mukadams to have a regular life. It also makes the kids think about what can be done about such children and their education whose families are on the move for half of a year. It also acquaints children with the kind of work that happens in the villages, their lifestyle, and the type of work that makes them migrate to other regions.

Access CBSE Worksheet for Class 5 Chapter 22 - ‘On the Move Again’

1. Fill in the Blanks:

  1. Agent who lends money is called ________.

  2. Your father’s brother is also called as __________.

  3. Group of people settling down to work in fields at different areas is called _________.

  4. Mukadam is an agent for ________ factory.

  5. ________ is the key to having a successful life and building a future.

2. Answer the following question with the correct match to complete the sentences:

Column A

Column B

Dhanu’s family work for 6 months at

Puranpoli and spicy kadi

Dhanu’s mother and aunt prepared

Sugarcane farms 

Dhanu was not fond of studies.


Mami wants Dhanu to


3. Answer the following question with correct options:

(a) Dhanu will not go school for how many months?

  1. 4

  2. 2

  3. 5

  4. 6

(b) Why did Dhanu’s father host the celebration for the festival?

  1.  he is rich

  2. he is the eldest

  3. he insisted

  4. None of the above

(c) Dhanu helps his father in __________  fields.

  1. Sugarcane

  2. Leather

  3. Farming

  4. None of the above

4. What do farmers do when they have no crops for harvesting?

5. What does Dhanu’s mother wish for?

Cow Eating Grass Feed by a Boy

Cow Eating Grass Feed by a Boy

6. Why does Mami want Dhanu to attend school and study for the entire year?

Mami Want Dhanu to Attend School

Mami Want Dhanu to Attend School

7. What occurs in the local school when Dhanu and other kids depart for a six-month period?

8. When everyone leaves for work, what provisions are made at your home for elderly and ill family members?

9. Dhanu must travel elsewhere with his local mates. Can arrangements be made for Dhanu to continue his studies during that time? What sort?

10. Do you know of any occupations or lines of employment that require employees to spend many months away from their families? Use examples from this book in your writing.

11. State True or False:

  1. Mukadam is an agent who lends money.

  2. Dhanu helps his father in the Sugarcane field.

  3. Dhanu did not like studying.

  4. Mami wants Dhanu to study and have a better future.

  5. Mukadam is an agent in the sugarcane field.

12. What all things did Mami prepare for guests in her home?

13. How do people pay back money borrowed from the mukadam?

14. Where do people work for mukadam?

15. Who all do not require to work on the fields?

16. What does Dhanu’s father work in the field?

17.What do women and children do in the field?

18. WHat does this story depict about farmers?

19. What is the importance of studying?

20. What did you learn from this chapter?

Answers for the Worksheet 


  1. Mukadam

  2. Kaka

  3. Caravan

  4. Sugarcane

  5. Education

2. Answer of the match the following:

Column A

Column B

Dhanu’s family work for 6 months at

Sugarcane farms

Dhanu’s mother and aunt prepared

Puranpoli and spicy kadi

Dhanu was not fond of


Mami wants Dhanu to


3. Answer of the MCQs:

(a) 6 [4]

(b) he is the eldest [2]

(c) Sugarcane [1]

4. In seasons with no crops to harvest, farmers take loans from moneylenders to feed their families and then work for them next season until they repay the debt.


5. Dhanu’s mother wants Dhanu to study and become somebody in his life. She wants to educate him and wishes for him to have a better life.

6. In order for Dhanu to be able to function independently, Mami wanted him to do well in school and land a good career. Mami wants Dhanu to become wealthy, get respect from society, and amass wealth. Mami did not want Dhanu to endure hardship like the rest of the family. Mami therefore wanted Dhanu to attend a school.

7. Only students from the families of wealthy farmers attend the village school when Dhanu and the other kids go for six months.

8. In my family, nobody works, and my mother looks after the elderly and ill members of the family.

9. Yes, Dhanu is capable of enrolling in a school in the new neighborhood. He can search for evening classes.

10. Yes, people must spend many months away from their families owing to their jobs or work. They include jobs in the armed forces, boarding school students, navy employees, and businesspeople.


  1. True

  2. True

  3. False

  4. True

  5. True

12. Mami prepared puran polis along with a spicy kadi dish.

13. To pay back  the money borrowed from the Mukadam, people work for him. 

14. People work in a Sugarcane field as mukadam is an agent for Sugarcane factories.

15. Small children and elderly people are not  required to work on the fields.

16. Dhanu’s  father gets the sugarcane weighed and takes a receipt. Only after showing the receipt does the agent pay them salary.

