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English Grammar Letter and Application Writing for Class 4

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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English Grammar Class 4 - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Do you ever write a letter to anyone? Do you know how to write a letter? In this age of cell phones, we rarely write a letter to someone. In the early days, when there were no cell phones and messaging apps to send messages, letters were the medium of conveying thoughts, messages, and ideas to someone.

‘Letter’ refers to a piece of information written in a specific format intended for someone. In this article, we will discuss letter writing for Class 4. So, let’s dive into this topic!

English Grammar for Class 4 Letter and Application Writing Download Free PDF

In today's lesson, We'll go over writing applications and letters. We will comprehend the purpose and function of letter and application writing as a communication tool. Through this article you will learn different types of letter writing with examples and practice questions.

English Grammar

English Grammar

You can develop or refine these skills by studying English grammar, composing letters and essays, and doing other activities. 

Letter Writing

Letter Writing

A letter is described as a written document that provides specific information. The first method of communicating thoughts, ideas, or messages is through letters. These have an informal writing style and a conversational tone. Letters have a purpose and an intended audience. Letters can be either personal or business-related, depending on the objective.

Types of Letters

  • Formal Letters: These letters are only to be used for professional or business purposes. They must be concise, clear, and precise. 

  • Personal Letters: These letters are meant to be sent back and forth for all informal purposes between contacts, friends, and famous people.

  • Semi-Formal Letters: These letters have a less professional tone but are not entirely informal either. 

Format of Letter Writing

1. Writer’s Address 

The letter must include both full address and zip code in this part. This address is crucial for all letters since it enables the recipient to respond and determine who the letter is from. 

2. Date

The date when the letter was written or sent appears after the sender's address. Regardless of the nature of the letter, this must also be included. 

3. Recipient Name and Address

The address of the recipient is the same as the address of the recipient of the letter. In informal letters, it is placed after the date. 

4. Subject

A Subject briefly expresses the letter’s goal. It aids the recipient in understanding the letter's purpose. It is written after the receiver's address and includes the term subject. 

5. Salutation

A formal or informal greeting to the letter's recipient is included in the salutation. The standard greeting is "Dear," then the recipient's first name and if the recipient is known then the appropriate title can be (Ms./Mrs./Dr.). 

6. Body of the Letter

The letter's body is its most crucial component. It essentially contains the message the sender is trying to get through. It is advisable to use exact language so that the reader understands what you are saying, even though the body of a personal letter might be extensive and detailed and contain all the sentiments, news, and information on a personal front. A formal letter's body can be divided into three sections: an introduction that states the primary idea, a body paragraph that explains why the letter is necessary, and a conclusion. 

7. Closing Salutation

If the letter is official, the salutation must be followed by the sender's entire name; if it is informal, just the first name is required. For example,

Thanks & Regards: Formal

Respectfully: Formal and Informal

Yours Sincerely: Formal


Format of  Informal letter 







Content (hello, how are you?, how is the weather there? It’s extremely warm here. I hope you and everyone are doing well there).


(ending content) write back soon. I am waiting for your reply.

Take care

(name of a person writing a letter)


Format of Formal Letter

(Sender’s address)


Receiver’s address



Body (Introduction)

Main content


Thanking you

Sender’s name



1. Write an application to your Principal requesting him for sick leave.



XX Public School,




The Principal,

XX Public School,



Date: 20 September 20XX


Dear Sir,

I am N.Surya from class VII. With due to respect. I beg to state that I've been struggling with my health for a few days. And yesterday, right after I got home from school, my health started to deteriorate, therefore I'm not in a position to come to school for the next two days because my doctor told me to get enough rest. I shall be grateful, if you kindly grant me a two-day sick leave.


Thanking You


Yours obediently,

Rohan Sharma

Class: 4

Roll No. 18


2. Write a letter to your friend wishing him/her a happy birthday.

32, Vishal Complex

Ganesh Nagar,


Date: 22 September 2022

Dear Lisa,

How are you? How are you and your family doing? These past few months, I have missed you so much. I hope you're doing well and reading this letter. I'm writing you this letter as a birthday greeting. I hope you live a long and happy life. I remember that we celebrated your birthday in Delhi the year before. I really hope you and your buddies enjoy yourselves there. I wish I could join you. Thank you and please accept my greetings. I'm hoping to meet you soon..

Your loving friend,

Raj nandni


Difficult Words with Meaning




Making someone angry or irritated


Choose from alternatives and options


Learn about something in detail


Enquiry to discover




Become progressively worse

Practice Questions

1. Write a letter informing your father of your academic progress.


45, Ajit Nagar

Sector 16,



Date: 20 September 2022


Dear Father,

How are you? Hope you are doing well and taking care of your health religiously. I received your letter today morning. You inquired about my academic development. In the exam for the second term, I received 80%. But this does not satisfy me. I want to score much above 90% on the yearly exams. I've started working a lot. Please take care of yourself and send my best wishes and love to Mamma, and tell her I miss home terribly.


