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CBSE Class 4 Maths Worksheets for Chapter 3

Last updated date: 28th Nov 2023
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A Trip To Bhopal By Vedantu

Students of class 4 are usually eager and have a lot of curiosity to develop an interest in the subject that they are usually fond of. They tend to ask a lot of questions to their mentors unless they find a solution satisfactory to their queries. This eagerness usually can lead to wonderful performance if it is nurtured in the right way. 

Here comes the role of a good book which can be handy as well as easily comprehensible. Students should be able to keep their enthusiasm alive when they are with that book. This is where NCERT does the job in a great way. The syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board is compiled uniquely while keeping in mind the benefits and interests of the students.

The math topics of class 4 are given unique names which doubly increases their inquisitiveness and makes them curious to delve deeper into the content of the chapters. The third chapter of class 4 is named “A trip to Bhopal”. With a train journey to Bhopal and various other practical stuff, mathematical equations are mingled to give it a unique pattern. Students can relate to various daily routines and that helps them to easily grasp the problem sums.

CBSE Class 4 Maths Worksheets with Answers for Chapter 3

Importance of worksheets

To understand the contents of any chapter, students should go through the various examples that are provided in the book and also download worksheets available on the Vedantu website.

You will be able to study Class 4 Math and excel in the examination by constantly cross-checking and verifying your answers against the CBSE Class 4 Math Worksheets with Answers for Chapter 3 A Trip To Bhopal provided by them. Also, you will have the authority to specifically choose whichever topic you wish to revise and complete the preparation for the exam at a pace that suits you the best. This will also enable students to make themselves aware of the various questions that they are required to deal with in the examination and thus get an idea of the same. It is also important for identifying the important questions and reworking those which might feel a bit complicated for the students.

The worksheets can be directly accessed through the Vedantu website or the Vedantu app available on the google play store. The pdfs downloaded thereafter gives complete access free of cost and students can easily access them either online or in offline mode. 

Let’s Take A Look At One Of The Sample Questions That Is Discussed In The Worksheets:

  • Today Sugandha is very excited. All the children of her school are going on a trip to Bhopal with their teachers. Ms Meenakshi and Mr Rakesh are talking about the number of buses needed. Ms Meenakshi — We will need 4 buses. Mr Rakesh — I think we need at least 5. Ms Meenakshi — Each bus has 50 seats. Mr Rakesh — Let us see how many children are going.

  • If they get 4 buses, how many children will get seats?

  • Will there be any children left without seats?

  • Each mini bus can take 35 students. How many minibusses are needed?

  • As the bus starts moving, children sing at the tip of their voices. Some look outside to enjoy the view of the green fields and the hills.

  • Indra- When will we reach Bhopal?

  • Ms. Asha- If we don’t stop anywhere, we should reach there in 2 hours, that is around_____________ o’clock.

In the form of daily chores, problems are compiled which makes it easier for students to relate these to their equations and also work this out with much excitement and interest. The solutions related to all these questions are worked out in the worksheets available through Vedantu. It makes the learning process much easier for candidates and enables them to come out with flying colors during their examination.

FAQs on CBSE Class 4 Maths Worksheets for Chapter 3

1. What is the summary of Chapter 3 of Class 4 Math?

The third chapter of the NCERT textbook for Class 4 Math is titled "A Trip to Bhopal." It talks about basic mathematical concepts of estimation, multiplication and division. This chapter expertly weaves mathematical principles into real-life scenarios, allowing students to grasp their practical application. Our NCERT Math Class 4 Solutions are designed with the capability and potential of young brains in mind. The wording has been kept basic to make it easier for students to understand while maintaining the quality of the response.

2.  Is Vedantu beneficial for Chapter 3 of Class 4 Math?

Chapter 3 of Vedantu's Maths for Class 4 uses interactive tales to help students practically learn essential math topics. It emphasizes key points and systematically teaches concepts through thorough explanations and examples. 4th-grade Math NCERT Solutions by Vedantu provides students with a wide range of study materials. It aids in the development of logical and thinking abilities. A student can solve any twisted question by rehearsing our NCERT responses since we maintain our solutions as comparable as possible to enable simple learning.

3. Can the NCERT Solutions for Chapter 3 of Class 4 Math be downloaded for free?

For certain chapters, such as Chapter 3 "A Trip to Bhopal," students may readily obtain solutions for free. It may be downloaded from both our website and the app. The best feature is that students may practise the questions even if they are not connected to the internet! The topic specialists that produce the material are quite knowledgeable about the subject, so you can trust these answers to help you prepare for your exams. These answers are based on the most recent curriculum and are created in strict accordance with NCERT rules. In the application for their various tests, students will find our information to be simple and effective. These solutions are available free of cost on Vedantu’s website( and mobile app.

4. How to ace the Math examination?

To ace the Math examination of class 4, students should get hold of all the worksheets available on the website and practice them regularly. Since Mathematics is all about practice, students should make it a point to have a thorough knowledge of all the formulas and worked-out examples of the book. These will give them an idea of the questions that they might face during the examination. The worksheets are specifically designed to make the entire process easier. 

5. How beneficial are the worksheets?

The worksheets available for various subjects are extremely beneficial for students to assess their performance. They come to know about a wide variety of questions and the techniques to answer the same. All the chapters are analyzed in detail and all possible questions from the chapter are compiled by subject experts. Students can easily rely on themselves for having a perfect score in all the subjects. These can be easily downloaded from the official website at one’s convenience and whenever needed.