17. Women and children tie bundles of sugarcane and take them to the sugarcane factory.

18. Story shows that the farmers depend very much on rain and their crop harvest to run their family.

19. This story shows how important studying is, how essential it is to study and make a better future for ourselves.

20. We learnt to be grateful for all the things we have in our life and value the food and water we are getting. We also learnt that we must focus on our education until we secure a better future.

Importance of On the Move Again Question Answer

We all see in the news these days that farmers undergo a lot of stress since their livelihood is so much dependent on the climate which is ever-changing. The story brings this fact to light along with their other hardships, which force children like Dhanu to forgo their studies.

  • Lack of education for children can bring about bad habits and all sorts of addiction in them. The story conveys this indirectly and makes children think of arrangements that can be made for such children.

  • The story is also a narrative of the culture, food, and lifestyle of villagers and farmers which people in cities are not aware of.

  • The story teaches students why and how large communities migrate at a large scale to fulfil their daily needs.

  • With this story, children also understand the different farming seasons in our country.

Examples of Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 Worksheet - On The Move Again

There are a variety of questions in this chapter that will make children think out of the box about the story. Some of them are listed below

  • Mention the names of different farmers in the story and create a chart like the below

    • Does the farmer own land?

    • What crops does the farmer grow?

    • List the difficulties faced by the farmer.

  • Think of any work or job that makes people stay away from their homes and families for months.

  • Answer the following questions in one or two sentences

    • Did all farmers of Dhanu’s village have land of their own?

    • During what time period could Dhanu’s family work in their fields in their own village?

    • Who studies in Dhanu’s school when his family and other such families migrate for work to sugarcane fields?

    • What was being prepared at Dhanu’s house before the Mukadam came in the evening?

    • What kind of arrangements can be made for Dhanu to continue his studies when the family is on the move?

  • Fill in the blanks

    • Farmers borrow money from ___ to meet their expenses during the rainy season.

    • When the farmers' caravan is on the move, their children are unable to go to ____ for six months.

  • On the move again MCQs

    • What does Dhanu call his father's brother’s wife?

      • Mami

      • Kaki

      • Aai

      • Mukadam

    • Which one of the following is a sweet roti?

      • Urban

      • Puran Poli

      • Dussehra 

      • Atta

Some Interesting Facts About Farmers

  • Agriculture is the chief occupation of people in rural areas, and around 70% of rural people depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.

  • There are mainly two cropping seasons in India which are based on the monsoon: Rabi (October to March) and Kharif (July to October).

  • Apart from India, the terms rabi and Kharif are used in two other countries, i.e., Bangladesh and Pakistan. These words have roots in the Arabic language where Rabi means spring and Kharif means autumn.

  • There are three types of farmers

    • Big farmers have their own big lands, and they use different equipment and modern machinery and also hire people for land cultivation.

    • Small farmers have their own land which is small and the crops grown on those farms are mainly used for the consumption of their family members. These farmers borrow money for fertilisers, seeds, and other items used for agriculture.

    • Agricultural labourers are landless farmers. They work on others' farms for their regular source of income.

Important Topics of On The Move Again

  • Understand the lifestyle of small farmers.

  • Understand why farmers have to migrate for six months and what happens to their families and kids.

  • Learn how families on the move live for the six months they are away from their home.

  • Think about the hardships faced by farmers and what arrangements can be done for their children to continue their studies during the migration time.

Learn Everything About EVS Chapter 7 By Downloading On The Move Again Free Pdf

The experts of Vedantu have prepared on the move again question answers based on the latest CBSE curriculum and they always update the content, based on the current changes in the curriculum.

  • The story and its hidden meanings are explained clearly to the students in the on the move again pdf.

  • Students get to solve different types of exercises in the PDF, which helps them understand the story better and form their own ideas and opinions about the story's theme.

  • The PDF is downloadable, so you can save a copy on your device to access it on the go.

  • You can also take a printout of the PDF so that it comes in handy during exam times for quick revision.

The life of farmers and the difficulties they face are clearly explained in an easy language in the Class 5 EVS Chapter 7 worksheet prepared by Vedantu's team. By going through the PDF, you get a full revision of the chapter without having to go through the entire chapter again.

FAQs on CBSE Class 5 EVS Worksheet Chapter 7 On The Move Again - PDF

1. What is Puran Poli?

Puran Poli is a dish (sweet roti) made from gram flour and jaggery. It is a traditional dish in households during festival times.

2. What is Dussehra?

Dussehra is the final day (tenth day) of the Hindu festival of Navratri, and it commemorates the victory of good (Lord Ram) over evil (Ravana).

3. What arrangements can be made for Dhanu to keep studying even when the family is on the move?

Dhanu could enrol in a school in the new place that they move to or opt for evening schools.