Your loving Daughter,



2. Write a letter to your principal inviting permission to attend a family function.




St. Francis Anglo-Indian Girls High School




The Principal

St. Francis Anglo-Indian Girls High School



25th November, 2022


Subject: Requesting permission to attend a family function


Respected Ma’am,

I am writing to ask your permission to attend a family event on November 29 in Bangalore. I would need a three-day leave (from 28.11.2022 to 30.11.2022). I have obtained my teacher's approval, and I will make sure to keep myself updated on the daily classes and finish everything when I return. Please take my request into consideration and give it to me.


Thanking you

Yours sincerely,


Class VII-B.

Roll No. 10


Letter Writing for Class 4: Types

There are mainly two types of letters: formal letters and informal letters.

What is a Formal Letter?

Formal letters are professional letters written in a specific and strict format. The writing structure of the formal letters is more professional or formal than informal letters. These letters can be written for several purposes, like providing information about your workspace, applying for a job, and expressing your concerns about the professional setup.

Formal letters are mainly three types- application letters, business letters, and letters to Newspapers.

What is an Informal Letter?

Informal letters are letters written casually and informally to friends and family to convey regards and what is going on. You can write an informal letter to your close ones to inform them about your success in the school exam or describe your recent summer trip, your experience watching a movie, and so on.

CBSE Letter Writing Format

While writing a letter, always follow this format:

Address of the Sender: A letter always begins with the sender’s address.

Address of the Receiver: You need to put the receiver’s address too.

Date: after the receiver’s address, mention the date you are writing the letter.

Greeting or Salutation: This part solely depends on the person you are writing this letter to. For example, if you are writing a letter to your friend or sister, the greeting would be “dear XYZ”. If you are writing a letter to your boss, the situation would be “Respected Sir”.

Subscription: A letter ends with a polite note like “Yours sincerely”, “yours truly” etc.

Signature: At the end of the letter, there must be the signature of the sender.

Benefits of Learning Letter Writing Topics for Class 4

  • It is very important to learn letter writing for kids as writing letters is different to writing short messages. Letter writing helps to process information better and stay focused by following a certain pattern to convey your thoughts, ideas, and information. 

  • Informal writing is one of the best ways to learn creativity in expressing emotion in a written format. 

Examples of Letter Writing for Class 4

Informal Letter Writing for Class 4

Please write a letter congratulating your friend for ranking 1st in his class.

Congratulating you on the success

45, Sixth Avenue

5th crossroad

Mumbai- 79


Date: 10th June 2022

Dear Manish,

I hope you are having a great day. How is your family? How is the weather condition? I am fine here. 

I learned about your result, and I’m very proud and glad that you ranked 1st in your class. I want to take a moment to congratulate you on your success. You have always been a hardworking student, and I’m sure you have worked hard this time also.

I hope you will succeed in all your exams in the future. I’ll meet you soon and congratulate you in person. Till that day, take care. 

With Love,


Facts About Letter and Application Writing for Class 4

Formal Letter

Informal Letter

Written in a strict and formal structure.

Written casually.

We write formal letters for official or work-related reasons.

We write informal letters for personal reasons.

Important Formal and Informal Letter Topics for Class 4

Important letter writing topics for Class 4 are:

  • What do you mean by a letter?

  • What is a formal letter?

  • What is an informal letter?

  • Learn CBSE letter writing format

  • Learn leave application for Class 4


This chapter has introduced us to the concept of letter writing. A means of communication, it. It can be considered a written work that provides specific information. For young children, writing by hand is extremely crucial because it is a crucial tool for enhancing cognitive abilities. Giving a young child a task like writing a letter might be more entertaining and interesting. Additionally, it gives them the impression that their opinions matter. Young children who are encouraged to write letters will develop better communication, social, and handwriting abilities as well as learn the fundamentals of letter writing and letter structure.

Download the free letter and application writing for Class 4 PDF for more formal and informal letter writing examples with exercises. This PDF can be downloaded on your mobile gadgets, and you can go through the chapter notes anytime from anywhere. 

Our top-class subject matter experts are here for your kid to give them the best possible academic support by providing as many possible explanations and examples of the CBSE English Grammar chapters.

FAQs on English Grammar Letter and Application Writing for Class 4

1. What is salutation in letter writing?

Salutation is the greeting used at the beginning of a letter—for example, Dear sister, Respected Sir.

2. How do I end a formal letter?

You can close a letter by writing-

  • Faithfully

  • Yours truly

  • Thanks again

  • Appreciatively

3. How can I show respect in letter writing?

Add salutations like ‘respected Madam/Sir’ for showing respect in letter writing.